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to irrationally shout ...

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OnlyWantsOne Thu 18-Nov-10 09:35:12


when ever I see a photo of Katie Price / Jordon on the news / papers etc

Seriously.... AIBU she really gets on my nerves grrrrrr

faverolles Thu 18-Nov-10 09:41:02

It's completely normal, nothing irrational (or hormonal) about it at all.

2blessed2bstressed Thu 18-Nov-10 09:46:24

Tis totally normal, I do it too grin

LittlebearH Thu 18-Nov-10 09:57:29


The same for Kerry Katona too.

LittlebearH Thu 18-Nov-10 09:59:00

forgot to add Danielle Lloyd and Jennifer Ellsion (and their post baby figures)


kreecherlivesupstairs Thu 18-Nov-10 09:59:56

I harbour similar feelings toward Chritine Gormless Blackely. I feel nothing towrds those that others have named (apart from a slight queasiness regarding Jordan)

2blessed2bstressed Thu 18-Nov-10 10:12:29

Nope, really just Jordan/Katie Price that provokes that reaction in me grin

MilkNoSugarPlease Thu 18-Nov-10 10:13:55

Same for peter "fucking, look at me aren't I wonderful" Andre....tosser

Ooh that felt good!

OnlyWantsOne Thu 18-Nov-10 10:47:27

saw the DM and shouted FUCK OFF YOU TWAT I need a ginger biscuit.

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