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Injury with a personal trainer

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gymbunnynot Thu 18-Nov-10 12:28:36

Am starting to get more than a little paranoid.
I need to lose 3 stone and get fit so to do this I signed up to a 6 week programme with a personal trainer who offers a full n programme with nutrition exsercise etc. to get me started - I realise it will take alot longer than 6 weeks to loose 3 stone!
Due to a history of injuries over the years through running etc I thought that doing this with a professional would help to prevent injury.
During the six weeks there have been various small issues that I had raised and various problems, longterm with my knee, low blood pressure so diziness and a strange twitch in my arm.
The programme is very very intense, very hard core weight training.
Two weeks ago we had a session where I raised the issue with my arm which was increasingly bad and led to total numbness in the session in two fingures.At the time I made it very clear there was a problem but the trainer continued the session - with heavy weights. Subsequently this developed into a serious injury in my neck and shoulder.
I have been recieving treatment from a sports therapist, have seen my GP and also spoken to a trainer I used to use. All three are appalled that this has happened and attribute the injury to over training and too fast an increase in weights.
I took this up with the trainer by email whose response was total denial.
A week later, I emailed again to say a day when I could come in and see him and discuss what has happened, but no response.
This week I have had further treatment and in discussing this with the therapist who has provided a report to the trainer discover that the trainer is denying all responsibility for it.
I emailed the trainer again to say that I am not happy, I want my money back, the injury is bad and I need to work through fixing it.
No response.
Today I emailed again to say further to my previous emails if I don't hear from him with a solution by close of play tomorrow I will take this further.
I get an angry email back from him saying 'I was interested to hear from you first hand the outcome of the referral I made for you. Instead I have received increasingly angry e-mails.'
But I have tried to contact him already!
I am at a loss what to and am quite upset. I need to loose this weight and get fit and thought I was taking a positive step forward. Instead I have a nasty injury and can't get a reasonable response.
What on earth do I do now?

Earlybird Thu 18-Nov-10 12:33:33

What exactly do you want the trainer to do?

Does the trainer work at a gym? Could you speak to someone in authority there?

How long have you been seeing the trainer, how often, and approx how many sessions have you had?

sailorsgal Thu 18-Nov-10 12:35:48

YANBU to take this further. He should have insurance so maybe either contact CAB or a lawyer.

I used to be a PT and a couple of other PTs I worked with used to push their clients too hard to get results. I am not a fan of this as you have found out will end up in an injury.

Threaten to sue him.

gymbunnynot Thu 18-Nov-10 13:09:15

He owns the gym!

I want him to refund the money for the programme.

I was seeing him three times a week for an hour and the workouts were very tough.

I only got a response out of him when I threatend to take it further but he seems to think I am being unreasonable.

He says: I am currently awaiting a reply to one of my e-mails regarding the issue. I intend to give them a reasonable amount of time to respond. I will contact you when I hear.

As always, please feel free to pop in and see me in the interim. I am surprised to have not seen you when you returned from being away especially as you pass the building in the mornings, and prior to your break you were intending to do do six weeks of further training. I was interested to hear from you first hand the outcome of the referral I made for you. Instead I have received increasingly angry e-mails.

He has heard my response to the referral, I have tried to set up a time to go and see him but he doesn't respond. I have been past but he is never there!

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