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To never want to see another pair of trousers again?

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emptyshell Tue 09-Nov-10 13:15:35

So there's no supply work today, and hubby's murdered his trousers again (and he's a pain to get them to fit and will sulk for weeks if he has to buy new ones). Smart arse me (when I've finished skiving on here) decides to break down and do the pile of mending I've been putting off.

Get the sewing machine out (which is a right faff since it's hidden in one of those crate coffee tables) and decide to rake through my wardrobe to find all the pairs that no longer fit me or are huge around the waist (for being a lard arse I've got a comparatively tiny waist) or have hems that are hanging down because I'm always putting off fixing them... so far I've mended five chuffing pairs of trousers - and I'm nowhere near halfway yet... then I've got to IRON them all... grrr!

Sometimes I hate being able to work a sewing machine and sew because the entire planet gives you all their sewing to do!

GrimmaTheNome Tue 09-Nov-10 13:20:07

YANBU, make your DH wear a kilt.

.... see, really YABU grin

YANBU to never want to mend or iron them though, oh yes.

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