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Islamist protesters

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MoralDefective Thu 04-Nov-10 23:08:13

To think that the Judge should have charged them with contempt of court.
At the very least.
The woman had admitted to trying to murder an MP..
These people shouted abuse in court and intimidated a(female)muslim juror.
Who else would have been allowed to get away with this behaviour?

GypsyMoth Thu 04-Nov-10 23:10:11


MoralDefective Thu 04-Nov-10 23:13:57

Well thanks,i tried this on 'in the news', ages ago but got no replies.
Drove me nearly mad reading it in The Times today.

katkouta Thu 04-Nov-10 23:18:45

Link please?

Rhinestone Thu 04-Nov-10 23:25:30

Add intimidation of a juror to that too. Makes me sick that these people get away with their behaviour.

Integrate or emigrate.

(And before I get jumped on, I'd say the same to British expats living in France / Spain / insert country who only socialise with other Brits and can't speak the language).

earwicga Thu 04-Nov-10 23:27:27

You do know 'Islaminist' doesn't mean Muslim OP?

Who are 'these' people Rhinestone?

MoralDefective Thu 04-Nov-10 23:30:37

Sorry..don't know how to do links.
I have been following this in the papers.
She stabbed Stephen Timms,her MP because he had voted in favour of the Iraq war.
She is British born and bred although of Bangladeshi heritage.
Protesters shouted abuse in court and protested outside with placards that said..
'Islam will dominate the world'
'We Muslims demand the release of all Muslim captives'
They interrupted the sentencing shouting'British go to hell'etc...

Shouting in court by ANYONE would usually mean contempt of courtconfused

MoralDefective Thu 04-Nov-10 23:37:51

I think an Islamist is a Muslim whereas a Muslim is not necessarily an Islamist(Islamism being militantcy or fundamentalist)
In my dictionary anyway.

Rhinestone Thu 04-Nov-10 23:37:55

earwicga - In the context of the OP's post, 'these people' are radical Islamists (a phrase I use to distinguish them from Muslims) who make a mockery of our laws.

Like the people who protest at troops' homecoming parades, the radical preacher at the Finsbury Park mosque who used to preach that all Jews / gay people / Muslims who've converted should be killed and the recent charmer who said that no Muslim should wear a poppy.

And by the way, I'm very well aware that thousands of Muslims fought for, what was then, the British Empire in WW1 and WW2 and I wear a poppy as much for them as our British soldiers.

Baroness Warsi made this point very eloquently in the Question Time debate featuring Nick Griffin.

Pan Thu 04-Nov-10 23:38:08

No, lots of people shout defiance when a loved one gets sentenced, without being charged. This thread is about being nastily discrminatory towards people of the islamic faith.

happiestblonde Thu 04-Nov-10 23:43:10

Pan - no it isn't. It's about 'discriminating' against people who preach racism, hatred and act in contempt of court. Put The Guardian down and stop seeing any criticism of radical Islam as an attack on all Muslims.

MoralDefective Thu 04-Nov-10 23:46:03

No it's not, it's about what's fair in our courts and our society.
Intimidating jurors is not fair.
People may shout in defiance when loved ones get sentenced.
They don't usually go to court armed with placards.
They don't usually warn other MPs to 'watch their backs'
They don't usually interrupt the sentencing shouting 'British go to hell' and 'we curse the Judge'.

happiestblonde Thu 04-Nov-10 23:46:47

Agreed moraldefective

earwicga Thu 04-Nov-10 23:48:58

'Shouting in court by ANYONE would usually mean contempt of court'

Does it though? As Pan says, it's not rare.

Lots of people make a mockery of our laws.

Here's the blogpost from a 'muppet' who doesn't wear a poppy: wear-poppy_07.html Don't know if it is 'the muppet' you refer to but it is a well thought out position which I respect.

Personally I don't think there was anything to protest in the case in the OP. There is a lot of context though.

Rhinestone Thu 04-Nov-10 23:49:14

Thank you happiestblond - you wrote exactly what I wanted to say!

I'm a Christian and the Ku Klux Klan claim to be Christians too; saying slavery is ordained in the Bible.

KKK is to Christians what 'Islamism' is to Muslims.

earwicga Thu 04-Nov-10 23:54:04

And the tea party Rhinestone. A term I see often is Christianist to describe them. I think the straightforward bigot describes them better.

Rhinestone Thu 04-Nov-10 23:57:07

earwicga - completely agree with you re some elements of the Tea Party; a good example. I was using the KKK as the most extreme one I could think of.

Given Christ's approximately 272 exhortations to help the poor and his numerous miracles healing the sick, I'd love to ask the 'Christians' of the Tea Party why they're opposed to universal health care!

But that's a whole other thread! grin

MoralDefective Thu 04-Nov-10 23:58:45

Why is it alright to call them bigots and not to say the same about Islamists?

earwicga Fri 05-Nov-10 00:07:54

Sorry I gave that impression MoralDefective. Same there too.

Pan Fri 05-Nov-10 00:09:09


FWIW i don't read the guardian newspaper.

I do though hsve a sense of perspective. The OP was asking about a potential conptempt of court charge. I said no, as lots of people get irate when loved ones get sentenced, without being charged.

This thread is about much wider stuff, i.e. hatred of muslims. It could hsve been about Irish people 15 years ago, for instance.

MoralDefective Fri 05-Nov-10 00:17:31

NO IT'S NOT about hatred of Muslims(people).
It's about abusing our judicial system and insulting our country and intimidating Jurors.
It's about attempted murder for religious reasons and people who think this can be justified by religion.
I didn't read this in the Guardian either.

Rhinestone Fri 05-Nov-10 00:18:12

Pan, get off your high horse and actually read the posts. No-one here is expressing any hatred of Muslims and we're taking great pains to clarify what we mean by 'Islamists'.

Pan Fri 05-Nov-10 00:25:48

Sorry MD, it is about hatred of others. Your second line of your post reveals that. "Insulting our country" is a massive over reaction to the protests of people who are not like you.

She should have been sentenced, as she was. But the contempt of court argument for the people in support of her is risible.

Pan Fri 05-Nov-10 00:28:19

rhine - no high horse involved here.
Read the thread, thanks. I see the issues, and express an opinion. ta.

Rhinestone Fri 05-Nov-10 00:29:49

Pan, they intimidated a woman juror. How is that ok?

At no point has MD revealed hatred for the sake of hatred towards people who aren't like her. She's just said that their behaviour is unacceptable and they should be charged for it.

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