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to believe in 'life' after death?

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lollypoplady Fri 12-Nov-10 19:28:13

Ok so not life as we know it, but I'd like to get some opions on this, religious and otherwise.... I've recently read a book written by a doctor who works in resusitation unit at Southampton General Hospital about near death experiences. It was a really fascinating & mind opening read and I have since read a few more 'sciencey' based books on the subject written by doctors & academics. What are your views & have you ever had an experience to change your view?

whensitgunnahappen Fri 12-Nov-10 19:34:22

That sounds like an interesting book, what's it called? X

HecateQueenOfWitches Fri 12-Nov-10 19:37:20

I have never had an experience to change my views.

My views are simple.

I believe that our consciousness exists in some form after death. As another life, as an essence floating in the universe, in heaven - doesn't matter.

I believe it because it pleases me. The idea that we get our time here in this shitty world and then that's it, we cease to exist, is too depressing for words.

If other people want to believe that death is the end of you, fine. It makes no odds to me. I believe what makes me happy.

It enrages me when people sneer at belief. They don't believe it so it's rubbish and anyone who does is stupid. Well fuck you! grin My belief keeps me happy, makes it less painful when I think of those I've lost, and hurts nobody. I don't understand the mentality of anyone who would want to take that happiness away from someone just because they don't share it.

OFFS Fri 12-Nov-10 19:38:15

I believe there's life after near death experiences yes, but not that there's anything else.

I have heard/read anecdotes about people having out of body (OOB) experiences when near death; they talk of floating up to the ceiling and seeing themselves being worked on, and can sometimes repeat conversations held when they were "dead". But one experiment involved putting odd things up high in emergency treatment rooms, and no-one has yet accurately reported seeing them.


lollypoplady Fri 12-Nov-10 19:40:29

this is the book, it's actually an ongoing study at the hospital

ayjayjay Fri 12-Nov-10 19:40:34

YABNU you can believe whatever you like ... just don't expect me to believe it too.

albertcamus Fri 12-Nov-10 19:41:07

The Wheel of Life by Elisabeth Kubler-Ross is wonderful; she was a doctor who specialised in all aspects of death & dying, at a time when these patients were meant to be shut away and not talked about (late 60s USA). She was born in Switzerland and trained there as a doctor, married an American doctor and pursued her career there. She was convinced of near and after-death consciousness and wrote eloquently about her wide experience of this. She had no fear of death. Her book is an inspiration.

ayjayjay Fri 12-Nov-10 19:41:18

even YANBU

southeastastra Fri 12-Nov-10 19:49:10

i do sort of believe there is something. some months after my mum died i was awake at three am and said, give me a sign if you can here me and the mirror fell off the wall. it was freaky

have also had dreams where she appears and they seem to real and always happen at times of crisis or worry

LetThereBeRock Fri 12-Nov-10 19:51:40

I don't believe in life after death. There is oblivion and nothing more.
That doesn't bother me. What could be more peaceful than oblivion?

Dizzymummy Fri 12-Nov-10 19:52:45

A little bit morbid I know, but I almost died having my dd and despite my initial fear (once it bacame apparent that i may not survive) that I'd never see my baby and who could love her and care for her as much as I could, it was a very calming experience. Thankfully I survived but the one great thing about the whole experience is that I don't fear death at all (just hope that I don't die before children don't need me anymore!)

zam72 Fri 12-Nov-10 19:53:31

My views are exactly like Hecate's. My parents met a Spiritualist meeting so I guess that has obviously shaped my beliefs. They have had many experiences. They don't think of it as being religous, spooky or odd stuff just unexplained, different plane type stuff. (I on the other hand do think its a bit spooky so while I may believe I don't embrace IYSWIM).

About the out of body experience things close to death - not convinced that that is a closer to the 'other realm' thing or whether its just firing of neurones when the body is nearing a reboot. No hard facts/evidence to back anything up, but not suggesting anyone else has to believe.

MoralDefective Fri 12-Nov-10 19:58:05

I am an Atheist...i don't believe in life after death.
I believe in Humanity,in kindness,in honesty,but sadly,i don't believe i'll see my loved ones again once they've died

Nagoo Fri 12-Nov-10 19:58:33

I don't understand the need to believe in life after death.

