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to think their is something wrong with MCCH

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staffylover Sat 25-Sep-10 08:51:25

MCCH run respite homes for various councils. I work as bank staff and I see some awful things among the so called carers? One particular house I go to is rife with informers and the informing is done by two staff members who have only just started. One was at a previous house where she did the same thing and was instrumental in getting a very good carer the sack. She was sacked transfered to this house. They seem to have a direct line to all the managers and tell tales about silly things. I`m not talking abuse of residents in any of its guises. They will inform if people are late and they seem to think they are managers and give orders to very experienced carers. One of these individuals put a pad on to a client back to front? and yet has just been promoted to giving medication. One of our clients tends to open the front door and run off, so what do these individuals do? They lock the front door so they can sit in the office? As anyone who is a carer knows you stay one to one and you certainly do not lock any doors! A big NO! The managers are aware of this practice! These two do not do PC, they don`t take the cients out and if a female client has a period they will not help. angry PS one of these two has a relative high up in MCCH...that says it all...nepotism reigns!

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