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to think this man was bloody rude...

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RobynLou Fri 05-Nov-10 10:30:51

sitting in a bus shelter were; a mum with a tiny baby in a sling, a mum with a toddler and a 6ish mo in a buggy, a heavily pg woman with a toddler and an elderly couple, there's a seat free in the middle of everyone in the little shelter. Along comes a young man, he sits in the spare seat and proceeds to light a cigarette. pg woman asks him if he could please smoke away from the shelter, he says in a confrontational way 'if you don't like it you can move, I'm allowed to smoke here'

he smoked the rest of his cigarette sitting down in an empty shelter.


Chil1234 Fri 05-Nov-10 10:32:31

A rude smoker claiming it's OK to pollute the atmosphere because it's 'allowed'? ... now there's a thing.... hmm

AnnieLobeseder Fri 05-Nov-10 10:34:08

Very rude. What a wanker. I'm an ex-smoker but like to think I was a considerate one.

mayorquimby Fri 05-Nov-10 10:34:40

I'm with him on this one.

Tidey Fri 05-Nov-10 10:36:36

It is rude and inconsiderate, but technicaly he's right, he is allowed to.

RobynLou Fri 05-Nov-10 10:36:51

he just absolutely did not give a toss about the rest of the people there, I was the pg woman and I felt like a pathetic moany idiot when he didn't move, it really shocked me.

TattyDevine Fri 05-Nov-10 10:38:18



TrillianAstra Fri 05-Nov-10 10:39:49

He is technically right. He could have phrased it more nicely but he is allowed to smoke there, he wasn't asking them to move, it's their choice to move or to stay.

StayFrosty Fri 05-Nov-10 10:40:23

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

StayFrosty Fri 05-Nov-10 10:40:56

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Ormirian Fri 05-Nov-10 10:42:17

I am guessing he's had a bad morning and he really needed that fag. He isn't allowed to smoke in many places and this is one where he is. And then someone comes along and asks him to move....

I am not a smoker but I can see his POV.

Sorry he upset you though.

GeruptaSingh Fri 05-Nov-10 10:42:40

our bus shelters are non-smoking

They all should be non-smoking because they are public places

AnnieLobeseder Fri 05-Nov-10 10:43:43

So fucking what if he was 'technically' right? I can't believe anyone is defending this! His behaviour was utterly selfish and morally wrong.

There's more to life than living up to the laws of the land. There's consideration for others and politeness and down and out respect. Even if we all live within the law, without respect and consideration there would still be anarchy.

RobynLou Fri 05-Nov-10 10:44:05

a crap choice though, esp the elderly couple and the mums with toddlers - move from where you've got the lo's settled and calm/are resting your creaky bones or have to breathe in stinky smoke, and smell for the rest of the day...
I'm not of the 'all smokers are evil' brigade, but I just think it's bloody rude to inflict on bystanders(sitters!) sort of like eating a hotdog right next to someone and dripping ketchup all over them!

Chil1234 Fri 05-Nov-10 10:44:05

The world is full of inconsiderate people. Try asking the bloke bellowing into his mobile behind you in the supermarket queue to stop shouting or the teenage girl swearing loudly in front of your small children to mind her language and you'll often get the same truculent response. Some peope just have no manners...

TotorosOcarina Fri 05-Nov-10 10:45:14

Surely a bus shelter is not an open spave though?

Its a confined public area for waitng for public transport so peoplke shouldn't be allowed to smoke in them!

TotorosOcarina Fri 05-Nov-10 10:45:27


RobynLou Fri 05-Nov-10 10:45:52

and fair enough he might've been gasping for the fag, but he could've v easily just loitered a few metres away.

HowsTheSerenity Fri 05-Nov-10 10:46:13

He does have the right to sit there. And you are probably sucking in more toxis fumes from the traffic then one cigarette but it would annoy me too. Majority rules in this case and he should have moved but he is obviously someone who has less manner then the average slug.

FindingGuysMojo Fri 05-Nov-10 10:48:16

wanker indeed. Yes he can legally smoke there but to sit there and blow smoke over young babies, toddlers, pregnant people and old people is repugnant. He could have easily stood outside the shelter to smoke which would have been the reasonable thing to do.

smoking in bus shelters one of my bug bears these days too. Yes it should be banned as clearly you can't rely on (all) smokers to behave considerately.

Where are you GeruptaSingh?

GeruptaSingh Fri 05-Nov-10 10:50:15


West Yorkshire

we have stickers on shelters saying no smoking

RobynLou Fri 05-Nov-10 10:51:03

thinking about it, if he'd been sat there first and was smoking, I wouldn't have thought twice, would've just stayed away until he'd finished, it was the way he sat right in the middle of everyone already settled there and upset our quiet rubbing along nicely-commenting-on-the-weather-ness

sallysunflower Fri 05-Nov-10 10:51:16


Let's play 'spot the smokers in this thread'

RobynLou Fri 05-Nov-10 10:52:54

I feel much better now I've had a rant about it - he'd got me right wound up!

FranSanDisco Fri 05-Nov-10 10:58:01

He is an arsehole and a smelly one at that if he smokes. All smokers stink wink poooooeeeee!!!! Sorry I am feeling childish. He was an arse though.

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