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Dad ogling pg 3 girls in playground

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anotherglass Tue 21-Sep-10 15:02:07

Strolled into school this morning with DS1 (6) to find a dad "reading" pg 3 of the Sun ( norks were in full view of the Year 2 line up ).

I thought this a tad inappropriate and asked him to turn the page, but he was really put out and huffed and puffed at me.

Tell me I was not being unreasonable.

diddl Tue 21-Sep-10 15:16:04

Wouldn´t bother me tbh.

Was your son distressed by it?

Odysseus Tue 21-Sep-10 15:16:58

Love the word "norks".

mumblechum Tue 21-Sep-10 15:17:48

He was being unreasonable for reading a tabloid.


Clumsymum Tue 21-Sep-10 15:18:33

And exactly how many of the Y2 line-up were taking any notice?

I'm sure I'll be in a minority, but yes, I think you are BU.

This bloke bought a perfectly legal daily newspaper, and was browsing it in a public place.
I assume he wasn't drooling, masturbating or drawing childrens attention to the page? He happened to be turned to that page.

And exactly what harm is it going to do to a child, seeing a picture of norks? They are normal, every woman I know has them. I tend to walk about the house in the morning naked. DS sees mine most days. I don't think it does him any harm.

In your shoes, I would have minded my own business, and given my attention to my own child instead.
Not surprised the bloke was grumpy

domesticdiva Tue 21-Sep-10 15:21:53

If he had been spanking his monkey whilst 'reading' it I would say he was being inappropriate grin Otherwise I think you were being abit oversensitive I bet none of the kids noticed anyway (or their Dads read the Sun) Sorry but YABU

anotherglass Tue 21-Sep-10 15:22:59

Wouldn't bother me either if I was in a pub and he was sitting in the corner with his paper but in the school yard? Son wasn't distressed but I was slightly affronted.

twilight3 Tue 21-Sep-10 15:25:25

precisely what clumsymum said

anotherglass Tue 21-Sep-10 15:25:29

How many woman walk about with their norks on display?

Your choice to show your norks in your house but I have a choice not to see them in the school yard, hence I asked him to turn the page.

2shoes Tue 21-Sep-10 15:29:54


BenignNeglect Tue 21-Sep-10 15:33:21


Lauriefairycake Tue 21-Sep-10 15:36:40

It's not just 'norks' though - it's not like a nice breast-feeding woman. grin

It's an image designed to titillate and sexually excite.

So shouldn't be in a playground as it 'normalises' breasts for titillation rather than lunch in a newspaper hmm

Ladyanonymous Tue 21-Sep-10 15:37:10

Presumeably at least 50% of the Yr 2s were breast fed and have seen breast before?

Good grief in Europe they have TV adverts on in the day with full frontal norkage - we are such bloody prudes here.

TheBountyMuncher Tue 21-Sep-10 15:39:18

Yabu. Unless, as others have said, he was 'spanking his monkey' Sorry domesticdiva, borrowed your description 'cos I loved it grin

I was on a coach trip to a safari park with my DD once, and we were looking at magazines, minding our own business, when a woman leaned over and said to me " d'you mind putting that away, my nephew can see it and he's underage"
It was Reveal ffs!
Not a classy mag, true, but?
And 'under age nephew' was about 14 and had been peering round his seat at us the whole time. My eyes and DDs eyes were minding their own business

Life would be much simpler if people just wound their necks in sometimes!

jellybeans Tue 21-Sep-10 15:39:49

YANBU that would annoy me too! I can't help but wonder why people read that sort of trash!! I hate my kids having to see that kind of far from a prude but hate the objectifying of women, why do some people (not on here) accept this kind of thing but object to breastfeeding etc, ludicrous!

TheBountyMuncher Tue 21-Sep-10 15:41:26

blush over use of business minding going on in my post.
Did I happen to mention that we were minding our own business?

anotherglass Tue 21-Sep-10 15:47:24

The dad must have been receiving some sexual gratification from the picture (albeit low level) otherwise why would he have been staring at it for so long. Of course it made me uncomfortable.
If he was enjoying his paper in an adult venue, ie a pub, no big deal but in a infants school yard I was not wrong to feel uncomfortable.

BeenBeta Tue 21-Sep-10 15:49:28


Anyway, how do you know he wasn't reading page 2 and that page 3 just happened to be opposite?

Ladyanonymous Tue 21-Sep-10 15:49:56

"The dad must have been receiving some sexual gratification from the picture (albeit low level) otherwise why would he have been staring at it for so long."

hmm Erm - hes a man? Thats the way men work - basically.

prozacfairy Tue 21-Sep-10 15:51:15

YABU mind your own business.

livinginhope Tue 21-Sep-10 15:55:24

or bashing the bishop...

RolsGirl Tue 21-Sep-10 15:56:24

the Sun is a bit gross and all these boobs everywhere all the time are not good for young impressionable girls, surely, as one can't help but make comparisons. Also, I love sexy images, but sexiness is so rare these days cos airbrushed tits are just everywhere so there is NO titilation just blatant over-sexualisation. That said, YABU for minding a poor bloke just having a gander and minding his own beeswax, as I'm sure he wasn't showing his kids the pic...don't get why it's a problem.

nikkershaw Tue 21-Sep-10 15:57:54

dirty bugga

Clumsymum Tue 21-Sep-10 15:58:45

"I can't help but wonder why people read that sort of trash"

Well I don't buy the paper, but it seems that over 3 milloin folk do according to the trade.

They are generally ordinary folk, who read that sort of trash because they want to, apparently they enjoy it.

You may feel it is the objectifying of women, but my guess is that the girls who are pictured in the mainstream british press are doing it of their own free will, because they a) need to make a living in some way, and b) are quite proud of the attributes god - or a plastic surgeon- gave them, and are happy to show them off.

And it only harms children if people go on about it, making it seem like our bodies are dirty things no one should ever look at.

StripeyMoon Tue 21-Sep-10 15:59:59


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