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to leave my DP over this disgusting discovery?

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sweetkitty Thu 30-Sep-10 10:00:13

Just put on the TV and Jeremy Kyle is being recorded on Sky Plus!!

Now I know now and again if he is off work he watches this (and does nothing to hide his grubby little secret!) but come on recording it.

I phoned him at work to have it out with him and he has denied it and is blaming it on our 2 year old (probably is).

Do I believe him? I think he needs therapy, Jeremy Kyle I think he should wash his eyes out.

LilRedWG Thu 30-Sep-10 10:01:57

I think you should go on Jeremy Kyle and have the audience decide.

Lizzylou Thu 30-Sep-10 10:02:35

My Nan records JK!
He is her hero.
She is 84yrs old though.

Yep, therapy or dump him I think.

conkie Thu 30-Sep-10 10:05:24

My mum records it as well and I was shocked when I found out

cupcakesandbunting Thu 30-Sep-10 10:07:13

<surreptitiously switches Jeremy Kyle off>

You are being perfectly reasonable.

PutTheKettleOn Thu 30-Sep-10 10:07:15

sometimes I skyplus neighbours... and then have to remember to delete it before DH comes home and sees it, and realises I am actually a good-for-nothing layabout blush

JK is one step too far though!

sweetkitty Thu 30-Sep-10 10:10:32

I despise it SO much. It's him he gets on these poor chavs guests and just lays into them, I think he is worse than them, it's their lives but he is using their lives as entertainment and as an opportunity to shout and preach at them.

"the all important DNA test"
"why don't you put something on the end of it?"
"go get a job"


LittleMissHissyFit Thu 30-Sep-10 10:11:18

"Yep, therapy or dump him I think."

Cheaper to just dump him... grin

MmeLindt Thu 30-Sep-10 10:12:11

What a bastard.

Get the kid's passports, phone the bank and have the money in the account transferred into your name, and get on the phone to the solicitor right away. Do you have a good one? I can recommend

Blaming it on his own 2yo - how much lower can he sink? shock

Curlybrunette Thu 30-Sep-10 10:15:44

Is there a safe house you can get to???

cupcakesandbunting Thu 30-Sep-10 10:17:19

Jezzer Kyle is a very, very, very guilty pleasure for me. I watch it once a week, I reckon. I hate him but I love watching him. I know he is exploiting these turkey twizzler munchers BUT they do put themselves up for it. It's not like he goes onto the streets and rounds them up and herds them into a van.

Does he?

Morloth Thu 30-Sep-10 10:20:30

I watch JK at the gym, is my dirty little secret.

sweetkitty Thu 30-Sep-10 10:24:36

"Tell you what Shazza, why don't you phone Jezza so we can have a wee night out in London, tell him we don't know who our Shardonnahy-Edeyn-Leigh's Dad is and need DNA testing and while your at it invite your Mam and friend along so they can lay into me as well, don't forget to mention I have been in prison/drug habit/have 27 kids with 29 other women etc"

cupcakes - you need help grin

cupcakesandbunting Thu 30-Sep-10 10:31:09

I've been told that before grin

I don't know what goes through the minds of these people, wanting their very dirty laundry aired on Jezzer's stage. If they're that stupid then they deserve all they get i.e the nation LOLing at them. Dimwits.

sweetkitty Thu 30-Sep-10 10:34:36

It's not really them though, if they are that stupid to go on there then there is no hope for them really.

It's him mocking them and using them as entertainment in a "let's all laugh at these idiots and make ourselves feel better we are not like that" that riles me.

Can you imagine a playground in about 10 years time "well at least I know who my Dad is, your Mum had to go on Jeremy Kyle to find out!" or maybe it's seen as a badge of honour.

I actually have my own little dirty secret, once I put DD3 down for a nap DS and I settle on sofa him feeding and I watch.......... Doctors (I was thinking of Sky plusing it today as I am going out) blushblushblush

cupcakesandbunting Thu 30-Sep-10 10:39:37

Jezzer can shut his blowhole anyway. From what I've heard, he's a shite dad and he likes a flutter on the nags a bit too much IYKWIM. He's a loon, in his Matalan suits and weird hair. I don't condone violence but I am hoping that one day one of the worms will turn and chin him one.

Bloodymary Thu 30-Sep-10 11:10:38

I have always wondered why those idiots go on the JK show.
Someone once said it is because they get put up in a London hotel for the night, so I guess that they see that as some kind of treat shock.

cupcakesandbunting Thu 30-Sep-10 11:13:19

I bet it's a Travelodge.

proudnglad Thu 30-Sep-10 11:14:47

I'd be delighted if I discovered this.

I could use it against him when he sniffily objects to my prosaic television preferences and as blackmail - 'Make me breakfast in bed or I'll tell your macho pub geezers'.

QuiteFickleDobby Thu 30-Sep-10 11:14:50

How do they get the time off work to go to London for the Jeremy Kyle show? Some go back on it! Its like an annual trip.

Oh, wait...

cupcakesandbunting Thu 30-Sep-10 11:16:01

grin QuiteFickle

Charleney Thu 30-Sep-10 11:18:20

I have Jeremy Kyle on series link. Funniest programme i have ever seen!
And im proud of it! lol

YummyorSlummy Thu 30-Sep-10 11:19:16

My dh records jeremy kyle on sky+ and doesn't even have the decency to act ashamed! He also reads the soap gossip pages on the!blush I think he could secretly be a 46 year old bored housewife trapped in a man's body. Think yourself lucky!

pinkmagic1 Thu 30-Sep-10 11:20:39

You should start divorce proceedings immediately! :O

thesecondcoming Thu 30-Sep-10 11:26:26

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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