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pregnancy pains and dr? long sorry

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QuoththeRaven Wed 17-Nov-10 10:11:46

right. went to dr on friday with terrible pain in lower back and sides, was also feeling kind of cystitcy so they prescribed me antibiotics for a kidney infection.

spent the weekend immobile as was too painful to move, phoned drs again monday, my tests were clear and was advised to stop taking antibiotics, if the pain got worse i could see them about getting co codamol.

spent monday crying in pain, so phoned up yesterday to get appt to see what i could do.

saw a diff doctor to my own who said it was against her moral conscience to give me co codamol to help with the pain. i mentioned that heat/water/paracetamol werent working, she shrugged me off.

AIBU to be really confused.

Ive had problems with this dr before, I had really bad pnd, i had been advised by health visitors and midwifes to request therapy, she told me i didn't need it and bumped up anti depressants

One morning DS was pale, limp and not eating/drinking/moving much so DH took him in to see her, she basically berated him for taking in a child who only had a cold. If i had thought it was just a cold i wouldn't have taken him in, but he seemed to be a lot more ill than a cold iykwim

friends and dh have said i should put in a complaint about this dr. im not sure if i'm just being oversensitive.

yes my current pains are pregnancy related but it was getting to the point i couldnt bear it anymore. im pretty sure i took cocodamol during my last pregnancy, and friends have told me they took it as well.

basically im not sure if this doctor was being completely reasonable and pregnancy was affecting my rationality or whether she's wrong?

larrygrylls Wed 17-Nov-10 10:21:50

Your are def not being unreasonable!

That doctor sounds horrific. There are plenty of meds which are fine to take in pregnancy on an occasional basis and I would have thought (based on the fact that you are offered pethidine in labour) that co-codamol was one of them. If you are in that much pain, it is the doctor's duty to treat you. What moral conscience, anyway? The baby will get sleepy, but then he/she will wake up. And, as for what he said about your son, I would have thought that was reportable. Our son was once like your son and we ended up at A&E with him being given oxygen and then ventolin, as his blood oxygen was 92% and he had tachycardia (200 beats per min). I think parents are duty bound to go to a doctor if they have any real concerns about their child, whether or not they turn out to be well founded.

Why don't you just change doctor's?

QuoththeRaven Wed 17-Nov-10 10:30:32

luckily this was not my doctor iykwim, my doctor at the practice is fantastic (she saw me friday and spoke to me monday) this other dr was the only one available when i went yesterday.

DS is 2.3 and has hardly ever been to the dr, i think he has been about 2 times, the first when he was a few days old! i would rather be safe than sorry, but try to never waste a drs time, he was crying every time he moved too which wasnt exactly normal.

she said that cocodamol has a sedative effect which will of course affect my baby, but she did also say it would just make it a little bit sleepy. tbh she made me feel like a complete monster so i wobbled out of the surgery in tears

(she used to be my dr but i changed after the pnd experience, i did get my therapy as my new current doctor agreed it would be the best thing for me, and it worked)

bubbleymummy Wed 17-Nov-10 10:35:27

Quoth, what type of work are you in? I only ask because I had terrible back pains during my pregnancy with DS1. I wasn't able to sit up in bed never mind walk around. I was tested for a kidney infection, given painkillers etc but nothing was working. In the end I went to see an acupuncturist (friend of my mum's) and it turned out I had RSI in my back from the stupid chair I was sitting in at work! if you spend a long time sitting at a desk, it could be something similar. In any case, the acupuncture really helped - I'd spent a week in bed at that point and I was walking out of her office smiling! HUGE difference!

QuoththeRaven Wed 17-Nov-10 10:38:31

im a stay at home mum, so always on the move i thought it may be because i was a lot heavier when i got pregnant this time so more weight to contend with. got m/w this afternoon so she might be able to help.

DH suggested acupuncture, might be something to look into if i cant get any relief, hot water bottles are my friends atm.

larrygrylls Wed 17-Nov-10 10:38:56

I guess you just refuse to see that doctor, then.

I think there is a weird attitude in pregnancy of treating the developing foetus like a little god. No-one wants to damage their baby but there is a trade off. Co-codamol will make him sleepy but, if you are in real pain, your body will be generating adrenalin and cortisol (the stress hormone). That has been shown to not be good for babies.

I never worry about wasting a doctor's time with my son (now 17 months). If I am at all concerned, he goes to the doctor. I feel it is the doctor's job for which he is (these days) very well paid. I can't listen to his chest and heart easily or look in his ears with any knowledge. However, it takes the doc about 5 mins to do these simple tests. Our son went to the doc last week with a chesty cold and it turned out he needed some antibiotics for a small chest infection. Of course, we do apply common sense, but prefer to be safe than sorry.

QuoththeRaven Wed 17-Nov-10 10:47:42

i did think that larry, that me being in severe pain might be worse than the slight sleepyness. i have people urging me to complain about this dr, i'll probably just leave it though and try to avoid her in future.

herbietea Wed 17-Nov-10 10:51:31

Message withdrawn

QuoththeRaven Wed 17-Nov-10 11:00:00

i probably couldn't afford it really, but the reality here is i -need- to be able to move without crying otherwise i cant do the things i need to do, so if push came to shove, i would try anything. DH had to take time off work to look after me and ds as i was so bad, im really hoping the m/w will have answers for me though "fingers crossed"

theevildead2 Wed 17-Nov-10 11:50:46

What trimester are you in? I took co-codomol during end of first trimester after doing my research from what I can see it really shouldn't be given to third trimester women due to potential breathing problems it can cause the baby.

WHen I mentioned I had taken it for a nasty ear infection to my doctor she said it was fine as I wasn't yet in my third trimester.

QuoththeRaven Wed 17-Nov-10 11:53:04

ah im 28 weeks on friday so that might be it.

theevildead2 Wed 17-Nov-10 11:56:11

Probably then

I do wish doctors would talk these things through with people though. Tell you why they won't give you something... Anyway do some googling about 3rd trimester and co-codomol.

Assuming paracetemol isn't working? WHat about a pain rub with paracetemol? Maybe ask your doctor about a topical cream to help.

QuoththeRaven Wed 17-Nov-10 12:05:23

she said heat, but not allowed to use heat patches/ microwavable fluffy toy things, just a hot water bottle, she basically said there was nothing she could do that i already hadn't tried.

hot water bottle seems to be helping for now, but cant really carry one around with me forever lol

MrsSnaplegs Wed 17-Nov-10 12:45:03

Try Deep Heat - smells horrible but works wonders - only need to use a small amount otherwise it feels as if it is burning.

I was prescribed co-codomal at about 25 weeks - I am 37 weeks and was advised the stress of coping with pain was more detrimental than the effect of the medication. LO are "breathing" amniotic fluid still and get their oxygen from your blood via placenta so depressing the respiratory system is less of an issue and that is the effect codeine has on the body.

blackeyedsusan Wed 17-Nov-10 14:17:23

do not take anything with ibruprofen in it. check the label on deep heat just in case.

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