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Wintersnow Sun 07-Nov-10 10:45:01

Okay actually I'm not sure if this is the right catergory, I am just genuinly interested in other peoples views and not trying to start a war of words
I have spent years of my life living abroad in several different countries (Japan, Thailand & Brazil) and among other things love the rich cultural aspect & identity of these countries, there is a real sense of pride (not in a BNP way!) in their country & culture. I personally don't see as much of this in England, except for when the world cup is on. My husband is Brazilian/Japanese and when teaching our children about their cultural background he has so much to teach them and pride to instill in them and I always seem to have less. I saw a comment on mumsnet the other day saying ' England doesn't have an 'English culture', we a multi-cultural society', what do you think? Can I just add that Brazil is a complete mix racially, far more so than the UK. Am interested to hear your views!

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