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to petition for divorce from my husband because...

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Stropzilla Sun 24-Oct-10 22:04:17

My dad thinks I'm odd for loving Star Wars. I tell him HE'S the odd one for not liking one of the most popular films of all time.

CaptainNancy Sun 24-Oct-10 19:55:08

Matt Smith is a little too young for me...
I'm afraid I prefer the 5th doctor actually... blush

<<shudder>> at Dune though... 1 of the few books I've been unable to read.

thomsc Sat 23-Oct-10 03:57:54

My mistake, not Mr Smith, but still, stirling work.

thomsc Sat 23-Oct-10 03:56:36

I heard that Kevin Smith did an edit of Phantom Menace without Jar Jar... the whole film. The man deserves a knighthood for that.

HobbitMama Fri 22-Oct-10 23:29:08

Ha! Not only do we know rather too much about SW (my DH is a video editor - does that excuse us?) but we're also musicians as well - do we get double geeky nerd points? I would never obviously do anything so heinous as to play over Buffy - ESPECIALLY not the musical.
My other half probably would over Stargate though, just to spite me. Definitely if it was Desperate Housewives. But then I'd get him back by playing over Dr Who (old ones only, of course!)
Nerdyface - am intrigued to know the outcome of all this - and why do you have to be tortured with it if she's the one who debatedly needs to see it?
Now that lovely Matt Smith, would he be the husband you were looking for, CaptainNancy?

MrsClaud Fri 22-Oct-10 20:07:44

I went out with a bloke once who claimed that Dune was better than Star Wars- needless to say the relationship didn't last much longer!

TrillianSlasher Fri 22-Oct-10 16:36:20

Return? The clue is in the title, Return can't be the first one!

VampireBatsInTheBloodyglobe Wed 20-Oct-10 23:17:51

lol @ NerdyFace.

Jar Jar needs shooting!

SpanishLady my DP never cooks thankfully, he's the only person i know who can burn the outside of a pizza while the middle is still frozen! I told him to cook the other night and he brought me a peperami and bit of cheese. He'd starve without me, we both would!
I'm mean, if it's not in the wash basket it doesn't get washed! grin

SpanishLady Wed 20-Oct-10 13:09:59

ha! how about my husband who has taken 2 weeks holiday as he is tired and needs some time off before the baby comes (our 1st is due in December) - but no cant make dinner or do house work while he is off and I am working as "I'm on holiday and suppose to be relaxing" - who can throw his pants over to the laundry basket but not put them actually into it and who told me it is not possible to buy silver plug sockets because the one shop he tried didnt have any in stock - what do I mean he needs to go to the B&Q in the NEXT town????

CaptainNancy Wed 20-Oct-10 13:05:31

Rofl @ katey!

NestaFiesta Wed 20-Oct-10 10:08:09

You know when Jar Jar gets his tongue electrocuted in Phantom Menace? that's how I was talking on gas and air.

lollipopshoes Wed 20-Oct-10 09:30:12

dp is very proud of the fact that he has never seen any star wars films.



NerdyFace Wed 20-Oct-10 09:29:13


If she comes out the other side "Wow, the Jedi are allright, but Jar Jar was amazing"

I'm going to pull out my little "Men In Black" mind wipe stick and she's going to wake up in eastern europe tied to tramp!

Olifin Wed 20-Oct-10 09:26:45

I have not watched any Star Wars films. I think I may have seen a bit of one of them when I was little. Is that wrong?

FranknCock Wed 20-Oct-10 09:26:19

I hope you have a secret plan to dump her if she comes out the other side saying 'oh that Jar Jar was most amusing'. Dumping, or possibly electric shock treatment?

NerdyFace Wed 20-Oct-10 09:18:41

She has a lot of stuff to make up for that!

But gotta be honest, When she told me that. We needed a long talk, a lot was said, we cried, screamed, hugged.

In the end I still have to watch "The Phantom F'ing Menace" mind

FranknCock Wed 20-Oct-10 09:08:37

NerdyFace, you must get rid, immediately.

NerdyFace Wed 20-Oct-10 08:57:59


"IT'S A TRAP!!!"

You think you have it bad, not only has my partner never seen ANY of the star wars films, she wants to watch "Phantom Menace" first because "Jar-Jar looks awesome..."


Bucketcrutch Wed 20-Oct-10 02:20:05

MY husband loves GLEE, do you think I should be worried? I think thats a thread on its own!!!!

Katey1010 Wed 20-Oct-10 02:06:29

This is not the husband you were looking for.

VampireBatsInTheBloodyglobe Tue 19-Oct-10 23:36:11

Think yourself lucky CaptainNancy my DP hasn't even seen all of Star Wars and when i quote mention the characters he doesn't know what I mean! hmm
AND he's never watched Buffy, didn't even enjoy the musical episode i forced him to watch! shock


FranknCock Tue 19-Oct-10 23:31:48



Goblinchild Tue 19-Oct-10 23:27:34

Mine is a musician. He used to wander in and play over the top of Star Trek and Buffy.
Why he still lives I do not know.
YANBU grin

CaptainNancy Tue 19-Oct-10 23:25:44

He wasn't sure which of the Star Wars Boxed set was the first ("Is it Return of the Jedi?") shock

admittedly he has trouble reading (is dyslexic)... but really?

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