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to have laughed

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misdee Mon 08-Nov-10 13:43:44


dh sat down this morning to sort out his meds. i was cleaning up dd4 after breakfast, y sitting on the floor and wiping her down with a cloth, i do this atm as its the easiest way for me to reach her and clean her as i am 7+ months pregnant.

I heard a big crash and turned to say to dd1 'what did you drop' but then noticed through the table legs, dh on the floor, the chair broken in half, and him just looking there shocked.

he was fine btw, but said his hand was tingling, like when you hit ypir funny bone.

i just ended up giggling and laughing as he sat there stunned.

poor dh blush

he is fine btw.

loonies Mon 08-Nov-10 15:29:32

YANBU at all. Hilarious!

2shoes Mon 08-Nov-10 15:31:22

yanbu, must be nice to lol at noraml stuff now

misdee Mon 08-Nov-10 15:51:06

we do now need to look into new chairs and new table though.

emptyshell Mon 08-Nov-10 16:12:21

I can lend you my husband - ends up in A+E loading the washing machine.

He'd managed to impale the catch onto his finger and slice the very end of it off, blood everywhere, hand wrapped in dishcloth and off to A+E - woman at reception asks what's happened and I reply "he did the laundry"... she immediately creased up laughing, which started ME back off laughing!

He ain't lived it down.

Mumcentreplus Mon 08-Nov-10 16:16:15

You can't beat people falling over! the chair breaking is an added bonus <<chuckles>>

misdee Mon 08-Nov-10 16:24:22

its even funnier if he falls over. as he is over 6ft tall, and falls in such a comedy way. i do check he is ok, but i do have a chuckle as well. he does the same to me.

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