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To not like being 'set up' for a particular type of response?

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GhostTown Tue 09-Nov-10 12:10:53

I walk into it like a blind fool, every single time.

My car is in for repairs today might be returned to me today but could be tomorrow.

My colleague agreed to give me a lift to work and home again (lives two roads away from me)

Soooo, anyway, went to talk her in the office this morning just general chit chat and she starts telling me that she really needs to have her hair done and has a half days holiday still left to take.

Naive old me blunders in there and is cheerfully saying 'that sounds good, you must take your half day soon and go get pampered' etc etc etc.

5 mins after that I get an e-mail saying sorry can't give you a lift home now have decided to take THIS afternoon off.

I thought she was looking at me a bit strange when she was talking about her hair - now I realise she was priming me into giving that response so I couldn't say anything when the e-mail arrived.

Wouldn't be a problem really but we work on an industrial estate that is not serviced by any buses or other public transport so had arranged these lifts with her way in advance of booking in my car.

Gah, probaly sound nuts don't I but this happens to me all the time sad

TattyDevine Tue 09-Nov-10 12:18:05

Bit mean of your collegue, really, seing as you had an arrangement. She's left you high and dry. I guess you can't rely on her again!

ChippingIn Tue 09-Nov-10 12:22:16

How shitty of her. She could go anytime...

Email her back, say it's OK, you can't leave now anyway and ask her what time she'll be back to pick you up and take you home as arranged grin (pretend to misunderstand 'can't take you home now'!!)

GhostTown Tue 09-Nov-10 12:30:58

Thank you Tatty that's exactly what I thought - although 'bit mean' is slightly elevated in my mind

Chipping in: excellent idea. What time will you be back for me he he he. Wonder what response I'd get to that shock

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