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BextheBambi Thu 09-Sep-10 16:27:24

Just a thought and a bit of a rant about the worlds nost annoying neighbours.

We moved into our house 8 months ago and we went round and said hello to all the neighbours, warned them there may be a bit of noise as we get everything sorted, just a general how'd you do sort of thing.

The next door neighbour, a lady with a face like a slapped arse (not just me she gave "evils" to my mum for getting out of a car) just shut the door on our face. We thought it was very rude but decided to ignore her.

Our lanlord is fantastic and had previously warned us about her, said that he had to remove the side gate and board up the path, as she had a thing about trespassing on the property and having a nose round the garden and a good look through the conservatory windows.

Since then she has venbtured out the house most mornings after we've opened the curtains to see the state of the house, which isn't always in the best condition (hey im 8 months pregnant i need a break sometimes). We know this because she stands in her garden to bitch about us, so we can hear her.

A list of things she mentions:-
1. "the bitch next door is lazy, she satys at home and that house is a tip rubbish everywhere" I must mention i clean up almost everyday as im a bit of a clean freak.
2. "There were a group of hoodlums outside the house intimidating me", 3 of us were standing and looking at a good friends new car with our backs to her house.
3. "they gave a child a gun, they're pikeys" We gave DP neices a nerf gun to play in the garden with.

Anyone else have neighbours like this?

coatgate Thu 09-Sep-10 16:41:52

No - we have an 80 year old man who spends all his time complaining to the council that we are letting water run down his drive. That water would be rain, and his drive is down the hill from ours, so that would be gravity then.

Good luck with yours, she sounds a nightmare.

witch000 Thu 09-Sep-10 17:29:05

The first thing i would do is put blinds or something up too stop her looking in.

sloanypony Thu 09-Sep-10 17:32:49

Oh Coatgate that is brilliant

ethelina Thu 09-Sep-10 17:36:21

My neighbour Bill is an old woman. He complained about a new fence going up would make him claustrophobic - its 5ft high and 20ft away from his kitchen window!

Sounds like your neighbour is a known PITA from what the landlord said.

RosieAndGin Thu 09-Sep-10 17:37:37

Poor you, my neighbour just likes to put 3ft of decking up our joining 5ft fence hmm I love looking at him leering down at me so much I put my bbq next to fence and smoke him out wink

SeaTrek Thu 09-Sep-10 17:39:11

UGH - no, thank goodness!

It does sound like she has some kind of personality disorder, so there isn't a lot you can do about that. I am guessing that those she rants to realise that and are just being kind by listening?

bottyburpthebarbarian Thu 09-Sep-10 17:40:47

My Mum and Dad had an old bitch neighbour like yours Coatgate

Complained about the rain running from our garden into ours, also down the hill

I still get RESPECT from my Dad for asking the painter who was stood in our back garden painting the fascia around her garage roof if he had my Dad's permission? Could he please leave our property til I phoned my father to check.

Strangely Dad didn't give permission - she sent a solicitors letter which wasn't from the solicitor (he was deceased)

BTW I was off school sick with chickenpox aged 15 so was feeling crappy grin

Animation Thu 09-Sep-10 17:41:38

She sounds like the sociopath next door.

Be careful!!

misdee Thu 09-Sep-10 17:44:08

i have one.

she is threatening to call the police cos my girls have ruined her daughters car (they havent btw). and she is saying shje will make my life hell. i'd like to see her try [snort]

Nutjob neighbours are ace value, as long as you're not feeling vulnerable in any way. My immediate neighbours are lovely, but a woman around the corner likes to randomly throw eggs at our houses. She dribbles if confronted. There is no reason for the dribbling, btw, because at other times she is seen braying in to her mobile. I think she's still bitter that we got the bigger gardens when the builder divvied them up.

MrsChemist Thu 09-Sep-10 17:52:22

My neighbour is the rudest man alive

This is scientific fact.

It's all to do with access to his sodding garage. Basically, if anyone parks in front of our house, he can't get his behemoth car in or out of his garage.

Our street is private land though (our landlords), so nobhead neighbour has right of access, and that's it. However, the second anyone parks remotely near our house (not even in front of it) he'll come out swearing and threatening to clamp the cars and call the police etc. He has parked at the top of the street before to stop anyone getting in or out, and he just has zero manners. He's threatened to spray paint cars, and thrown a shovel at my brother's car.

Through all of this I can count on one hand the amount of times someone has actually parked in front of our house, and it's almost always to drop something off quickly. He just loses it completely.

He is a prize penis. He just takes pleasure in being vile to others. Especially women. He isn't nearly as rude to DH as he is to me and he's almost polite to my dad (dad is a lawyer though)

I don't take him on though. He is just a sad old man who gets his kicks from the drama of winding people up.
I hope one day he gets so angry his head explodes (it often looks like it might grin).

