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to think that lots of people have trouble distinguishing between what they need and what they want?

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togarama Wed 10-Nov-10 00:07:42

Recently I seem to be getting involved in lots of conversations where people insist that they need certain things where to me it seems perfectly clear that they could get by without them.

For example, I know many people who insist that they need a car. Actually, they largely live within 15 mins of a rail station in a city area and most aren't disabled or in professions who need to drive for work.

It's the same with a range of other issues from DH needing money to spend on beer/sweets/general rubbish each month to people who think their baby needs a wide range of expensive equipment.

I don't mind a bit of self-indulgence (and certainly indulge myself on a regular basis...) but shouldn't you be able to at least distinguish between need and want?

Tortington Wed 10-Nov-10 00:08:50

have you seen the price of a train ticket? environment be damned at that price i say

Katey1010 Wed 10-Nov-10 00:09:42

Cell phones.

SheWillBeLoved Wed 10-Nov-10 00:11:16

The BBQ pringles I am currently demolishing. Wanted them, but my arse certainly doesn't need them.

Katey1010 Wed 10-Nov-10 00:13:19

So the thread title should be ...what you want and what your arse needs grin

BelleDeChocChipCookieMonster Wed 10-Nov-10 00:13:27

I need a Mulberry hand bag, I really do. grin It'll last for years whereas it's counterproductive to buy a cheaper one that only lasts for a few months? No?

togarama Wed 10-Nov-10 00:21:57

I want a higher salary, the powers of levitation and flight and the ability to juggle.

Don't need them though.

It drove me mad when we were househunting and SIL asked why we weren't looking at houses with gardens because we'd need one with a child. Erm, because we don't have enough money? Sure, we'd like a garden but we don't need one.

bethelbeth Wed 10-Nov-10 00:38:51

I agree... but am not going to say much as I could go off on a benefits scroungery plasma tv rant.

fairycake123 Wed 10-Nov-10 01:26:37

My life would be fucking shit if all I had was what I needed in the most basic biological sense. I "need" my phone, my laptop and my pool membership to be happy and I think that's what people mean when they say they "need" something: that it is crucial to their happiness. I don't see anything wrong with that, personally.

JarethTheGoblinKing Wed 10-Nov-10 01:39:24

Sorry, but we needed a house with a garden. Shame we didn't realise that while I was pregnant.

[places MN curse on bethelbeth]
They're fucking flat screens! NOT plasmas!

I really hate hate hate that. Anybody buying a TV will buy a flatscreen one now. Any wanky fucking judgy bastard fucker will tick the 'OOoohh, LCD, I hate you, I want one of those' BOX in their fucking heads and justify to themselves their purchase of a 8' long leather sofa from Argos.


MaMoTTaT Wed 10-Nov-10 01:50:58

PMSL Jareth - I'm so with you there grin

(though I didn't even get my flat screen TV when I ended up on benefits - I've been lumbered with an ancient ton of bricks 10f deep one - I must have forgotten to tick the box on the form when I filled it in sad wink)

MaMoTTaT Wed 10-Nov-10 01:52:04

oh actually - I've just remebered it's not actually's the LL's - though he's a lovely landlord and I can quite imagine him telling me I could keep it when I move out (he let me get rid of/sell/keep a load of other stuff that was in here when I moved in)

DancingIceDragons Wed 10-Nov-10 02:20:30

I want my own house for ds and me. But i dont need it as i am safe and housed. All be it with a down side. Will i be working towards escaping. yep i will but after i have sorted the need to sort out my health since i havs sorted out ds' isshoos.

I need my car to get ds to and from the contact meeting point and for getting to my restbite escape activity.

I dont need to spend most of the evening on mn but i do want to. grin

Chil1234 Wed 10-Nov-10 06:41:24

It's a reasonable observation and many cannot judge the difference between essentials and luxuries. However, as long as someone can afford both, then there's no problem. Why 'get by' when you could live more comfortably, after all? It's when someone cannot distinguish between essentials and luxuries, can't prioritise and doesn't have enough money to cover everything that problems happen. I have some family who one minute are complaining that they can't pay the bills and in the next will mention buying a new laptop or plans for a weekend away...

Trubert Wed 10-Nov-10 07:38:09

I think different people need different things. Anything you don't need yourself is a luxury, anything you do need is a necessity.

For example, because I am scruffy, I never get my hair cut. But to people who take pride in their appearance, a haircut now and then would be on their 'Need' list. It would seriously affect their quality of life if they didn't have it (or so I understand from the S & B threads).

For myself, I need books, and time to read them, like I need oxygen. But not everyone's like that.

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