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Bra and knicker sets for 5 year olds!!!

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Natjan Thu 18-Nov-10 13:27:57

My daughter who is now 7 has been hounding me to get her a bra!!! A few of her friends have them but I'm putting my foot down and saying no not until you have boobs!! I was horrified to be faced by a bra and knicker set being sold in tesco for 5-6 year olds!! As a result my daughter also spotted it and continued to hound me around the shop about buying the said set! Thank you tesco!

What is wrong with a good old fashioned vest to keep you warm when you are 7? Bras are for when you start to get boobs!! Why are girls being encouraged to grow up so quickly? I find it a bit sad and am given a hard time by my 7 year old who wants to join in!

PerpetuallyAnnoyedByHeadlice Thu 18-Nov-10 13:29:28

bra? or cropped vest? although I dont like those either TBH, vests are for tucking in to keep the draughts out

I am just about contemplating a bra for DD who is in Y6

Natjan Thu 18-Nov-10 13:37:15

Yr 6 I can deal with! It was definitely a bra to the delight of my daughter!

YummyorSlummy Thu 18-Nov-10 13:40:55

How gross! Maybe should be mentioned in the Let Girls Be Girls campaign?

Bloodymary Thu 18-Nov-10 13:44:11


Natjan Thu 18-Nov-10 13:46:35

Oooo what's that then? Is it on here? I'm new to this!

LunaticFringe Thu 18-Nov-10 13:49:30

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

wukter Thu 18-Nov-10 13:52:25

Let Girls be Girls, it's Mumsnet campaign to try to stop the premature sexualisation of girls such as you describe. There's a link on the home page, I think it would interest you.

PinkieMinx Thu 18-Nov-10 13:58:59

This makes me really mad! Why do some fuckwits parents buy them? If you aren't tough enough to do a bit of parenting (specifically saying no and making 'good' choices) then don't have children.

PerpetuallyAnnoyedByHeadlice Thu 18-Nov-10 14:01:51

Pinkie, unfortunately some people buy them for their own pervy reasons, sadly, yes they do.

I will never forget the sick feeling in the pit of my stomach when a 7/8 yr old in my class was all excited and full of news about the lovely bra and knickers set her mums new BF had given her for xmas and how she had tried them on straight away

PinkieMinx Thu 18-Nov-10 14:06:48

That makes me feel sick shock

pallymama Thu 18-Nov-10 14:10:57

I vaguely remember something about Tesco selling bras for too young an age group before. There were lots of complaints and they were taken off sale. Would have been maybe 3-5 years ago I think. I can't remember any details though, so I will have to have a search.

Bathsheba Thu 18-Nov-10 14:11:02

I bought my daughter 4 long sleeves thermal vests yesterday....THAT is underwear for 6 year olds...!!!!!

pallymama Thu 18-Nov-10 14:15:05

Something about the previous Tesco thing here

looneytune Thu 18-Nov-10 14:15:52

I only have boys myself but childmind all girls and I'm shock that such things would be sold to this age group.

PerpetuallyAnnoyedByHeadlice - that's worrying isn't it!! shock

OP - you are soooo NOT BU!!!

PinkieMinx Thu 18-Nov-10 14:20:14

I always wonder if any parents who buy inappropriate underwear for their child can ever give a reason - other than 'it's up to me, who are you to judge'!

I wore a bra at 10 - functional not covered in She-Ra or Thundercats!

thumbwitch Thu 18-Nov-10 14:22:49

is this the one?

IF it is, it seems to have it in sizes 4/5 and 7/8 which is a bit odd, to say the least. And pretty terrible. And if you look at this thread you can see where this sort of thing can lead.

I honestly do not know what goes through some parents' minds.

Natjan Thu 18-Nov-10 14:32:39

So glad I'm not alone here!!!

LunaticFringe I do hope it was listed incorrectly!

PerpetuallyAnnoyedByHeadlice - that is nasty!

I will look into Let Girls be Girls. Bless them they are also faced with pratically pornographic music vids to go with the pop songs they so like that involve girls/women girating with next to nothing on! This happened at a bowling alley at Center Parcs during the day that my 4 yr old and 7 year old watched. In hindsight I should've told them to turn it off!!!

Can't people use their imaginations and sell pop music without pornography anymore??? Rant! Rant!

PerpetuallyAnnoyedByHeadlice Thu 18-Nov-10 14:38:22

you are so not alone natjan, come see my thread about Betty Boop on kids clothes!


midnightmunchies Thu 18-Nov-10 14:39:56

My daughter is 9, last year some of her friends started wearing crop top type vests/bras and she started begging be to buy her some - I refused, so she asked my mum. I didn't worry about that as I was certain Mum would say no, she was always against that sort of thing when I was younger, but the next thing I know she has gone and bought my daughter a crop top and knicker set!
Needless to say my daughter was delighted and spent several weeks wearing them all the time -however she soon got bored with the novelty and hasn't worn them for ages or asked for them or any more new ones - Thank goodness!

Natjan Thu 18-Nov-10 14:39:56

OMG thumbwitch!!! No this isn't the one I can't believe this actually exists!!! Thank god she hasn't seen this! The one we saw was a flat bra with knickers not as bad as the one you've found! I haven't yet looked at the thread but can guess. OMG - shocked! What is wrong with Tesco?

kreecherlivesupstairs Thu 18-Nov-10 14:45:22

DD got a couple of crop tops recently. Her breasts are starting to develop and it was too hot for vests. She soon lost interest when they got twisted etc and they've been consigned to under the bed with the dust. She is 9.6.
Curently she is wearing what can only be described as liberty bodices. Her choice.

GoingToBonnieDoon Thu 18-Nov-10 14:46:35

I started wearing crop tops when I was nine/ten, I didn't want to but ALL my friends at school had them and they constantly told me I was a baby for not wearing them. The cool girls had crop tops that were more 'bra' shaped.
It was ridiculous because none of us had any boobs at all!
I've got 2DD and I'm sure all of this will start younger with them than it did with us sad

MmeLindt Thu 18-Nov-10 14:49:10

FFS, what is Tesco thinking about?

My DD is 8yo and is in NO need of a bra, let alone a padded one.

Hulababy Thu 18-Nov-10 14:55:08

Disgusting to sell bras in such tiny sizes. Bras shouldn't come in sizes that require AGEs. They should be labelled with the size - 28A, or whatever.

However, my 8y Dd does wear cropped vests. She has, this summer, started to develop very gradulally, just a bit - but enough for her to notice and be aware. And she wanted a vest - but she gets so hot in a proper vest and hates them. So we went shopping and she has some cropped vests - def not bra like at all. So they are approprioate for her and make her feel more comfortable when getting changed in front of others.

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