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to not clean the house today ...........

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mosschops30 Sat 13-Nov-10 14:00:06

its disgusting, not even seen a hoover for a week, there is sooo much dog hair floating round my kitchen floor I could knit a cardigan out of it!!!! blush

But ive got a cold, ds2 has been in bed with us for 4 nights now, dh and dd are out all day and its just me and the boys chilling out.

Part of me thinks I should be making an effort because if someone came and saw it like this i'd be horrified, but the ill part of me just wants to sit and eat mince pies, play with my boys and MN

onceamai Sat 13-Nov-10 14:02:12

Sit, eat mince pies, play with boys, MN. Hope you feel better soon.

mosschops30 Sat 13-Nov-10 14:03:16


Mowiol Sat 13-Nov-10 14:06:07

So what - it wll still be there tomorrow.

Have some hot chocolate and marshmallows.

RubberDuck Sat 13-Nov-10 14:11:08

Look at it this way. You could spend all day cleaning it and making it look nice, feel absolutely shit and exhausted and have whingy children because they'd much prefer a slob with mum and a cuddle. And it'll be messy and dirty again by this time tomorrow.

OR you could ignore it all, chill out, recuperate, feel much better about yourself and still have a dirty house by this time tomorrow.

I know which I would choose grin (she says, closing the door firmly on the bathrooms - if I can't see it, they aren't dirty).

colditz Sat 13-Nov-10 14:12:58

How old is your oldest child? If four or over, and willing, give them the hoover and let them get on with it.

mosschops30 Sat 13-Nov-10 14:21:01

oldest is out until tomorrow, ds1 is 5 but couldnt manage our hoover, its a big enough struggle for me and ds2 gets very upset when the hoover is on, so I try and do it as little as possible wink

mosschops30 Sat 13-Nov-10 15:39:24

i hacve compromised and cleaned the toilet and sink, and hoovered the whole house. Everything else Im leaving, me and ds1 about to start a game now smile

AlpinePony Sat 13-Nov-10 15:50:49

YANBU - you have a cold - you're goign to need the doghair to keep the house warm.

mosschops30 Sat 13-Nov-10 15:51:19

lol grin

dontforgetthejoker Sat 13-Nov-10 19:26:27

when I feel like not doing housework I get the hoover out and just leave it somewhere prominent plugged in . Then, whoever arrives, or returns home, it looks like I'm in the middle of industrious activity.
However, if I was ill, I wouldn't bother at all- so well done for doing what you did!

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