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to want a real fur coat

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choufleur Sun 24-Oct-10 20:32:22

I don't me made from baby seals or anything endangered but a rabbit one maybe.

I eat rabbit, so can't see the problem with wearing a coat made from a by product.

<<I'm donning my hard hat now>>

BellasFormerFriend Sun 24-Oct-10 20:33:55

On some levels I agree, leather is a by product and we have no worries about using it...of course there is no way I could actually wear one so on that note YABU sorry!

BooBooImpaledOnBrokenGlass Sun 24-Oct-10 20:34:08

I have no problem with vintage fur. It's already there, the deed is done. But a brand new coat? YABU. And so says a hypocritical meat eating leather wearer

nickytwotimes Sun 24-Oct-10 20:34:45

get a good fake one

SpookyNoise Sun 24-Oct-10 20:35:00

Is leather a by-product? Or is it different animals bred for different qualities?

CerealOffender Sun 24-Oct-10 20:35:16

why do you want one? they are hardly practical unless you live in teh artic.

choufleur Sun 24-Oct-10 20:36:33

Cos they are warm and cosy. Fake ones are not as warm.

Awitch Sun 24-Oct-10 20:37:51

i don't mind vintage, personally. my grandma had a couple, am thinking of asking my mum for them... but i seriously wonder if i would have the balls to wear them. hmm

TheProfiteroleThief Sun 24-Oct-10 20:38:11

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

pastaplease Sun 24-Oct-10 20:38:22

YABVVVU. Fur is absolutely disgusting.

Animals are bred in terrible conditions (or even wild-caught) for fur coats.

It's a disgrace. It's illegal to farm animals for fur in this country because it's ethically wrong!

nickytwotimes Sun 24-Oct-10 20:38:27

well, stick a jumper on too them


it's never cold enough in this country to require fur.

choufleur Sun 24-Oct-10 20:42:03

Would you have the balls to wear one TheProfiterolethief?

BubsMaw Sun 24-Oct-10 20:42:39

I already have a rabbit trimmed coat, and I love it, the rabbit was meat byproduct from farmed rabbits in France. I do feel self conscious wearing it though as I know what some others think of fur. In my mind though it is no different to wearing a leather coat/belt/shoes etc.

Will be watching this thread with interest!

TiggyD Sun 24-Oct-10 20:42:49

If the rabbits will get eaten for a rabbit coat, fine. Just like leather.

pastaplease Sun 24-Oct-10 20:42:53

It's not just the way the animals are farmed that makes the wearing of fur inexcusable, it's the way they're killed too - electrocuted, strangled and blugeoned. Many are skinned for the fur while they're still alive. angry

SpookyNoise Sun 24-Oct-10 20:44:30

I thought that too, pastaplease. It's to do with keeping a blood supply to the skin for as long as possible.

AMumInScotland Sun 24-Oct-10 20:44:58

pastaplease - why "or even wild-caught" as being a bad thing? I'd have said a wild-caught animal was "better" than one kept in captivity surely?

choufleur Sun 24-Oct-10 20:45:09

Animals killed for meat are electrocuted and have their throats slit. Killing things is not pleasant but I do eat meat and I skin the rabbits DH shoots on local farms.

pastaplease Sun 24-Oct-10 20:45:59

Most rabbit fur is from Rex rabbits which are not also bred for meat.

SpookyNoise Sun 24-Oct-10 20:46:11

I'm sure the rabbits used for fur aren't used for meat though.

TheProfiteroleThief Sun 24-Oct-10 20:46:22

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SpookyNoise Sun 24-Oct-10 20:46:31

I have a pet Rex rabbit.

southeastastra Sun 24-Oct-10 20:46:35

my mate from czech republic used to think it was hilarious that i was so anti-fur, though was probably very cold there.

if you genuinely need one to keep warm (if you're an eskimo maybe) then i can see why they're work - as a fashion item it's just seen as vulgar innit

southeastastra Sun 24-Oct-10 20:47:12

do you really spooky? they are lush really velvetty

zenon Sun 24-Oct-10 20:47:24

Any woman in a fur coat looks at least 20 years older than they are.

Why would you want to do that.?

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