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...wanting a birthing pool

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Katey1010 Sun 10-Oct-10 19:18:54

This is my first post so please be nice... The reason I am doing this now is because DH has suggested posting to break a stalemate. This is our first baby and I am very nervous about the birth. DH has agreed to try for a home birth and have a midwife (I'm in Canada so you get a midwife or a doctor, not both). This is even though he was nervous about anything apart from a hospital baby! He has been supportive, wonderful and does EVERYTHING around the house. He wants me to make it very plain that he is not a git!!! BTW, he is wonderful.

So, I love the water, swimming and baths. I have always had baths when in pain and/or upset. I want to get a birthing pool because it feels like it might help with pain/distress in labour. I know that it may not and I may end up at the hospital anyway. I'm very flexible about going to the hospital if I need to and DH knows this.

DH feels that a birthing pool is an expensive waste of money. He doesn't think it will be the magical labour aid I think it will be. The real sticking point is that the only place for the pool is in the basement, which he spent 9 months renovating. He spent every spare moment down there and it is lovely with expensive hardwood flooring. He is really worried that water ("dirty placenta water") will splash all over the floor, get underneath, cause hellish mold and damp and I will end up at the hospital anyway.

So, he has deferred to me about everything else and feels that he deserves a vote but I feel that since I am the one that is actually giving birth, I get the birth I want to plan.

What do you think?

nannyl Sun 10-Oct-10 19:25:13

you should have the birthing pool you want.

IM not even pg yet and already plan to have a hypno home birthing pool birth, and there is nothing OH can do to pursade me otherwise, (though he isnt trying to change my mind and supports me and is happy to go along with what I want as it me who will be giving birth!)

Poogles Sun 10-Oct-10 19:27:23

We had a birth pool in a box. Relatively inexpensive. You can get a pump which pumps the water out when you have finished - watered the garden!! Pools are very sturdy!!! Would 100% recommend it! Labour wad really relaxed (watched dirty dancing while relaxing in pool). DH had pool emptied and all cleared away in the time it took me to have a shower!! Good luck!

rubyslippers Sun 10-Oct-10 19:29:03

You can hire them in the uk so assume you could in Canada

Fwiw, I loved my water birth and it made my labour and delivery very quick

You, as the person giving birth should have the ultimate say in how you would like to birth your baby

Also, the water stays in the pool - I didn't really splash any water anywhere

You can always put plenty of plastic sheeting down under the pool

People use them in their carpeted living rooms too

Katey1010 Sun 10-Oct-10 19:32:14

Thanks for all this. I like the idea of Dirty Dancing!

Haliborange Sun 10-Oct-10 19:33:56

He gets a vote, yes, but your views are more important I think.

Pools are not a waste of money. I didn't get my WBAC but spent my whole labour at home fantasising about the water and was happy as anything once I got in (for about 3 minutes, until they made me get out). Point is, though, if water relaxes you it may do that tenfold when you're in labour. It may not. You don't know, but it shouldn't be dismissed if it will make you feel positively about the birth.

As for the flooring, pools are sturdy but anyway, do you think he has only raised this as an issue because he'd prefer not to have a homebirth? If he really is concerned about placenta water, buy a few lengths of that cheap plastic tablecloth. Put it plastic side down (i.e. cloth side up) and the pool on it. Problem solved.

Katey1010 Sun 10-Oct-10 19:37:46

He has agreed to the home birth but is still nervous about it. I am on the old side (38) and not great with pain! The tablecloth idea is genius.

cory Sun 10-Oct-10 19:38:36

I think you should have the birthing pool (and I speak as someone who couldn't wait to get into hospital to give birth)

you can cover the floor with plastic- that is such a non-issue

EveWasFramed72 Sun 10-Oct-10 19:42:40

My birth pool in a box was set up in a spare bedroom that had brand new carpeting, and not a drop spilled! The pools are deep and lovely, and it was so soothing and relaxing...I wasn't in it that long...mayber 30 minutes tops, but it made baby slide out easier, and I was so chilled out, it didn't take much effort to push.

The floor will be fine. We had a big blue tarpaulin underneath, and lots of towels surrounding. We even had a fish tank heater to get the water up to temperature before I got in!

Go for it...and good luck!

NotAnotherBrick Sun 10-Oct-10 19:48:38

Sorry, Katey's DH, but I think that SINBU!

I have had four babies. All at home; all in water. The water is a massive aid to a more comfortable labour. Not only does it help the pain, but it helps you move easily, which is very important to help labour along. It also is very good at creating the space a woman needs to labour effectively because it becomes her private space. If you want to get in too, you can (my DH did with three of mine - and caught the first three babies as they were born...I caught the fourth). It feels safe to a woman who likes water, and feeling safe is good for the progression of labour.

Babies born in water are often more peaceful when they're born (except for my DD2, but she had some other issues that I won't go into here!).

Mess? Well, you just stick a massive tarpaulin on the floor, with lots of towels on top, and then the pool...but we didn't even need that really. The pools are very well made and designed not to burst or leak, obviously!

We hired one the first two times, with a heater and tablets so you can put the water in and keep it there and warm for 7 days. Last two times we didn't have the space to do that...and had we bought a birth-pool-in-a-box, which worked out far cheaper and was far more comfortable.


choufleur Sun 10-Oct-10 19:51:41

Water is wonderful. It doesn't stop the pain but made everything so much more bearable, particularly as it helps to support your weight and stops your legs and arms aching so much.

