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To think that if we have a disabled badge, then we are entitled to use it?

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PixieOnaLeaf Sat 06-Nov-10 12:38:01

Message withdrawn

TattyDevine Sat 06-Nov-10 12:39:30

You know you are not. Seriously, do you genuinely think that someone is going to say that you were wrong and this guy was right?

Of course you are not BU!!!!

Honeydragon Sat 06-Nov-10 12:40:48

Tell Sainsburys and call the police - and the dvla. Its criminal damage and if it wasn't him it is a hell of a coincidence.

What an arsehole.

PixieOnaLeaf Sat 06-Nov-10 12:40:54

Message withdrawn

TotorosOcarina Sat 06-Nov-10 12:40:56

Call sainsburys and ask if they have CCTV!

fel1x Sat 06-Nov-10 12:41:19

I'd call the police and decsribe the man. A lot of supermarkets have CCTV I think in the car parks too, so they may be able to prove it was him.

What an utter utter cock. Am angry for you

BaggyCoconut Sat 06-Nov-10 12:41:32

I am sorry you have had to experiance this.

It is a shame that alot of people do not understand hidden disabilities.

My DD has ASD, and as such we often get people qyestioning, judging, laughing because they cannot see her disability.

I dont know much about blue badges,(we dont have one), but I do know if you have a Blue Badge, and the person in in the car, you can use the spot. So try not to worry.

Just rememeber if people are too small minded to understand even after youhave explained, that is their problems.

Hold your head up high, and let them make themselves look stupid.

southeastastra Sat 06-Nov-10 12:41:55

fgs what is the world coming to! that's horrific, do you think sainsburys would have cctv? i would definitely call the police too

TattyDevine Sat 06-Nov-10 12:42:15

It beggars belief that a person would key a car on a Saturday morning (busy busy busy) in a disabled space (right at the front of the store near people and trolleys and front door)

Very unlucky.

Lougle Sat 06-Nov-10 12:43:10

Pixie I am glad you got a blue badge for her, she needs it. I am sorry to say that I think your experience isn't too rare.

You need to phone the store, and the police - they might have CCTV.

MollieO Sat 06-Nov-10 12:43:21

OMG How awful. Contact the supermarket asap and ask if they have CCTV covering the space. Also report to the police. It is criminal damage at the very least.

BrigitBigKnickers Sat 06-Nov-10 12:43:32

What a total bastard.
Might be worth seeing if the carpark has CCTV- they might have captured something on film.

BaggyCoconut Sat 06-Nov-10 12:43:36

And about the car keying - report it. He has broken the law. He cannot damage a persons property just because he doesn't like the fact you have a blue badge (maybe a bit of "jelousy", he is probably one of those prats who think its a perk)

Ask sainsburys for CCTV, although the police may do it themselves.

BrigitBigKnickers Sat 06-Nov-10 12:44:37

Oops cross post- great minds and all that!

sarah293 Sat 06-Nov-10 12:45:33

Message withdrawn

snowmash Sat 06-Nov-10 12:45:35


It is a horrible experience (the verbal), and I second those who say call the Police about the other.

[Not sure what they think the DVLA or your registration plate had to do with use of a blue badge though - the point is that anyone could take DD2 out in any car...and badges are issued by councils - the serial number on the new ones is hard to read.]

PixieOnaLeaf Sat 06-Nov-10 12:48:26

Message withdrawn

TrillianAstra Sat 06-Nov-10 12:50:06

Check with Sainsburys in case they have CCTV - if it looks like the same guy you can give a good description of him.

PenelopeGarcia Sat 06-Nov-10 12:50:45

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

southeastastra Sat 06-Nov-10 12:52:23

i know it's no help but if someone takes your registration takes theirs too

CocoPopsAddict Sat 06-Nov-10 12:52:31

YANBU. What disgusting behaviour on his part, even without the keying. Definitely ask about CCTV. Also report to police, giving date/time/place/as good a description as you can of what he looked like and what he was wearing and what he said.

You know, if he is stupid enough to try to report you to the DVLA, he may incriminate himself by giving them his details as part of the 'complaint'. It's a long-shot and may well get you nowhere, but you never know. You could always call them in a few days, tell them what happened, and ask if they've heard anything.

PixieOnaLeaf Sat 06-Nov-10 12:52:43

Message withdrawn

agedknees Sat 06-Nov-10 12:54:25

Phone the police, it is criminal damage.

Can you go back next week and see if you can see him (might be a creature of habit). You could get his car reg number (make sure he does not see you).

woopsidaisy Sat 06-Nov-10 12:56:05

Well,(zips up protective clothing)...I think he was an absolute arse.He had no right to talk to you like that. You have the badge,you are entitled to use it.
However on another tack,I do have a query about why you were using the space.I know you have a RIGHT to use the space,but it doesn't mean you HAVE to use the space.As a nurse,I have seen many severe asthma attacks,and I know how debilitating it can be.But your daughter was accompanying you shopping-maybe she was going to sit in the trolley.I don't know.But if she was feeling well enough,perhaps you should have left the space for someone else who was having a bad day?
A very close friend of mine has suffered terrible mental health illness for last few years.Regularly hospitalised.She gets offered a blue badge,but she has never accepted it.She says she does not need it.
I'm not saying you should not have it,just maybe use the spaces on the days/times it is essential.
I apologise if this has gone way off the mark.Obviously I don't know you,your daughter or the specifics of her illness.No offence meant.

sarah293 Sat 06-Nov-10 12:58:28

Message withdrawn

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