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I'm new. How long will it be before AnyFucker calls me a troll?

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WestleyAndButtockUp Sun 14-Nov-10 22:59:45

Am I right that if the details of my life don't conform to certain standards, she will survey my posting history and announce her suspicions?

DuelingFanjo Sun 14-Nov-10 23:00:27


DuelingFanjo Sun 14-Nov-10 23:00:41


bubbleOseven Sun 14-Nov-10 23:02:47

if you're new how come you know anyfucker?

RumourOfAHurricane Sun 14-Nov-10 23:04:03

Message withdrawn

DancingIceDragons Sun 14-Nov-10 23:04:11

if you know anyfucker then either you are a serious lurkers, or not actually a newbie and are trolling.

So what Dueling says!

TinselinaBumSquash Sun 14-Nov-10 23:04:15

Pom Bear anyone? wink

BeerTricksPotter Sun 14-Nov-10 23:04:38

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SirBoobAlot Sun 14-Nov-10 23:05:19

Everyone knows AnyFucker.

But yes; Troll.

RumourOfAHurricane Sun 14-Nov-10 23:05:41

Message withdrawn

AnyFuleKno Sun 14-Nov-10 23:06:15

I wouldn't have thought AnyFucker is the most likely person to call you a troll TBH

Your name is tres strange grin

Rollmops Sun 14-Nov-10 23:08:08

Why would you, or anybody for that matter, care what the fucker thinks, dear?confused

dinosaurkisses Sun 14-Nov-10 23:09:48

I was lurking for two years before I plucked up the courage to join and start posting.

Sometimes have the urge to ask Shineon if she's had any more encounters with penguins or how Reality's mental SIL is. Then I remember my previous lurker status. I wasted so much time!

BelfastBloke Sun 14-Nov-10 23:11:00

"if you're new how come you know anyfucker?"

Surely if someone's new, AnyFucker is one of the first names they would notice?

TinselinaBumSquash Sun 14-Nov-10 23:11:55

Your not Fucker on a name change are you? Bigging up your MN Royalty status and all that jazz... grinwink

thesecondcoming Sun 14-Nov-10 23:15:07

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

wukter Sun 14-Nov-10 23:16:06

PawithBra is this you

RumourOfAHurricane Sun 14-Nov-10 23:23:58

Message withdrawn

pink4ever Sun 14-Nov-10 23:27:30

troll la la la la la lahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

ps-never noticed that anyfucker had a particularly memeorable name?

BelfastBloke Sun 14-Nov-10 23:29:55

Yeah, dinosaur, shineon will tell you anything.

pink4ever Sun 14-Nov-10 23:31:52

memorable even!

GrimmaTheNome Sun 14-Nov-10 23:32:02

>Your name is tres strange
Isn't it - esp as it abbreviates to WABU.

YABU, WABU. grin

BitOfFun Sun 14-Nov-10 23:34:47

Anyfucker's quite gullible actually. She is a proper softie.

happybubblebrain Sun 14-Nov-10 23:37:42

I don't know anyfucker, who is she? Does that make me a Troll?

AmandaCooper Sun 14-Nov-10 23:39:03

DH goes on about anyfucker all the time, she's always the one whose name gets taken in vain during his frequent rants about how much he hates MN, and DH doesn't regularly read or know anyone else's name.

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