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to ask you what you are having for lunch today?

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SlightlyJaded Wed 17-Nov-10 12:32:53

I usually don't have time and them am suddenly starving at 3ish so eat endless toast. But today I am having and M&S Noodle salad with sweet chili chicken. Haven't had it before, but it's quite nice.

HeavenForfend Wed 17-Nov-10 12:34:06

I'm just heating up a pot of covent garden chunky chicken and veg soup.

Have been out in the rain all morning and shivering with cold, so need the comfort & warmth factor.

WherecanIhide Wed 17-Nov-10 12:35:24

White bread sandwich with cheese, tomato, ice berg lettuce, yellow pepper and Branston pickle - feeling quite full up actually.

mumonthenet Wed 17-Nov-10 12:36:06

I have just had a very tasty wrap made of salad, spicy falafiel(sp) red cabbage, tomato, sweetcorn, made by a local cook who delivers sarnies to people's offices.


peeringintothevoid Wed 17-Nov-10 12:36:30

Reheated leftovers; last night's cauliflower cheese with mushrooms. I put an extra topping of breadcrumbs and cheese on the top. It was delicious!

Deliaskis Wed 17-Nov-10 12:37:36

Leftover pasta and pesto with bacon and mushrooms. Yum, but I stink of garlic now.

Yesterday, had an Innocent veg pot, which was very nice, but left me with that uncomfortable feeling where I'm aware I am perfectly capable of making the exact same thing myself for about a third of the price.


whoknowswhatthefutureholds Wed 17-Nov-10 12:38:41

thai chicken soup (Glorious range) with toast, yummmm

huntersmum Wed 17-Nov-10 12:40:30

My milk frother has just arrived from Amazon so I'm going to have a frothy chai latte and if I'm still hungry I'll have some toast and peanut butter. Comfort food but its freezing cold and raining here and I work from home and I'm bored!!

Wordsonascreen Wed 17-Nov-10 12:41:16

cold sausages and crisps (left overs from last nights drunken bbq

nameymcnamechange Wed 17-Nov-10 12:41:22

and this is in AIBU because ... ?

SlightlyJaded Wed 17-Nov-10 12:41:30

Yum to Thai chicken soup. My new favourite soup is Watirose Keralan chicken - amazing.

And also yum to the falafel wrap. This is good, I can never think what to eat and now may actually eat real lunch for the rest of the week hmm

SlightlyJaded Wed 17-Nov-10 12:42:30

Sorry namechange should really be in chat shouldn't it blush

Ryoko Wed 17-Nov-10 12:43:37

YABU lunch is for chumps, and I eat once a day around 8pm.

emptyshell Wed 17-Nov-10 12:49:57

OK justifying it being in here...


Now returning to the matter in hand... no idea yet, probably something bad for me on the way back from the sorting office I was headed to an hour ago and still haven't moveed from my chair for.

TwistAndShout Wed 17-Nov-10 12:55:16

Toasted sandwich - tuna, pesto, spring onion and cheese. My favourite!

Plus two clementines to try to stave off a cold - I have too many ill children to be ill myself!

SlightlyJaded Wed 17-Nov-10 13:02:26

I actually asked because I am bored it's such a novelty for me to eat a proper lunch that I wondered what every one else usually eats. When I was at work, I did the usual sandwich/crisps/apple thing but at home, I sort of can't be arsed. Then 3 oclock rolls round and I find myself hot footing it to the toaster or nearst carb.

It's all part of my cunning plan to eat properly.

Tee2072 Wed 17-Nov-10 13:04:05


gemmummy Wed 17-Nov-10 13:06:39

me and my ds just scoffing ham sarnies. both leaving the crusts. Like mother like son.

MrsNonSmoker Wed 17-Nov-10 13:06:44

Quorn "ham" and pickle on brown with a packet of Doritos. Sorry that's now turned into two packets of Doritos (hey only small ones, not family bags!)

FreudianSlimmery Wed 17-Nov-10 13:10:49

We had boiled eggs and toast, as the eggs were one of the few things not frozen by our dodgy fridge!

And we managed to fix (fingers crossed) the fridge while the eggs were boiling.

Really need to order some more food though, and in the meantime I hope the peppers defrost so I can make a soup with them.

notnowbernard Wed 17-Nov-10 13:15:15

had a sausage bagel with tom sauce, some grapes and a scone

AbsofCroissant Wed 17-Nov-10 13:15:37

The brie and cranberry sandwich Pret has just brought out. It's freaking AWESOME. I am amazed at Pret's continuing ability to come up with new and delicious sandwiches all the time.

BonniePrinceBilly Wed 17-Nov-10 13:18:45

onion bagel with cream cheese.

The3Bears Wed 17-Nov-10 13:21:33

Scrambled egg on toast Not had it for ages but its freezing outside so very comforting

ethelina Wed 17-Nov-10 13:23:09

Scrambled eggs on toast and hot chocolate

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