I think that a lot of the life after death stuff is symptomatic of your brain shutting down (lights at end of tunnels etc)

I'm absolutely fine with the idea that we are here now and when we are dead that is it, there is nothing else.

Agree a bit with Hecate though, that she can believe what she likes. (I'm so generous there aren't i ? wink i think she's wrong, grin but it doesn't bother me if someone feels better and gets comfort from the belief that there is something else.

Don't want them teaching that to my kids though. Everyone I know with a religious upbringing thinks deep down inside that they are going to hell. I never want my kids to think that thought. Ever.

mumbar Fri 12-Nov-10 20:08:18

I totally get what hecate is saying. I believe it too but it makes me happy to think my loved ones are up there having a good time grin. I have no idea but I get comfort from thinking it and it hurts no-one.

tethersend Fri 12-Nov-10 20:13:19

I believe that whatever a person believes will happen to them once they die, happens.

Why does it have to be the same for everyone?

PlentyOfPockets Fri 12-Nov-10 20:13:49

I don't believe consciousness survives - I think it's an emergent property of our physical brains and so can't be separated. It's oddly comforting to me, as a complete atheist, to know that the atoms that make up my body, and the bodies of lost loved ones, carry on and circulate through the whole of life ...

Listen more often to things than to beings
Listen more often to things than to beings
Its the ancestors’ breath when the fire’s voice is heard
Its the ancestor’s breath in the voice of the water.

Those who have died have never never left
The dead are not under the earth
They are in the rustling trees, they are in the groaning woods
They are in the crying grass, they are in the moaning rocks
The dead are not under the earth, so

Listen more often to things than to beings...etc.
Those who have died have never never left
The dead are not under the earth
They are in the woman’s breast, they are in the wailing child.
They are with us in the home, they are with us in the crowd.
The dead are not under the earth
Listen more often to things than to beings...etc.

by Dr. Ysaye M. Barnwell and Virago Dip

MoralDefective Fri 12-Nov-10 20:14:33

Whatever makes you happy,really.
I think that when you are dead then you are dead.
The end.

allbie Fri 12-Nov-10 20:36:36

I was resuscitated during an operation. I died for 15 seconds!! No lights, nothing. Can you remember what it was like before you were born? Same as death, I reckon.

hormonesnomore Fri 12-Nov-10 20:36:56

I'm with Hecate all the way. And I love the idea of a 'reboot' zam

MrsNonSmoker Fri 12-Nov-10 20:38:55

I'm interested in people's ideas here because its a sort of unhealthy obsession for me. I'm an aetheist, I believe once you are dead, that's it, how can you not be scared. Does the idea get more frightening as you get older (as I am) and your health isn't great (like me) - how do you come to terms with it? Didn't feel like this until my first child was born, then went into overdrive. Very interesting thread.

Nagoo Fri 12-Nov-10 20:45:20

mrsNS what are you afraid of?

Of course I am afraid that I might not be here for my son, but if you are an atheist, do you believe that after you die nothing happens? That's what I think.

I can't be afraid of nothing?

slipperandpjsmum Fri 12-Nov-10 20:55:14

I have lost so much of my family, my brother, Dad, Aunts and Uncles and grandparents. My best friend's daughter died aged 4 just before she was due to start school. My friend watches her daughters peers growing up whilst her daughter will be forever four, blonde curly hair, big blue eyes, so looking forward to her 'first day at big school', uniform ready, school shoes waiting in their box. I can't think that all those people who I loved so dearly are just nowhere, so I believe, as does my friend. It gives us hope. I respect other people's views. What ever gives you peace is ok with me.

MoralDefective Fri 12-Nov-10 20:58:29

Why would you be afraid of 'nothing'?
Where are all the parents/children of all the people who have gone before us?.
None of us are 'here' for our children for ever.
We will all die sooner or later.

3littlefrogs Fri 12-Nov-10 21:03:02

I have had so much experience of friends and family communicating with me, and other members of my family, after death, that I have no doubt that we go on, there is life after death.

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