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To be feelining quite nostalgic about Pom bears?

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sensiblesusannigella Sun 14-Nov-10 11:50:19

What next, iced gems?

Bobthebreadcrust Sun 14-Nov-10 13:36:34

Party rings?

southeastastra Sun 14-Nov-10 13:37:21

you must be younger than me as pom bears are quite a new fangled invention imo

usualsuspect Sun 14-Nov-10 13:37:39


sarah293 Sun 14-Nov-10 13:38:09

Message withdrawn

Mumcentreplus Sun 14-Nov-10 13:43:58

Ahhh..Pom Bears lovely and yet not as calorific as other crispos..if you like quavers you'd love a Pom

Mumcentreplus Sun 14-Nov-10 13:49:40

Has anyone else seen Porm bears they are shaped like 2 bears in sexual positions grin

InLoveWithDavidTennant Sun 14-Nov-10 13:51:12

Oh I love pom-bears! Brought some yesterday (am doing weight watchers and they're low in points!) Yum yum!

Oh and I love party rings to... Havent had those for ages!

usualsuspect Sun 14-Nov-10 13:51:12

Wilkos sell them

borderslass Sun 14-Nov-10 13:58:50

DD1 [19] still loves them she says they remind her of when she was little.

InLoveWithDavidTennant Sun 14-Nov-10 15:12:26

Co-Op sells them too

snowflake69 Sun 14-Nov-10 15:14:17

I buy multipacks of pombears every week. If you miss them go out and buy them

Maisiethemorningsidecat Sun 14-Nov-10 15:14:50

I remember when beef, prawn cocktail and bacon flavoured crisps came onto the market - pom bears are young

AgentZigzag Sun 14-Nov-10 15:16:21

I used to scoff all love the occasional bag of DD1s pom bears, but they've hardly got any salt on them now and taste shite.

Their belly buttons still taste the same though.

PlentyOfPockets Sun 14-Nov-10 15:46:10

I don't like them either. I'm still buying some though, just so's I can say it grin. They sell them in my local pound shop.

roomonthebroom Sun 14-Nov-10 15:58:11

I love pom bears!

I should probably have name-changed for this one as it will probably out me in RL, but a boy I used to teach got a pom bear tattooed on his arm during his first year at uni

It suits him, but I don't think his mum was particularly amused by it. Never mind, he can always get it covered over with another tattoo when he grows to regret it --just like my DH has done with the cartoon character he got tattooed on his arm when he was 17--

TheShriekingHarpy Sun 14-Nov-10 16:02:39

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

brockleybelle Sun 14-Nov-10 16:05:39

Oh my goodness, Shriekingharpy, I'd totally forgotten about the 2 feet on a stick!!! That icecream they used was yum!

brockleybelle Sun 14-Nov-10 16:05:58

And yes, they still sell skips. Haven't had one in years!

sharbie Sun 14-Nov-10 16:06:45

try pom bears baked cheese flavour - they are yummy

snowflake69 Sun 14-Nov-10 16:08:49

You can still get all of those shrieking harpy. The foot ice creams arent exactly the same but they do a copy in icelands. I love flying saucers, wham bars, refresher bars and sherbet straws I buy them all the time on the walk home from work.

We always get loads of stuff like that at nights out when we go butlins to. I also always get skips, pom bears etc for my husbands lunch box. All these things are still out there.

TheShriekingHarpy Sun 14-Nov-10 16:12:07

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Niecie Sun 14-Nov-10 16:15:12

Still do Frozen Toes or something like it - bought some in a multipack from Tescos I think on a very hot day. Tescos don't have their freezers at the end of the shop here so by the time they had been round the shop and in the car home they had melted and had to be thrown away. sad

DS1 loves flying saucers - available in all good supermarkets! He also likes party rings.

Pom Bears are new. Didn't have them I was a kid. We don't have them as DS2 won't eat anything with a face. hmm

Whatever happend to Mojos - 4 for 1p. Bargain!

TheShriekingHarpy Sun 14-Nov-10 16:16:03

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

kreecherlivesupstairs Sun 14-Nov-10 16:19:43

Pom bears are envy <-----vomit. DD adores them even though they are foul. I nostalically remember scampi bite snacks and pickled onion monster munch.
Must introduce DD to skips when we visit england in two weeks time [excited]

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