Just put stuff on the floor to stop the water going on teh floor.

rastababi Sun 10-Oct-10 19:54:09

YANBU, I think you should get one. With all respect to your DH, it won't him that will be in labour or giving birth!

Like you, I love water and I had water births on both DC, and for me, it was the most amazing experience of my life.

At least give it a go, sounds like you may regret it if you don't.

Katey1010 Sun 10-Oct-10 19:56:53

Thanks everyone. I do like the idea and since everyone is saying that they shouldn't leak, hopefully DH will feel less worried about his floor. I really love the fish tank heater idea! I will let him digest all the posts after we get back from the baby shop (looking at costs) and hope that he feels happier. NotAnotherBrick - four water babies grin fantastic!

morethanasong Sun 10-Oct-10 20:01:27

I couldn't have had a homebirth without a pool, so YANBU! If cost is an issue you could maybe look into hiring a pool, or maybe your mw or doula (if you have one) has one that you could borrow.

I don't think birth pools are particularly messy... in fact, they contain the mess really. We put mine on a waterproof sheet to protect the floor and used old towels to mop up any splashes. Do have a plan for how you will empty it though! My doula ended up emptying mine with a bucket... it took a long time!

camerondiazepam Sun 10-Oct-10 20:01:56

Another vote for getting the pool here. My second birth was at home and I didn't get a pool, mainly for the reasons your DH suggests but also because I wasn't sure I'd be able to go through it all at home and therefore thought it would be a waste of cash. So I gave birth to my DD2 in the bath. Because the bath isn't really wide enough I couldn't a) get really comfortable or b) get in a good position to labour and ended up with a very bad tear and having to transfer in to hospital anyway.


(Oh, and good luck!)

thisisyesterday Sun 10-Oct-10 20:05:40

you are the one giving birth, and you need it to be as calm and relaxing as possible.

if a birth pool helps you achieve that then you shoul dhav eone

i have had 2 homebirths and had a pool both times

there was NO mess at all. not a bit. no water, no blood, nothing

the midwives were incredibly good at making sure i always had an inco pad underneath me, and we covered the area with cheap shower curtains and towels.

if he's more concerned about his floor getting splashed on there is something wrong with him!!!!

FrameyMcFrame Sun 10-Oct-10 20:14:29

You are the one giving birth, it's your choice.

He is being unreasonable and you should show him this thread.

TheButterflyEffect Sun 10-Oct-10 20:20:14

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Bue Sun 10-Oct-10 20:25:05

You are the one pushing a baby out. You basically get to call the shots.

He sounds like he's being very supportive overall, but probably just doesn't realize how soothing water birth can be. I'm just like you - love water, love baths - so I understand how it feels so important to have a water birth. There is no way in hell I would forego a pool.

Could your midwife explain the benefits to him if he's able to get to your next appt?

JumpJockey Sun 10-Oct-10 20:25:26

I had a bassine birth pool in our house on wooden floors, there was no spilling but we put loads of old towels down as well just in case (do you have freecycle where you are? I got them from there). It was great, I got in when the contractions were quite hard and immediately felt better, stayed in until after the placenta was delivered and only got out then. It was fab grin and am hoping for the same with dd2 in 4 months.

The only thing I'd check out first would be access for water - do you have a loo/bathroom in the basement with decent taps and drain access? If not it could be tricky to get the pool filled and emptied. If you do, then absolutely go for it!

Hedgeblunder Sun 10-Oct-10 20:28:19

They're not for me personally- I get really agitated if the water gets too cool!
Buuut, if that's how youfeel most comfertable then that's what you should do.
I can understand your dh being nervous, the idea of not being in a hospital is my worst nightmare!
I think it would be a good idea for him to chat to the midwife and ask all the questions he has,

Mishy1234 Sun 10-Oct-10 20:32:24

We had the small birth pool in a box.

I was very surprised at the lack of mess. We had a tarpaulin underneath with plenty of towels around (we have carpets).

I ended up transferring to hospital (not progressing), so don't have any experience of giving birth in or out of the water at home, but for the first part of labour (about 14hrs in my case), it was invaluable. I have no doubt I wouldn't have lasted as long at home if I hadn't had it.

I would say that you should go for it. Just make sure you have plenty of towels and you should be fine.

perfumedlife Sun 10-Oct-10 20:36:53

The birthing pool is fantastic. I had it, albeit in hospital. Really does help with the pain.

I don't really see that this is anything to do with dh. Yes it's his home too, and his child, but this is your body, and your labour and your pain, your body.

The water is not an issue, there are all sorts of things to stop mess.

LionsAreScary Sun 10-Oct-10 21:22:34

A pool is (whilst not magical) an extremely useful labour aid. I'd highly recommend.

After a horrid experience first time round, I have since had two home births and used a pool both times. I didn't give birth in the water either time, but used it as pain relief. It helps a great deal to support your weight as you kneel / squat, the warmth eases the pain, the warmth and water helps to prevent you tearing etc. I don't think I'd have managed a SVD with DS2 had I not had a pool because he was back to back and it was a very long labour.

Home births are very mess free (contrary to many preconceptions) and in any case our pool came with a strong plastic sheet to protect the floor from drips and splashes.

MrsC2010 Sun 10-Oct-10 21:30:16


I used the birthing pool in the midwife led unit, loved it. DH's role was keeping the temp warm (my own pool boy!) and massaging the bottom of my back during contractions. It was so relaxing I was nodding off between contractions too.

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