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Or has Noel Fielding got chubby?!!

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Longstocking2 Thu 11-Nov-10 18:37:28

I know this should be in sleb nonsense but you get a far quicker response in AIBU?

I think he looks cute actually, but it is a different look and he hasn't quite accepted it I think, the trousers are VERY tight but maybe in the I've grown out of them way rather than the kate moss chic way

gor bless him, he's obviously happy and/or has given up smoking

tillywee Thu 11-Nov-10 18:44:05

Yeah he has a bit....still a looker though

nameymcnamechange Thu 11-Nov-10 18:46:02

And the picture is ... where ???

theevildead2 Thu 11-Nov-10 18:46:02

yeah you can see it inn his face.. He won#t fit his skinny jeans much longer grin

Longstocking2 Thu 11-Nov-10 18:48:13

no pic just saw him on buzzcocks with a chubby face.
he used to look sort of gorgeous now he looks cute!

woolymindy Thu 11-Nov-10 18:52:46

I would still like to take afternoon tea with him, chubby or otherwise

OTTMummA Thu 11-Nov-10 18:53:24

lol, definately, funny though, was singing " cheese is a kind of meat " song in the kitchen today grin

ah, noel

TheChamomileLawn Thu 11-Nov-10 18:54:20


Longstocking2 Fri 12-Nov-10 09:34:49


At least a stone and a half I'd wager.
Happiness + no smoking I bet.

WookieetheChew Fri 12-Nov-10 09:37:19

Oh yeah, he does a bit.

More to the point, why is Chris Packham presenting Buzzcocks? confused

LittleMissHissyFit Fri 12-Nov-10 10:41:04

I'd help him work it off... shock

Longstocking2 Fri 12-Nov-10 14:48:39


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