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to now choose a DIFFERENT ring?

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PamelaFlitton Tue 16-Nov-10 23:29:22

DP and I have been choosing a ring for my Christmas present. We finally decided on one we both liked and, you guessed it, it's a sapphire with diamonds around the edge. Frickin' identical to the one Wills has just given Kate, except the one we like is white gold.

If I get it, people will realise that it's exactly the same, won't they? I think DP is pissed off that I want to choose another one.

KT1324 Tue 16-Nov-10 23:40:15

get the ring and stop worrying what other people think!!

MrsRhettButler Tue 16-Nov-10 23:41:28

shock i'll have it! grin

solo Tue 16-Nov-10 23:44:02

Lucky her and lucky you! stop worrying about it.

Fibilou Tue 16-Nov-10 23:45:05

If you like it who cares ?

onmyfeet Wed 17-Nov-10 05:57:59

You must of known what Diana's ring was like though, didn't you? Sapphires and diamonds are beautiful together. Reminds me of a summer day and the ocean. Blue stones are my favorite.

MassiveKnob Wed 17-Nov-10 06:24:43

Sapphires and diamonds are quite common for engagement rings. (Not common as in common IYKWIM)
I doubt anyone will say anything, You like it, that is what counts.

gingeroots Wed 17-Nov-10 07:22:08

oh that's lovely onmyfeet - summer day and the ocean .
quite cheered me up!

PamelaFlitton Wed 17-Nov-10 09:33:29

I did (vaguely - wasn't born in 1981) know that Diana's ring was similar but that was 30 years ago. Do you think diamonds and sapphires will get really popular now? otoh if they have always been popular then I don't mind so much. I'm pretty sure mine's not as big as hers!! I do love sapphires

CocoKev Wed 17-Nov-10 10:36:47

My (now) DH chose a beautiful sapphire and diamond engagement ring which I love- people often comment on how much they like it, and very few have made the link with Diana's. If you do get any comments they'll probably be for a few months and then tail off. If you love it and will want to wear it for life, go for it!

siilk Wed 17-Nov-10 12:53:11

I have a blue and yellow sapphire engagement ring. It has, up to this point, been very different to the standard diamond ring. I have a feeling sapphire may get very popular now. Mind you I still love my ring.

rubyrubyruby Wed 17-Nov-10 13:03:25

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

curlymama Wed 17-Nov-10 13:07:56

I have a sapphire and diamond ring that was left to me. i love wearing it on the right occassion, and the fact that the future princess is wearing one simelar certainly won't stop me.

This will only be news for a couple of weeks, you will be wearing this ring for the rest of your life. Please don't choose one that you feel will be second best because of the royal thing. It would be awful for you to regret your choice afterwards.

PamelaFlitton Wed 17-Nov-10 17:30:13

Hmm... DP is really keen for the sapphire one, I think he would be disappointed if I wanted something different just because of the Kate thing...

ZombiePlan Wed 17-Nov-10 19:31:02

You are allowed to change your mind about things! Are you still keen on the ring, or deep down would you really prefer a different one? If this has made you see it differently, can you afford to buy a ring you don't 100% love?

onmyfeet Wed 17-Nov-10 21:08:21

Dh bought me a sapphire and diamond ring this past summer. It is a different style from Diana's ring, with the diamonds to the side, not around the sapphire, and the stones are small in comparison, but it is mine, and I like it, and fits my non-princess lifestyle perfectly. I may appear a bit eccentric doing the grocery shopping and digging up weeds wearing Diana's ring.

onmyfeet Wed 17-Nov-10 21:12:21

Think it over for a bit,before buying, if it really makes you feel uncomfortable, it is better you realized now, before it was purchased.
If you are not in love with the blue stone, I agree on considering a pink stone, my jeweler wears an absolutely beautiful one, just one large emerald cut pink stone and white gold. Really suits her pale skin and dark hair.

MangoTango Thu 18-Nov-10 10:31:26

People might think it is this £35 one from QVC

YunoYurbubson Thu 18-Nov-10 10:34:01

Presumably it is other people's reactions that potentially bother you, rather than having a ring similar to CM? In whicxh case can you not simply smile and say you got yours first?

PamelaFlitton Thu 18-Nov-10 10:37:12

Haha MangoTango, definitely can't get it now! I think I really would prefer something different and a bit more modern now, especially since loads of people have been saying it's an ugly ring!

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