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Cost of a babysitter

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CostOfABabysitter Mon 04-Oct-10 16:42:10

AIBU to think that a babysitter would be reasonably priced.

I have contacted a local babysitter to care for my 3 under 4's and was shock at the price. She is OFSTED registered, first aid trained, my children know her, and has had several years experience in the childcare field.

TrillianAstra Mon 04-Oct-10 16:43:26

What do you think would be a reasonable price?

NinjaChipmunk Mon 04-Oct-10 16:44:19

what was she charging per hour?

CostOfABabysitter Mon 04-Oct-10 16:45:09

I was thinking £20 for the night?

TrillianAstra Mon 04-Oct-10 16:45:54

Think of it this way - how much would you want to be paid to look after 3 children under 4 (who are not yours)? And you might not even be Ofsted registered or first aid trained.

TrillianAstra Mon 04-Oct-10 16:46:42

Ha. You could possibly get a local teenager for £20 for the night, if the children were in bed when they arrived.

lal123 Mon 04-Oct-10 16:46:44

what - ALL night? How long is a night? I'd pay my neice £20 for a short night babysitting - I imagine someone ofsted registered etc would be more?

taintedpaint Mon 04-Oct-10 16:46:45

£20 for the night?! Seriously?! How many hours are you actually thinking of btw?

mrtumblewhereareyou Mon 04-Oct-10 16:47:00

depends how long the night is! she seems well qualified.

bigstripeytiger Mon 04-Oct-10 16:47:14

I would expect £20 for 3 hours or less. More if it was for longer.

emsyj Mon 04-Oct-10 16:47:36

I would think £20 for the night for a teenager to sit with the children after they've gone to bed is reasonable, but for a professional sitter with experience I would imagine it would cost a lot more - certainly a decent hourly rate - and more than I would be willing or able to pay!

alicet Mon 04-Oct-10 16:48:05

We pay £6 an hour for a girl who works in our sons nursery to babysit (so has all similar qualifications to yours). So for being out for 4 hours for an evening we pay £25 or for 3 hours £20 (we round up to nearest £5)

Similar threads on here though this seems to depend on where you live. We are in North-east - this would be cheap for London

yellowflowers Mon 04-Oct-10 16:48:18

I used to get £5 an hour 17 years ago for looking after one under 4. Was a great rate but am a bit shock if rates have gone down not up

frakkinnakkered Mon 04-Oct-10 16:53:05

If you think about it that's not even minimum wage. I wouldn't be bothered to go out for £20 a night after petrol etc any more.

If you want someone checked, trained and experienced who is capable of dealing with virtually anything that might be thrown at them you need to pay professional rates.

A local teen would do it for £20 a night, but then you weigh up the fact you're not paying a premium for their experience and knowledge.

BonniePrinceBilly Mon 04-Oct-10 16:55:24

If she's qualified and registered she's not a girl, alicet. Bloody insulting.

OP, can't you find a monkey you could pay with peanuts?

TheFallenMadonna Mon 04-Oct-10 16:59:11

I don't pay a premium for experience and knowledge. I pay my teenage neighbour to sit on my sofa instead of his secure in the knowledge that in the unlikely event of an emergency, his mum would come round and sort it out. I pay between £10 and £20 depending on how long we are out, and whether he has to put the children to bed. You get what you pay for. I'm happy with what I get, but if you start asking a professional, you will have to pay more.

alicet Mon 04-Oct-10 17:02:30

Bonnyprincebilly personally I don't find 'girl' insulting at all. I consider myself a girl and I am a 37 year old surgeon married with a mortgage and 2 children. No need to be rude thanks.

BonniePrinceBilly Mon 04-Oct-10 17:04:55

I like being rude. And I think girl is demeaning.

asdx2 Mon 04-Oct-10 17:16:10

I pay neighbour's dd £6 per hour rounded up to the nearest fiver. She's 16 and in sixth form however I prefer to use my older children who do it for free grin

CostOfABabysitter Mon 04-Oct-10 17:46:03

I just looked at the sitters website - and they're charging £5.80 confused

Mumcah Mon 04-Oct-10 17:51:24

I pay £6 an hour,and she charges the same for 1 or 2 children.

taintedpaint Mon 04-Oct-10 18:48:40

Where's the problem? Are you so tight you won't stretch to £5.80 for a qualified babysitter? hmm

Blondeshavemorefun Mon 04-Oct-10 19:32:49

£20 for the night hmm

i charge £10ph and charge minimum of 4hrs regardless if i am used for all of the 4hrs and i get lots of work

you have 3 under 4, so tbh hard work - a babysitter is there to look after your children while they are asleep and you are out - yes generally they will stay asleep and the babysitter will probably sit on your sofa watching tv


what if one/all 3 wake up/are sick etc

that is what you are paying for - peace of mind IF something happens

the saying ,if you pay peanuts you get a monkey rings a bellgrin

ragged Mon 04-Oct-10 19:35:31

And this is part of why we never go out!

OhCobblers Mon 04-Oct-10 21:21:25

highly recommend sitters.
DH and i were out for dinner one evening, and got a call (just as we'd finished eating fortunately grin) to say that DC1 had been sick in bed.

Got home pretty quickly to find him lying on the sofa next to babysitter, who had changed his nappy, PJs, bedding and sponged him down.

she was worth a lot more than we pay through sitters - she obviously got extra from us that night too.

pay peanuts, get monkeys - never a truer saying.

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