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in thinking the woman on THIS MORNING needs parenting classes....

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Lozza83 Thu 18-Nov-10 11:03:19

She is letting her daughter grow up to quickly. Her 13 year old looks about 18 in a low cut top and ten tonne of caked on make up and very fake looking (eyelashes and nails etc..) Ok, occasionally it's ok to let a young girl feel older but to take away their childhood by encouraging boyfriends,sex and dressing like she's a full grown woman to me is wrong....xx

2blessed2bstressed Thu 18-Nov-10 11:04:08

Her arguments for doing so were pretty hmm too

effymeffy Thu 18-Nov-10 11:07:27

I saw that, she's been on lots of documentarys on BBC3 and that sort of thing, shes a failed model herself. Living her dreams through her daughter!!
I saw her on one when she made her daughter (who was about 9 at the time) perform a risque dance that she was due to perform in a pageant in an all you can eat chinese buffet as the family were eating as 'you never know who's around' and might spot her. blush Poor kid

chaya5738 Thu 18-Nov-10 11:20:08

This is so depressing.

What about the father? Does he have no role in this?

emptyshell Thu 18-Nov-10 11:31:01

Is this the same one that's in the Daily Mail this morning? That one didn't need classes - she just needed a clue.

JaniceSoprano Thu 18-Nov-10 11:32:15

why do you watch such shit

Casserole Thu 18-Nov-10 12:07:51

<vows to henceforth perform a party piece wherever I am at least twice a day in case am spotted>

<polishes spoons and harmonica>

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