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to think a pair of Clarks shoes should last longer than 2 weeks!!??

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llynnnn Tue 09-Nov-10 13:17:49

My dd is in reception class and we bought her brand new Clarks shoes in September when she started school, well before half term they were very very scuffed and around the fronts they were worn down to the white material (?) underneath the leather!

Over half term we bought her some new ones from Clarks but already, only 1.5 weeks into the term they are very scuffed and worn down to the white around the toes!! shock

dd spends most of the playtime climbing on the climbing frames and walls etc (she is very much a tomboy!) Does anyone else have this problem? Are there better more hardwearing shoes than these rubbish clarks!!

The school aren't ever so strict about shoes, wondering if she could get away with black trainers?? but not sure they would be so good for her feet wearing them all day?

I know one thing for sure we cant afford brand new £28 Clarks every fortnight!!

thatsnotmyGUNPOWDER Tue 09-Nov-10 13:25:30

I would take them back to clarks if you have the receipt, in fact even if you don't, I would go back.

Are you polishing the shoes a couple of times a week to try and protect them?

My DS had a pair that got a hole in them, the stitching came un-done so I took them back and got a free replacement.

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