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to be totally fed up of being broke?

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stropicana Wed 08-Sep-10 12:55:17

I know IABU but am in a right mood and need to RANT!

I'm so sick of never having enough money and yes I know I am actually very luck because it is all relative etc etc.

I feel trapped because I can't work as I cannot afford the childcare unless I can get something very flexible, weekends etc.

I seed friends, other mums etc and just feel sad because we don't have a lavish lifestyle at all.

Go on flame me, hard hat on! wink

neuroticrobotic Wed 08-Sep-10 12:58:20

It's ok to be fed up once in a while
You finished now?
Good, now stop fucking moaning, you don't even know you're born (as my nana would've said)


p.s. for what it's worth our finances took a hit recently too so I do understand

BuntyPenfold Wed 08-Sep-10 13:00:10

I know, it can be hard, I used to really dread something breaking down or having to be replaced.

stropicana Wed 08-Sep-10 13:08:56

grin neuro You are right, need a rocket up my jacksy and all that - its still shit though confused

bigchris Wed 08-Sep-10 13:11:54

Well if you get a job you'll get tax credits which could well pay for your childcare
check out to see if that helps
or go to the job centre and see about return to work courses
good luck

upahill Wed 08-Sep-10 13:29:35

Your right it's not easy.
just remember nothing stays the same for ever whether it's good, bad or indifferent. I hope things improve for you soon.

NordicPrincess Wed 08-Sep-10 13:32:52

i know how you feel. unfortunalty yo have to make a choice, work full time or look after your children. you cant have it both ways without the guilt or the difficulties ...

im broke too

RedFraggle Wed 08-Sep-10 13:37:41

Aw Stropicana, I feel your pain! YANBU.

I'm broke too and in the same boat re: not being able to get a job due to cost of childcare. I'm very lucky, nice house etc, but... we are JUST making ends meet. Am not entitled to any government assistance with childcare as DH earns just over the threshold. So, I'm resigned to being broke for a few more years. I feel trapped a lot too... It'll get better in the future - has to!

Chin up.

maighdlin Wed 08-Sep-10 16:38:55

i feel your pain. i grew up wealthy and then decided to go for this whole independence thing and now every single god dam penny is counted for and i haven't bought myself new clothes in a year. i hate it. I want to be able to go into shops and buy MYSELF something just cos its pretty. but NOOOO

stropicana Wed 08-Sep-10 17:19:48

Ahh Thank you lovley MNtters. smile Sorry to hear so many of you are in the same boat. sad

Nordic princess I can't work full time. I have three children and there is no way I would earn enough to cover the childcare!!! My DH earns over the threshold so I won't get help from the gov. So you see am trapped. <<<<<wahhhhhhh>>>>>

lolapoppins Wed 08-Sep-10 17:31:30

I know what it's like, rant away. After bills/mortgage we the three of us, two dogs and two cats are on £80 a week. That's for food and petrol and fuck all else! It's shitty.

Berrengaria Sat 18-Jun-11 00:04:25

I've been broke for a few years now since my business went bust. Try these money saving hints. I visit the supermarket every evening and see what there is on sale - it's amazing what you can get. I've had potatoes for 10p, ready meals for 50p, bread (put it in the freezer and then defrost what you need) for 10p. If you have access to a PC and are on-line (or you wouldn't be reading this) try doing surveys. This month I've earned just over £10 which doesn't seem like much but it's money I wouldn't have had. Not touching it - it's for Christmas. If you have a car consider walking if you are not going too far. One or two miles is nothing and it keeps you fit. Plenty more where these come from - will post if you request more hints.

AlpinePony Sat 18-Jun-11 05:55:55

I've read a few of these "frugalista" articles in magazines over the last few years - have you tried simply going without your daily take-away coffee? That's 1500 quid a year saved! Or, instead of buying a Mulberry bag this season, why not go to Primark? wink

Chin up chick.

smallpotato Sat 18-Jun-11 07:08:15

I hear you. We are so skint despite DH earning more than ever before... Combination of me not working now, and paying off debts from our previous house that we bought at the top of the market and then couldn't sell so we're now renting it out at a loss. We always end up in the overdraft at the end of the month and I have nothing to spend on myself. And I'm terrified of filling in this year's tax credit renewal form as I reckon we'll be asked to pay some back and we don't have it.

AlpinePony, nice idea but takeaway coffee?? Mulberry bag?? I think you are in a different league of skint!

On the plus side I've just made 60 quid selling maternity/nursing clothes on ebay and that money is mine, all mine!

MilkandWine Sat 18-Jun-11 07:14:04

YANBU, being broke and having to count all the pennies wears you down eventually. It is awful looking in windows at pretty clothes and thinking "I can't fecking well afford ANY of it" angry

And Alpinepony Mulberry bags? really? Oh how I long to be living in your version of skint! I am jealous grin

AlpinePony Sat 18-Jun-11 07:21:12

potato - um, it was a joke - hence the winky.

milk I have never owned a Mulberry, and am unlikely to! If I had the funds I probably would - and when I say funds, I mean the kind of money where you don't look at the price-tags! wink

whostolemyname Sat 18-Jun-11 07:23:38

Could you work evenings/ weekends? Or do something like bank HCA work?

MilkandWine Sat 18-Jun-11 07:27:35

Apologies Alpinepony I've barely slept a wink and my sense of humour seems to have deserted me.

Oh to be able to shop and not even look at the price tags, how glorious it would be...

smallpotato Sat 18-Jun-11 07:28:50

Ahh, sorry my irony filter is a bit slow this time in the morning blush

Just realised this thread is really old!

smallpotato Sat 18-Jun-11 07:28:51

Ahh, sorry my irony filter is a bit slow this time in the morning blush

Just realised this thread is really old!

fedupofnamechanging Sat 18-Jun-11 07:48:24

My friend just bought a Mulberry bag. If she hadn't made a point of telling me, then I'd never have known. It is nice, but doesn't look particularly 'special'.

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