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need to moan

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nothingbyhalves Thu 18-Nov-10 13:27:15

i need to moan. Have identical 10 month old boys who are fab, sleep really well, eat well and are really happy smily boys. But a number of things are getting me down.
Firstly boys are starting to refuse to go down for their naps, and are then really unhappy for the rest of day as they are shattered. This is happening after my mother in law looks after them for me to go to work. We've never cuddled them to sleep because there are 2 and I can't cuddle 2 to sleep for every nap etc when I'm on my own with them as is impossible. Mother in law has said she finds this odd, and after my DH lost his temper with her she started to follow our routine.....or so she says. When I phone to check they are ok when I'm in work i can hear them in the background when they should be having nap etc. I know free family childcare is fab, but her spoiling them makes my life hard for the rest of the week!

Secondly i've had a huge row with my sister, about her basically being a bit of a cow, telling lies to our parents and making constant comments along the lines of " i could never leave my children like you leave yours" we go out about once a month if that! and "your dogs would have a better life if they lived with us" etc etc The argument didn't resolve anything and my parents are taking her side because i haven't told them my point of view as i didn't want to involve them and lets face it i'm 35 and too old to go running to mummy and daddy!

Thirdly I'm suffering from post traumatic stress disorder (as dianosed by health visitor) after a horrendous pregancy and boys being born prem and having numerous medical scares for first 7 months. I'm not having any treatment for this as its only mild and i don't want to go to doc and be put on anti depresents. And although i have loads more good days than bad days, a bad day still feel like poo.

And lastly we have no money as i've gone part time, and have xmas to pay for, and the boys birthday and christening. The christening is spiraling out of control with 65 guests at ther moment, but we do have big families and with it being a double chistening there are 8 god parents.

Any advice on any of the above! I'm shattered all the time and fed up with worrying.

highhopes2010 Thu 18-Nov-10 14:00:14

can't you put off the christening for a while?most grandparents do spoil their grandchildren but i think you and dh need to sit her down and tell her if its a long time situation(her babysitting)then she has to abide by what you say or it will do the children no good at all.i wouldnt worry about your sister,you'll probably always have something to argue about by the sounds of her.let it go over your head.and carry on with your mum and dad as normal,they'll get fed up of her slating you sooner or later.and finally,theres nothing wrong with having a moan and you have got reason to!

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