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To be really pissed off that DH not only let his friend smoke in the house...

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trixymalixy Fri 12-Nov-10 19:31:16

But in the room where all the freshly washed, ironed and folded clothes are, waiting to get put away !!!!! Aaaaaaargh!!!!!

DS has asthma, plus there's no way I'd put them in clothes smelling if smoke even if DS didn't have asthma. I'm going to have to wash them all again aren't I?

trixymalixy Fri 12-Nov-10 19:31:53

Correction, DH is going to have to washe them all again, not me!!!

HecateQueenOfWitches Fri 12-Nov-10 19:32:05

No. Your husband is.

HecateQueenOfWitches Fri 12-Nov-10 19:32:23



CheeseandGherkins Fri 12-Nov-10 19:32:46

YANBU at all!!

thisiswhataluv Fri 12-Nov-10 19:36:34

yanbu at all , im worse than you ,i hate people even smoking in my garden blush

SuePurblybilt Fri 12-Nov-10 19:37:37

YANBU at all. But I am nosey. Did he send him off to smoke in the futility room or spare room? Or was the ironing in the sitting room?

Does your DH smoke?

JoBettany Fri 12-Nov-10 19:38:10


trixymalixy Fri 12-Nov-10 19:40:15

No DH doesn't smoke.

The washing was all in the dining room.

FFS we have mountains of washing that we cant keep on top of as it is without adding uneccesary loads.

The3Bears Fri 12-Nov-10 19:41:52

YANBU i would be fuming angry

D0G Fri 12-Nov-10 19:42:23

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

trixymalixy Fri 12-Nov-10 19:46:33

I think his thinking was that the kids are less likely to go in the dining room so less likely for them to be exposed to it than if he had smoked in the lounge. Plus he put the fire on to draw the smoke up the chimney. Pity he didn't factor the clean clothes in as well!!!

When he told me what he had done and I mentioned the washing he thought I was more worried about his friend seeing a messy room!!!!

trixymalixy Fri 12-Nov-10 19:48:13

I agree DOG, this friend us a bit of a "character" shall we sat so not likely to think like that.

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