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To think that perhaps not all these freecyclers are as ill as they say?

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greenbeanie Mon 13-Sep-10 09:03:21

I offered on Freecycle 4 tickets to the Renault World Series next weekend as we are now not able to go. The tickets are free anyway but it is too late to get them now. So far I have had 18 responses, of these 3 replies wanted them for terminally ill relatives, 2 were disabled and can't get to the shops to get their much loved relatives a birthday/anniversary present and one has had a traumatic week and broken their arm so really needs the tickets!!

I have to say I have had the best laugh for a while. grin Surely if you are that disabled/ill then you wouldn't be able to enjoy a day out anyway....

Serendippy Mon 13-Sep-10 09:05:13

You are really asking for it! Good luck grin

scurryfunge Mon 13-Sep-10 09:07:49

oh dear....

Ladyanonymous Mon 13-Sep-10 09:08:45

I think you may get flamed....but I do know what you are saying.

I was given something from Freecycle a while ago and the guy who gave it to me said you would be surprised at how many people's houses have burnt down losing the entire contents hmm

Disabled/ill people are able to enjoy days out though grin

TotorosOcarina Mon 13-Sep-10 09:09:24


We gave away a mini fridge and someone replied saying he needed it for his insulin!

Thing is, a week before he asked for our cocolate fountain with bag of chocolate chips, hmm grin

zapostrophe Mon 13-Sep-10 09:22:52

Message withdrawn

greenbeanie Mon 13-Sep-10 09:35:12

I think you are right, a no reasons rule sounds good to me.
By the way i am not saying that ill/disabled people should not have days out but from their descriptions they were saying that they were too ill to go out but wanted the tickets hmm

loopyloops Mon 13-Sep-10 09:41:00

I got a pushchair a while ago, when the offerer insisted on a detailed description of why it was wanted. Obviously they wanted a it of entertainment! (I only got it because the 3 other people with better sob stories than me didn't turn up, and actually it is so filthy I'm going to have to freecycle or tip it myself).

ApocalypseFlangePop Mon 13-Sep-10 09:41:08

YANBU !! This drives me batty too and just makes me keep a note of their names to make sure they get chuff all. Ever.

greenbeanie Mon 13-Sep-10 13:05:21

Just been sent another reply from someone who has been diagnosed with cancer this morning! I genuinely hope that this is not the case but I can't help thinking....

emptyshell Mon 13-Sep-10 13:25:58

Best I had was the premature babies wanting a playstation! Obviously early developers.

It went to someone who was honest "I've got 2 boys, they'll be driving me crackers all holidays."

About to list a TV on there - and any sob stories will go straight onto the reject pile - I'm not in the mood.

We have one local woman who in the last two months - her fridge freezer (must be silver), dishwasher, washing machine, TV and tumble drier have all died at one-weekly intervals, and she's lost her job that week each time - posting wanteds.

PinkElephant73 Mon 13-Sep-10 15:54:03

I love it!

Personally I usually give (household) things on Freecycle to the person who has given a good reason why they are a deserving cause.

Ive had people setting up home for the first time, starting again after divorce and a charity looking for IT equipment.

Some of them may have been fake but at least they put a bit of effort in.

Unlike those who just put "Ill take it!"

muggglewump Mon 13-Sep-10 15:58:43

When I first started using Freecycle I replied to the offer of a scooter, stating DD's had been stolen, which was entirely true, and the guy replied basically calling me a liar!

Since then I don't offer any details, just a polite reply with eg: I'd really like that please, when would be convenient for me to collect it?

I never get anything though, so perhaps they are going with the stories?

I've given away tickets for Musicals on here twice now, and both times the posters really enjoyed themselves and gave a review which was great as I was unable to go. (Me and musicals are jinxed!)

splashy Mon 13-Sep-10 17:03:38

I'm a single mum expecting my first and found that unless you tell people why you want something it just gets rejected. I've only been looking for baby items such as clothes as I know they are worn for such a short time and I don't have much money, so no rediculous wants. I've found that replying to offered just saying I'm pregnant doesn't get anywhere though, so it does work both ways. Also am clearly not lying about the being pregnant part!

backwardpossom Mon 13-Sep-10 17:07:49

I don't believe you splashy, that's clearly a pillow you've shoved up your t-shirt!


ozmetric Mon 13-Sep-10 17:16:43

YANBU. Freecycle is about keeping things out of landfill, not finding the most "deserving" recipient.

Galena Mon 13-Sep-10 17:32:01

I tend to mention my daughter if it's a child thing, I mention her age, but often mention that she was very prem in case the offerer thinks she'd be too big/mobile for the item.

It's not a lie - promise!

HecateQueenOfWitches Mon 13-Sep-10 17:38:00

muggle - perhaps it's the "when would be convenient for me to collect it" bit? Perhaps they feel that's a bit presumptuous?

anonymousbird Mon 13-Sep-10 17:41:07

WTF?!?!?!!? In order to "buy" on Freecycle you need a hard luck story?? Really?! If someone wants to give away, surely, you just err... give it away? Pleased to get shot!

Who cares why they want it!? Isn't it first come first served?

PinkElephant73 Mon 13-Sep-10 17:43:36

I need a good sob story - am hoping to get some baby stuff from Freecycle in exchange for all the stuff I have given away on our local group. any suggestions?

(you could almost have furnished an entire house with all the things we have given away including 2 sofas, a tv, xbox and games, 2 beds, curtains, cushions etc etc.)

bearcrumble Mon 13-Sep-10 17:46:09

I give a reason but not a sob story - the only thing I've ever got was a pretty 30s lustreware coffee set.

Have given away loads. Got furious with the woman who posted she had "nothing" for her soon-to-be-born baby when I'd given her a baby bath and swaddling blanket the week before. Sent her a sniffy email and got a really apologetic one back saying she'd just cut and pasted hr original post and thanking me for pointing it out. Felt like a heel but had actually cried buckets when put the baby bath out - got really sentimental and then she went and called it 'nothing'.

DilysPrice Mon 13-Sep-10 17:49:39

I tend to go for the one who writes a polite well punctuated request, whose name I recognise as an offeror (or who I've successfully given to in the past) or who lives really close. The people with sob stories have tended not to be terribly reliable in the past I'm afraid.
So I'm sure that I'm not the only person for whom reliability trumps "deservingness".

QuiteFickleDobby Mon 13-Sep-10 17:51:13

I cannot even get accepted as a Freecycler - Why is it so "exclusive"?

ozmetric Mon 13-Sep-10 17:53:36

anonymousbird, the problem with "first come first served" is that some Freecyclers seem to reply to most ads, and then they don't turn up to collect. It's worth waiting 24 hours and then choose the reply you most like the sound of (I prefer brief, polite emails saying when they can collect).

SrStanislaus Mon 13-Sep-10 18:02:56

You would think that giving something away would be easy -is it heck as like.

I don't give to the first to answer as they are likely to be dealers who put in a claim for everything on the assumption that some of it must be good saleable stuff. They simply don't collect if its not what they want or worth selling.
I hate the sob stories as I swing from believing everything to believing nothing. I then just go for a random one -maybe the one who says they can come the soonest.

I would definitely support the 'no reasons' rule But I doubt it would be brought in . Some folks like to think they have made someones day. Occasionally they are right.

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