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AIBU to be upset that someone stole my son's poppy?!

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Bluebell99 Wed 10-Nov-10 21:02:55

Having a bad day today, but my ds who is 11 and in yr 7 came home from school and told me that he had taken 50p into school today from his own money and bought a poppy. He said that an older boy that he didn't know asked him if he could see his poppy, and so he showed him, and the older boy ran off with it. I hadn't known he had taken his money in to buy a poppy, but I am really shocked that a secondary aged pupil would steal a poppy! Obviously I have bought him another.

waterbaby100 Wed 10-Nov-10 21:04:19

do you believe him?

Bluebell99 Wed 10-Nov-10 21:09:23

Of course I do, why would he lie about that!OMG I am flabbergasted by your response. Obviously you don't know my son, i didn't even know he had bought a poppy, so why would he lie about it?

scottishmummy Wed 10-Nov-10 21:12:11

what a rotten thing to do

taintedpaint Wed 10-Nov-10 21:12:31

Chill Bluebell, it was just a question! And a reasonable one, children do tell porkies sometimes!

But assuming everything is true, YANBU, it's quite sad and totally missing the point of the poppy.

scottishmummy Wed 10-Nov-10 21:13:41

oh ease up with the interrogation and what ifs

waterbaby100 Wed 10-Nov-10 21:16:43

of course I don't know your son, how would I?? But, you know, kids have good intentions then the money gets spent on something else but he wants a poppy...or he wants you to think good of him... boys. The older kid was prob just having a 'laugh'. Not funny to adults but that's what kids/boys are like. Pretty sure he wasn't thinking about the bigger meaning of a poppy, Fields of Flanders etc when he took off with it.

GeneralissimoVonBobbington Wed 10-Nov-10 21:21:13

Am I the only one who thought the OP's puppy had been stolen? In my defence, it's been a long day.

TattyDevine Wed 10-Nov-10 21:27:07

FFS hmm

taintedpaint Wed 10-Nov-10 21:29:48

Oh yes, I clicked on this thinking I had read 'puppy'. Mighty glad it wasn't if I'm honest.

PinkieMinx Wed 10-Nov-10 21:30:14

I am not shocked - they steal worse - shitty behaviour though. Good on your boy for buying his own poppy, sounds like a sweetheart.

Goblinchild Wed 10-Nov-10 21:30:56

Welcome to your first Y7 negative experience. There will be many more along the way, hopefully mostly bloodless.

Bluebell99 Wed 10-Nov-10 21:56:37

Not my first negative experience tbh, that was being knocked to the ground on day 4 and called names by a Yr 9!
Thank you Scottishmummy and Pinkieminx.

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