Fimbo Thu 09-Sep-10 17:57:43

Neighbours across the way allowed their teenage daughters to have a party, whilst they went out and left them to it. The noise was horrendous, dh and another neighbour knocked and politely asked them to turn it down. The party goers through shoes, burgers & buns over another neighbours wall. I texted the mother in the morning to say the music was loud and boys were screaming and shouting and as we had young kids I hope she understood why we had asked for the music to be turned down. She told me she didn't care and to get a life. Now her and her friend (who I was friends with previously) and the daughter are openly bitching about it on facebook at any given opportunity.

Makes life a tad difficult as we are only about 2 feet away from them but we just dont speak so thats that.

MrsChemist Thu 09-Sep-10 17:57:58

I agree Chickens, our nutjob neighbour is indeed hilarious. I couldn't give two craps how angry he gets at me.

In fact, he seems to get angrier the less interested you seem. He knows that he just looks like a petty twat if you stay calm, whereas if you stoop to his level, he feels justified in screaming obscenities at you.

Last time, I told him being angry won't get the car moved any quicker (it was a friend's, they were at work, and yes, before you ask, he could get his car out, even though he said he couldn't. I watched him do it 5 minutes later)
and he just made a "angrier?!!! fzzzhgwhwrrrrrlgh!!!!" noise and stormed off.

Heh heh heh grin

newwave Thu 09-Sep-10 18:01:45

Bex, you need to put a stop to this asap she isnt your friend so dont worry about upsetting her.

I would say something to my partner along the lines of "I was told the neighbour was a nosy bitch but she id far worse than I anticipated" so she can hear it, it may make her back off.

MrsChemist Thu 09-Sep-10 18:07:51

Bex, get a sign put up in your house, saying "If you can read this sign, you are a nosy bitch" grin

misdee Thu 09-Sep-10 18:09:58

i think i read somehwre, that someonme had a nosy neighbour who looked through her windowss. so one day, on her laptop, when he was being nosy, she bought up some hilarious porn thing. no idea what it was though

newwave Thu 09-Sep-10 18:11:54

Yah MrsChemist

mummysgoingmad Thu 09-Sep-10 18:15:09

I have glasgows answer to lady gaga living below me. She loves banging doors at 3 in the morning (so hard it shakes our house we live up stairs) and quite likes a fight with her family.

She threw empty glass bottles at her mother 1 morning which smashed all over our shared drive way. By this point i'd had enough and had it out with her. I told her she has little consideration for my ds (22 months) who could fall and cut himself open on a bit of glass. I said if she didn't clean it up i would make her eat it!

The 1st time she did it i was polite and asked her her if she would please clean it up..thank you very much etc etc. This time i'd had enough and carried on like a loony.

So far we haven't had the same problem!

ivykaty44 Thu 09-Sep-10 18:20:17

stick your tounge out

ledkr Thu 09-Sep-10 18:36:08

I was stalked by old woman to get my trees cut. Was in process of sorting it when she started to make daily visits to my garden which meant coming onto my drive and opening gate whilst dd was in garden then leaving it open and daily notes thru my door which dh hid from me. it was mid winter so tree surgeon was waiting for a dry day. Drove me mad!

Casserole Thu 09-Sep-10 18:40:25

Stand naked in your window and dance at her grin

JorrisBohnson Thu 09-Sep-10 18:50:35

My neighbours who actually live next door are lovely but the revolting specimen woman who lives opposite is everything I dislike about humanity rolled into one fat, horrible, lump person. She has eight children, all of whom are ill bred, badly behaved and rude. She has no respect for other peoples peace and has no sense of what is fair or reasonable. She makes a massive amount of rubbish(with 10 people in the house it's not surprising) which she just piles up outside her house, it grows bigger each week because the bin men only take what's in the bin. Her way of getting rid of the excess is to chuck it all in the kids bike chariot and dump it behind the fence next to the local playground. The jewel in the crown of all of it is that she is incredibly unfriendly, sneery and unpleasant to all. I hate and pity her all at the same time.

BextheBambi Thu 09-Sep-10 23:27:03

oh latest one. We were painting trelace too loudly...with a paint brush.

Thanks for the suggestions, i like the Nosy bitch sign idea.

She's apparantley moving out because the tone of the area has been lowered by us. This is from our lovely neighbour across the road, who hates her equally as much as his drum playing, in his completley sound proof garage, is too loud. (you cant hear a thing from outside).

I'm telling you she's literally worse than our old neighbours, who were a crack dealer, a prostitute and five families living in one flat.

AnxiousLand Thu 09-Sep-10 23:31:33

Message deleted

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