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To not do a 1st birthday party???

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mosschops30 Thu 11-Nov-10 10:55:45

Oh god its making me feel sooo guilty but I really cant see the point.
When dd and ds1 were 1 they both had parties at home, with a couple of friends and some family members.
Now ds2 doesnt really have any friends, we only do one baby thing together and am not friends with any of the mums there.

So Id be doing a party for family and our friends really. In our shoe box house where only 3 people will actually be able to sit down smile

So I was going to take the 5 of us plus the in laws to TGI's to celebrate ds2 1st birthday, but a part of me thinks I should be doing a proper party at home with banners and balloons, if only so he doesnt look back and think he doesnt have any 1st birthday party pics [hm]

counttothree Thu 11-Nov-10 10:59:30

I think I'd have some balloons and a birthday cake at the table with dc and dh, take some pictures and eat the cake together. That's a birthday party for a 1 year old as far as I can see.

blondiemermaid Thu 11-Nov-10 11:01:07

yanbu i done the same for my ds2 but he loved it we took balloons and a cake and they all clapped and sung and made a fuss of him and i took pictures
ds1 and dss also loved it and they want to do it for their birthdays smile

badfairy Thu 11-Nov-10 11:04:25 YANBU. I won't be doing a 2nd birthday party for DS2 either. First party DS1 had was his 4th!

mosschops30 Thu 11-Nov-10 11:04:51

oh yes we'd still have a cake here and come back with family after the meal.

pinkthechaffinch Thu 11-Nov-10 11:28:12

YANBU, I'm not sure i can be arsed with dd and she'll be 2 in feb.

mosschops30 Thu 11-Nov-10 11:33:46

oh no I was all expecting you to come on and flame me, reminding me that this will be that last opportunity to ever throw a 1st birthday party and I should get on with it and stop being such a party pooper grin

poorbuthappy Thu 11-Nov-10 11:35:09

Bollocks to that, go to TGIs!

mollymax Thu 11-Nov-10 11:37:37

Balloons and banners at home.
Cake with candles.
Lots of photos.
It is all you need really.

runmeragged Thu 11-Nov-10 11:39:39

Go for the meal.

At home - Get a cake, put one candle in it, get your bigger children to sing happy birthday, take photo, job done! Tell your big kids the meal out is your 1yo's party.

mosschops30 Thu 11-Nov-10 12:01:12

wow feel soo much better after reading this as that was what we really wanted to do, but felt we should be doing something more.
I will get banners and balloons, cake on table, family home after.
Then nice meal out for us all to enjoy smile

mollymax Thu 11-Nov-10 18:53:32

Great idea. Have fun.

onceamai Thu 11-Nov-10 19:03:30

Yanbu. DS2 isn't going to remember it is he. Family occasions or saved up money for when they are at school IMO

blondiemermaid Thu 11-Nov-10 19:09:03

Take the cake to tgi's to they dim the lights and all come out and sing happy birthday the kids loved it grin

Firawla Thu 11-Nov-10 19:12:06

tgi is fine, its not as if you would have done nothing then you have marked his bday. then doing the cake at home too that is definitely fine

Bobbiesmum Thu 11-Nov-10 19:15:54

I'm the same, back at work and not got the energy for a party. We have decided to get a cottage with some of our family for
The weekend instead and have a little 'do' there.
Have fun!

loubielou31 Thu 11-Nov-10 19:16:33

Birthday cake, balloons, something to unwrap, (my favourite being a cardboard box filled with balloons, fun and almost free!), camera. Birthday sorted.

Rowgtfc72 Thu 11-Nov-10 20:01:59

We hired a room for dds first birthday and invited loads of friends and relatives-but this was in lieu of a Christening and an opportunity for everyone to meet dd(not a close family)this yr for her fourth she can have a party as she has made friends at groups/nurserys.Inbetween parties at home ,cake, balloons,presents (wrapping paper!)she was happy!

EmmaLM Thu 11-Nov-10 20:05:42

Really don't bother with a party. I work for a kids party company and the 1 year old parties I have organized are a complete waste of money. Although I probably shouldn't admit that!

eclipse Thu 11-Nov-10 20:14:56

My pfb got me and friends and relatives having a few drinks around him. We have a few photos of him on his granny's lap looking whingy (because of teething not disappointment, I think). He's 5 now and doesn't seem overly bothered by absence of friends at his party.

Tamashii Thu 11-Nov-10 20:14:58

I've had birthday parties for DS's 1st and 2nd birthdays which ended up with me running around like a bluearsed fly refilling drinks, handing out and gathering up paper plates and mainly playing with DS since everyone else at the party (including OH) got pissed!

SO YANBU. I think what you have planned sounds really great. It's not like your not doing anything for his birthday, just not a massive booze fest like ours turned into!

I should add DS was the youngest at the party and it was all the aunties/uncles/adult friends who ended up pissed. The kids (who were all older) ended up playing outside all day and poor DS was left with me since all the kids got bored "babysitting" him on his BDay but he loved the balloons and sparkly 1's all over the place!

IHeartKingThistle Thu 11-Nov-10 20:21:12

Didn't have a 1st birthday party for DD.

But we did for DS. One of the main reasons for this was so that DD could see that he was just as important as she was (she'd just had her 3rd party with bouncy castle and stuff). I wanted her to get excited about celebrating someone else's birthday and thinking about what he'd like.

By that reasoning it doesn't matter whether you have a party with bells and whistles or not, as long as you do something to mark the occasion, which you were planning to do anyway.

Hope you all have a lovely day! smile

FessaEst Thu 11-Nov-10 21:56:16

YANBU - We are not planning on a party for DD's 1st - we are getting together with family for a cake and maybe a trip out in honour, but no big thing. We have a large circle of baby friends and only one has had a party as such. All have celebrated but mostly with families. i am not sure DD would like a lot of people in the house and I would rather do it when she will enjoy it and be able to participate.

We are not really going mad on presents either.....

piscesmoon Thu 11-Nov-10 22:03:19

It is supposed to be for the DC-I'm sure that people lose sight of that! Do whatever suits you-he will be quite happy!

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