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routine weighing and measuring of women

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everybodysgotone Tue 16-Nov-10 15:19:39

Me and dh attended the local women's hospital gynae clinic for infertility problems. It turns out dh has low sperm count. Every time I attend I am weighed and measured. Dh has never been weighed or measured despite the fact that he is the one with fertility problems NOT me. AIBU to be irritated by this. It feels horribly sexist in some way that I can't quite describe..Like its ok to blame everything on a women's weight but its not relevant to men. My weight is normal btw.

GrimmaTheNome Tue 16-Nov-10 15:23:26

It may be because a woman's fertility can be affected by her weight (esp if too low) but AFAIK that isn't the cas with men.

Why they have to do it every time is puzzling - that certainly didn't happen to me when I was under investigation (and it was me that had the problem not DH).

Flisspaps Tue 16-Nov-10 15:25:00

Next time you go and they ask you to step on to the scales, question it. Seems odd to do it every time you go.

scoobytoo Tue 16-Nov-10 15:25:19

Mens weight does affect their fertility BTW

AMumInScotland Tue 16-Nov-10 15:36:30

Why are you both attending the women's hospital gynae clinic if it has been shown that the problem is with his sperm count? It may be that being a womens hospital and a gynae clinic, they just have a routine of weighing and measuring all the women who attend, but don't have a routine policy for men as they don't usually treat them?

everybodysgotone Tue 16-Nov-10 22:33:12

AMum - because the women's hospital treat all infertility problems including men's. You're referred as a couple and treated as a couple, regardless of who has the problem.

scooby is right a man's weight can affect his fertility. It can affect a women's too - but I don't have a fertility problem. So why weigh me? And not DH?

A1980 Tue 16-Nov-10 22:36:35

Just be thankful it's being looked into rather than complaining about something that at the end of the day really doesn't affect you as you say.

OTTMummA Tue 16-Nov-10 22:47:09

YANBU, on the grounds of it isn't you with the fertility issues.
I have always, from a young age asked exactly what, why and how about anything to do with my body.
You are perfectly within reason to ask them why they apparently need to do this, and if you want to, you can refuse.

TattyDevine Tue 16-Nov-10 23:07:30

Ask them.


ShanahansRevenge Tue 16-Nov-10 23:13:30

Yes...ask them! It does seem a bit odd to me too!

AllGoodNamesGone Wed 17-Nov-10 00:06:49

Ask them next time. They probably do it without thinking about it because "it says so in the protocol!"

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