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to jump on every unsuspecting tradesman who passes my threshold?

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marlowwills Thu 18-Nov-10 16:40:56

And ask if they'd like to make a will [grin)

(btw I'm a long standing MNer but using my business name for this post)

This evening, a chimney sweep came round and I said sorry, can't find my normal chequebook, I'll give you a cheque on my business account. So we get chatting, he asks what I do and I say I write wills and half jokingly said, "Do you have a Will", he said no, he's always meaning to get round to doing one so I say, I'll do one at a reduced price, bla bla bla. Off he goes with my card and says he'll be in touch.

The log guy (who is sort of a friend), dropped some logs off last month and we did a deal that he'd give me them for nothing if I did wills for him and his wife.

A couple of weeks ago, an electrician came to do some work and his price was so good, I offered him a discount on a will and have done it for him.

I think this is perfectly reasonable, we're all small business people and using each others services.

DH is mortified with the embarrasment of it all and says I'm a hard nosed business woman and that I should just stick to normal marketing techniques.

MoralDefective Thu 18-Nov-10 16:57:15

Seems ok to me,though i'd be narked with DP (electrician) if he came home with a will and not hard cash!grin

marlowwills Thu 18-Nov-10 17:11:16

I paid the electrician as well grin, I was just so pleased that he wasn't ripping me off that I returned the favour by offering him a discount.

DH is like an Edwardian lady, would never dream of doing deals a la Rodney Trotter, I have no problem with it!

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