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To want to pay half price for half a hair cut?

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Bumperlicious Mon 08-Nov-10 19:07:28

Took DD1 to the hairdressers (never been there before). her hair is long and fine and gets knotty & caked in food so i wanted it all cut into a bob. they sat her on a wooden step thing on top of the chair (she is 3) so she couldn't sit back, looked pretty uncomfortable, though she didn't complain.

anyway the hairdresser did his thing then said 'hows that for length?'. he'd cut it just below her shoulders so i asked if he could take some more off as i wanted it a neck length bob. he basically refused saying that he couldn't cut it straight as she wouldn't keep her head still. he wasn't mean about her, he said he didnt expect her to stay still as she is three but he wouldn't be able to cut it straight.

i was pretty pissed off as i wanted it shorter and he then charged me £10! i was so tempted to say 'if you're only going to give me a half a hair cut then i'm only going pay half' but i didn't because I wasn't sure if i was being unreasonable and also i am a wuss!

so am i right in thinking that there are no three year olds around with bobbed hair? or is my hairdresser just being crap?

classydiva Mon 08-Nov-10 19:09:19

I think its as a result that your daughter may move around more than other youngsters whose hair he has cut.

Always better to take them somewhere the stylists have experience of cutting a young childs hair.

MayorNaze Mon 08-Nov-10 19:09:37

your hairdresser is crap

dd is now 4.6 and growing her hair but from 18 months to 4 she had a lovely bob, cut prob every 4 months or so. hairdresser did occasionally say it would be tricky but always persevered and it wasn't that tricky or i wouldn't have bothered.

get some sharp scissors and do it yourself

givemesomecandy Mon 08-Nov-10 19:14:51

Take her back and say after some thought you are not happy with the service and wouod like it cut how you originally asked.
I wouldnt accept the hair to not be cut how i wanted it.

lovemyOJ Mon 08-Nov-10 19:17:28

my 3 year old has a chin length bob and its straight your hairdresser is crap!

LornMowa Mon 08-Nov-10 19:17:56

That happened when I took my daughter to the hairdresser. (Luckily I was only charged £5) It still seemed a rip-off so I got myself a pair of hairdressing scissors and now do it myself.

Clippers are great for boys' hair. We have saved a fortune over the years.

Bumperlicious Mon 08-Nov-10 19:20:57

she wasnt particularly bad. i told them it was a toddler appointment, if they couldn't do it they shouldn't have accepted it.

will go back to my usual hairdresser (they were shut today and it was the only day we could do it) who is much more patient.

oh, i'm banned by dh from doing it myself!

Bumperlicious Mon 08-Nov-10 19:23:22

i'm too much of a wuss to go back! i prefer to whinge on here & send them hate vibes instead grin

Marchpane Mon 08-Nov-10 19:30:04

He sounds crap.

But I say this as someone who once paid half as much again for a hair cut than I was expecting because cutting my fringe as well as the rest of my hair is apparently a "re-style".


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