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to think that Ross was in the wrong not Rachel? That Emily wasn't an absolute cow? Please can we have an old school friends debate?!

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MandyMcFly Sat 02-Oct-10 13:53:41


Just been watching friends...and it's been a long time since I have had a truly deep and meaningful debate about it haha.

Emily - after her and Ross split for good they acted like she was a complete bitch. Well, no actually...Ross said Rachel's name at the wedding, but she went ahead with the service. Then decided to give him another chance and went to the airport to see Ross leaving for their honeymoon with Rachel, but she still was willing to give him another chance on the conditions that he didn't see Rachel anymore. Now I know that obviously they couldn't have had Ross not seeing Rachel, but Emily wasn't actually unreasonable was she? From her point obviously it wasn't a lot to ask and she was very fair giving so many chances, right?! grin

And what does everybody think about the 'We Were On A Break!!' thing?

[thinks about things too much emoticon]

Now, no spoiling my fun, telling me to get a life please. wink grin

Indaba Sat 02-Oct-10 14:19:25

Thank God, a proper interesting thread on Mumsnet at last.....about proper important stuff. Loving it.

My problem with it all was I can't bear the actress that played delighted when it all ent t**s up.

And is there anyone in te whole world who thinks Ross was in the wrong.....he as absolutely on a break!


Thanks OP for bringing all this back.

PS If you liked Friends did you ever see Coupling?.....pretty good too!

hocuspontas Sat 02-Oct-10 14:19:51

In order my favourites


StealthPolarBear Sat 02-Oct-10 14:20:11

Yes I got the holiday armadillo comment

StealthPolarBear Sat 02-Oct-10 14:20:55

Favourite episode is where Emily breaks up with Ross by phone, and he turns round to find Joey doing comedy smiles at him

StealthPolarBear Sat 02-Oct-10 14:21:40

ooh can I add Charlie into the mix? I always thought she was very good for Ross, or was she too much better than him?

HitGirlGrownUp Sat 02-Oct-10 14:21:40

Ok, in order


HitGirlGrownUp Sat 02-Oct-10 14:23:15

I liked Tag, too, he was so cute.

And the one was Alec Baldwin was sooooo funny too.

Favourite scene I think though ever was when Ross bought the new sofa "pivot, PIVOT, PIVOT!"

thumbwitch Sat 02-Oct-10 14:24:29

I liked Chandler - Ross annoyed me, so did Monica. I would have had troubles being friends with Monica, I think.

Ross - on a break, it was only one day FGS!! Shouldn't have done it so soon, give it a while at least.

Emily - went psychobitch but seriously, who can blame her. She shouldn't have continued with the marriage but she was in shock, she wouldn't have known what to do, so reverted to "stiff upper lip" mode, carry on regardless, that kind of thing. Payback was bitchy but understandable.

Ben went into TVChildland, where all the babies/children go when they are inconvenient to the storyline. Bit like Oscar in Easties - he spent a lot of time there (going back a couple of years there...)

PDog Sat 02-Oct-10 14:24:43

They were on a break - Ross only slept with someone else because he thought Rachel was with Mark.

Yes, Ross was in the wrong BUT Emily should have never married him and when she turned up at the airport and saw him leaving with Rachel, she should have run for the hills.

I like Monica with Chandler. They are totally right for each other, unlike Rachel and Joey which was just plain stupid.

Mike definitely. David was too geeky, they would have been "the wierd couple".

<Friends saddo emoticon>

Francagoestohollywood Sat 02-Oct-10 14:25:24

They were on a break! Yes, Ross was technically right, but he went to bed with the photocopies girl 15 minutes after breaking up... so... Rachel was right to be pissed off with him.

Emily wasn't being unreasonable, no. But she was unbearable.

My fav character was Rachel.

Chandler was perfect for Monica.

Rachel and Joey would have made a great couple

thumbwitch Sat 02-Oct-10 14:26:02

Coupling was highly amusing - especially the baby fear episode. Most of it, actually. Although again, I couldn't have been friends with Jane, she needed a slap more than anything a lot of the time.

StealthPolarBear Sat 02-Oct-10 14:26:07

did she go psychobitch? What did she do? Other than ask that he spend a bit more time acting like a married man than acting like a student (I don't get the impression he sat around in coffee shops the whole time and had to live in a flat near his mates when he was with Carole)

MandyMcFly Sat 02-Oct-10 14:27:15

Haha I loved the holiday armadillo!

Oooh my favourites in order:

1. Chandler - he just cracks me up, so funny. I liked him more and more as it went on.

2. Monica

3. Ross (the spray tan episode is one of my favourites! funniest ross moment definitely!)

4. Rachel (except for series 5/6 where I found her really annoying! confused )

5. Phoebe

6. Joey

Indaba I'm glad other people still have such strong opinions on Friends ha ha. I thought I'd just get lots of people telling me to get over it after so many years! grin Yes I did watch Coupling, really liked it smile

StealthPolarBear Sat 02-Oct-10 14:27:20

Phoebe annoys me. Tries too hard to be kooky and weird

thumbwitch Sat 02-Oct-10 14:27:43

I remember that she did but it's a long while since I've seen it and I might have been in a fairly raw state at the time and over-reacted to it...

PDog Sat 02-Oct-10 14:30:25

Ross is my fav; it used to be Joey but Ross is just hilarious (leather trousers, teeth, spray tan, "the routine").

I love all the Thanksgiving episodes but my all time fav is The One Where Ross Got High when Rachel makes the trifle - it tastes like feet grin

StealthPolarBear Sat 02-Oct-10 14:30:38

actually my favourite episodes were probably the Ross & Emily wedding ones, Friends ,must have been at its peak and it's just star after star. Hugh Laurie, Jennifer Saunders, June Whitfield (or did I imagine her??), Fergie...

Francagoestohollywood Sat 02-Oct-10 14:32:13

Coupling was really good.

Yes, Phoebe was annoying most of the times, but I adored "Smelly cat"

hocuspontas Sat 02-Oct-10 14:33:43

Ross and the english accent was great as well!

The reason Ross and Charlie would never have made a good pair was that Charlie had nothing in common with the other girls. She didn't really look comfortable in Central Perk with them all.

StealthPolarBear Sat 02-Oct-10 14:36:12

Do you think if Monical was an MNer she'd be on the toxic parent thread?

Meglet Sat 02-Oct-10 14:38:59

SPB I think Fergie was in it, not a figment of your imagination.

StealthPolarBear Sat 02-Oct-10 14:39:49

no i meant did i imagine june whitfield! my brain might have just slotted her in beside jennifer saunders

thumbwitch Sat 02-Oct-10 14:40:12

Meg, I think SPB was wondering if she imagined June Whitfield..

thewook Sat 02-Oct-10 14:40:36

OOH! A proper discussion!
Ross in the right, they were on a break.
But don't blame Rachel for doing the breaking up, he was behaving badly.
Emily not a cow
Babies ludicrous plot device not used well, and all Friends labour scenes absurd
Monica and Chandler never convinced, Richard was the one for her. (and ME!!!)
Pheobe and David, not Pheobe and Mike
Ross funniest character by a mile IMO, but did not like it when they made him 'angry Ross' and just for comedy rather than a more rounded character. Was silly for a while.

thumbwitch Sat 02-Oct-10 14:40:37

oops, xposted blush

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