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Sodding quid for the trolley thing does my head in!

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MrsMadWriggle Fri 24-Sep-10 18:24:33

Emergency quid kept in the car was missing today. Had to queue up behind three others to get change. Once thoroughly frazzled, the Sainsbo's women had the temerity to try and sell me a trolley token. Why should I pay to use a trolley (at least you get the quid back and spend it - the token is a sunk cost that you will never recover, even if it is only a quid. Anyway I'd probably lose the fucker anyway).

Why can't trolleys be free to use like they used to be?

<grumpy PMT emoticon>

nancydrewrocked Fri 24-Sep-10 18:25:59

They are free where I am...

withorwithoutyou Fri 24-Sep-10 18:26:18

I agree and I don't shop anywhere where you have to pay for a trolley as I am just not organised to have a pound in the car at all times.

usualsuspect Fri 24-Sep-10 18:27:09

All trolleys free in the Adsa and Tesco I shop at

withorwithoutyou Fri 24-Sep-10 18:28:12

They are free in the Sainsburys by us but the carpark is underground and the front door opens on to a main street so I expect they don't have a problem with people pinching them.

snigger Fri 24-Sep-10 18:28:43

Trolleys are free in the little provincial town near where I live, but it's culture shock in the nearest city - pay for a trolley?! It'll be metered air next.

<<tucks DM under armpit and harumphs>>

MrsMadWriggle Fri 24-Sep-10 18:29:00

no asda or tesco in my town.

Sometimes go to Waitrose but it's more of a trek.

usualsuspect Fri 24-Sep-10 18:30:16

I live in a city, all trolleys free

bellavita Fri 24-Sep-10 18:30:50

I have a little token thingy that is kept on my car keys, so no need for change.

cat64 Fri 24-Sep-10 18:32:31

Message withdrawn

MrsMadWriggle Fri 24-Sep-10 18:32:41

But bella - you'll never get that pound back......

MrsMadWriggle Fri 24-Sep-10 18:33:17

You could have spent it on something nice like chocolate but you've bought the right to use a sodding trolley.

MrsMadWriggle Fri 24-Sep-10 18:34:34

yes, cat you get your £ back - true- but you've got to be organised.

So do I queue when I haven't got a quid or buy their rotten token?

Or chill out with a glass of wine?

MrsMadWriggle Fri 24-Sep-10 18:35:09

I'm overthinking this a bit, aren't I?

mousymouse Fri 24-Sep-10 18:36:26

have you got any idea what a trolley costs?
they are about 500 quid each! (ok, probably less if you buy a large number)
where I live they end up in the river if they make it off the ground of the supermarket.

usualsuspect Fri 24-Sep-10 18:36:41

yes grin have wine

insprognito Fri 24-Sep-10 18:37:30

I agree.Being the disorganised dimwit i am I never remember the quid and have lost loads of those token thingies.It always seems to happen when i'm carrying a sleeping toddler made of lead in a downpour tooangry.
One of the many reasons i prefer Asda over Sainsbury is the free trolleys.
It's probably meant to stop people nicking them.I always laugh when I spot someone sauntering down the street with a trolley and wonder if they are going to take it back.

MrsMadWriggle Fri 24-Sep-10 18:38:29

They used to have a thing like a cattle grid to stop you taking them out of the carpark. But they changed that. Probably because they know it'll piss me off.

minipen Fri 24-Sep-10 18:38:42

Some charities have them, the money would go to them!

I think it's a good investment, think of all the time you'll save, how much is your time worth?

Enjoy your wine

januaryjojo Fri 24-Sep-10 18:39:08

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

mssoul Fri 24-Sep-10 18:42:34

I think it's a shame. Lots of people who find it hard to get jobs for various reasons used to be employed collecting trollies (people with learning disabilities I have worked with over the years, for example) and now the supermarkets have erased a whole layer of employees. And now the self service checkout. What next grrrrrrrrrrr.

And I hate having to break a tenner - it drives me mad. As soon as I break a tenner, I spend it on shite.

PfftTheMagicDragon Fri 24-Sep-10 18:46:14

Urgh - I have lost 3 trolley tokens in trollies that have eaten them. And I am at the far end of the car park, just put the kids int he car, frozen crap in the boot....

Tiredmumno1 Fri 24-Sep-10 18:47:57

I have got one of those keyrings, but i was given it, so i didnt have to pay grin

Although i have had it about a year and never had to use it

FattyArbuckel Fri 24-Sep-10 18:55:15

Only Aldi has pay trolleys in my area

Talker2010 Fri 24-Sep-10 18:58:35

I keep a Euro in the car ... works the same and it feels less of an issue

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