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to want my DC to only have wooden toys? (Or is this a case of PFB Syndrome?)

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LovestoLove Wed 20-Oct-10 16:18:21

I don't think I'm generally PFB - I want my child to respect adults, eat with no fussing/faddiness (or at least no reaction on my part), have no quibbles about the step, won't give copious amounts of juice/biscuits, won't give into tantrums, etc.

But I really have a thing about the bucket loads of plastic toys that I fall over when at friends' homes.

I love wooden toys/puzzles, books, cloth dolls, make-believe things, fancy dress, etc.

Is it totally unreasonable of me to ask parents, in-laws, and anyone else who's expressed interest in getting a baby gift to get something wooden/natural? I know wooden toys are generally seen as more expensive but I've found some on Ebay and other sites that aren't bad.

Or am I going to be seen as crazy? I'm 30 weeks pregnant by the way with DC1. grin

LovestoLove Wed 20-Oct-10 16:18:52

Oh and have namechanged in case everyone throws something at me.

thighsmadeofcheddar Wed 20-Oct-10 16:19:33

Good luck with all that grin

LovestoLove Wed 20-Oct-10 16:20:04

Oh dear. Is it really that unreasonable of a request? sad

brimfull Wed 20-Oct-10 16:20:18


magicmummy1 Wed 20-Oct-10 16:20:44

YANBU. But you will eventually give up on this and allow the plastic to invade your happens to all of us!

Concordia Wed 20-Oct-10 16:20:47

i love wooden toys, it's just a shame my DCs prefer the plastic ones.....

ConnorTraceptive Wed 20-Oct-10 16:21:05

YABU grown ups love nostalgic wooden toys kids love plastic tat

scurryfunge Wed 20-Oct-10 16:21:06

You can certainly try but if your child ever plays with other children, goes to nursery or watches tv, then you know what he/she will prefer?

AreYouAFreudOfTheDark Wed 20-Oct-10 16:21:18

I think a range is best... wooden stuff gets damaged easily (teethmarks!)

there's lots of toys that aren't really available in wood.

YANBU to feel that, but in the nicest possible way, get over it wink

Fel1x Wed 20-Oct-10 16:21:47

The thing is though -the toys are not for you grin
You may love cloth books and wooden toys but I guarantee that your child will LOVE plastic tat and as you will love your child more than you hate plastic tat, thats what your child will end up having!
Plus plastic is easy to clean as a bonus. If you've got a child slobbering cold germs on the toys or being sick etc then plastic ones will be a lot more hygenic than wooden!

MakemineaGandT Wed 20-Oct-10 16:21:57

Oh hahahahahaha! Read this in a couple of years and you will cringe!!!

MrsC2010 Wed 20-Oct-10 16:22:28

YANBU to want that, but you would BU to insiston/expect it. I feel the same to a degree, but am now aware that a lot of the toys that appeal to/stimulate little ones are by their nature bright etc, and most of them tend to be plastic! At the end of the day, which will your child prefer more? That's the more important question.

Sassybeast Wed 20-Oct-10 16:22:35

You are officially allowed to blame the hormones wink

reup Wed 20-Oct-10 16:22:59

It's sad you can't judge a toy on it's merit rather than it's material. It seems very shallow. I have met someone else who actually called over to their son to only play with the wooden toys at a playgroup. Unfortunately our sons go to the same school and she is possibly one of those most irritating pretentious people I have ever met.

TheProvincialLady Wed 20-Oct-10 16:23:16

Your house is going to be invaded by a lot worse than plastic. Fear not the plastic. Fear the poo.

maryz Wed 20-Oct-10 16:23:38

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

AnakisT Wed 20-Oct-10 16:23:54

I love wooden toys.....much nicer.

But you need to prepare yourself for your house to be invaded by plastic tat.

No-one can escape.

<bitter experiance>

LovestoLove Wed 20-Oct-10 16:23:55

LOL Fel - yes indeed the toys are not for me!

I am fully prepared to let said child indulge in plastic at the many playgroups I pan to go to wink or other people's homes, I just feel like if you let one or two in, then it's a deluge.

Thinking about it now, it's mostly the colour-coded crap I hate - if we have a girl, I expect every toy we get to be pink, and vice-versa for boys. Wooden toys are so lovely and asexual grin.

clemetteattlee Wed 20-Oct-10 16:23:56

It is not unreasonable. In fact it is a feeling that plenty of people have before they have children. And then their children are born and are drawn to the noisiest, brashest, most colourful piece of tat and your house will be as full of plastic as the rest of ours are.

I remember saying confidently that we would confine the toys to one small basket in the corner of the dining room ... last year we had an extension to house the accumulated plastic of two (I am currently looking at the plastic kitchen, buggies, craft table, seesaw, ELC piano, scooters, ball runs, garage, playdoh etc etc etc)

IWouldNotCouldNotWithAGoat Wed 20-Oct-10 16:24:02


That's a good one.

Suggest you re-read this in 3 years' time!

ThighsWideShitItsAGhost Wed 20-Oct-10 16:24:22

Wishing you all the best there then!

Don't think you can put in requests as to what people buy for you. You can hide the plastic toot that people buy for you, but like a previous poster said, your house will fill with junk and resemble a jumble sale quicker than you can say "No, dear, this one doesn't need batteries." !!! wink

CrazyPlateLady Wed 20-Oct-10 16:24:39


Don't bother. Children love the plastic toys. I don't get this snobbiness about them tbh, there is nothing wrong with plastic toys.

Yes the wooden ones look lovely but they are over priced and won't get played with half as much.

LovestoLove Wed 20-Oct-10 16:25:03

Oh and those horrible noise-making toys. Could I at least stipulate nothing that requires batteries or sings? <hopeful emoticon>

AScaryFuckingLemonadeDrinker Wed 20-Oct-10 16:25:05


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