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To think that no reasonable human being....................

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massivemammaries Mon 06-Sep-10 12:51:31

would really give a toss about touching a "germy Soap Pump" as advertised by Dettol

PuppyMonkey Mon 06-Sep-10 12:53:12

Tis a right load of boswellox but I'd really like to have a try of one.

Pioneer Mon 06-Sep-10 12:54:11

And to think that we used to use bars of soap...perish the thought! <faints>

Itsjustafleshwound Mon 06-Sep-10 12:54:52

Anyone with an iota of intelligence would see the adverts as nothing more than scaremongering ...


3Trees Mon 06-Sep-10 12:55:59

oh, we have one of thiose dettol no touching soap dispensers!

NO< I don't think we need to not touch the soap dispenser (how mad is that?)

BUT it is "magic" to ds thus he washes his hands with soap, and, given that he likes to drap out hand washing etc, it means that he has a finite amount of time for handwashing (ie, one go of the magic soap)

so, we like it (AND it seems to mean that Dh leaves less soap trailed around the top of the sink!

it's wildly overpriced though - watch out for special offers!

domesticsluttery Mon 06-Sep-10 12:56:15

Ridiculous, isn't it?

What do you do straight after touching the "germy soap pump"...? Wash your hands of course! Problem solved, without the use of some wierd new product they want to sell us.

StableButDeluded Mon 06-Sep-10 12:56:27

YANBU! Far more germs on the germy door handle as you leave the room with your perfectly sanitised hands.

'Warraloadarubbish' If you're worried about germs on the pump, wash the pump with your soapy hands-it's not rocket science.

I was gonna post a thread about the Ariel Stain Remover ad as well but I put it under the Sanex one.

Honeydragon Mon 06-Sep-10 12:57:45

I use Knights Castille on me and the children,

<<grave>> we all have the pox lurgy and wear unclean signs due to soap germs.

nattiecake Mon 06-Sep-10 12:58:39

bars of soap are self cleaning grin

and surely youre touching the pump BEFORE you wash your hands, so who cares if it has germs on it??

booyhoo Mon 06-Sep-10 12:59:11

emm, and what do they suggest you do with the germy tap when you have washed your hands? use your elbow to turn it off? ridiculous.

Alouiseg Mon 06-Sep-10 13:00:02

I am in the process of having a sensor tap in the downstairs basin. I can't bear the thought of the pils having a crap and then touching my taps [was going to put blush emoticon but not in the least embarrassed]

lauzb Mon 06-Sep-10 13:00:34

YANBU - where does it end?

You wash your hands without encountering any germs, only to then touch the germy doorhandle to leave the germy bathroom to come downstairs and touch the germy keyboard on the computer...and all before cooking dinner full of GERMS as the pan has been cleaned with a germy sponge...

Money grabbing bastards

ShrimpOnTheBarbie Mon 06-Sep-10 13:00:58

Oh my word! And what about the 'germy' tap you're about to turn off? Or the germy air you are about to walk through. Ridiculous - the lot of it.

massivemammaries Mon 06-Sep-10 13:01:03

maybe some people operate their soap pumps with their tongues?

StableButDeluded Mon 06-Sep-10 13:01:16

This is probably the reason they are always half-price. Only people with OCD are buying them.

roomonthebroom Mon 06-Sep-10 13:01:30

It's already got a third off at boots- maybe not selling as well as they hoped?

DD who is 5 would love one and keeps shouting for me to come and watch the advert. She is an advertiser's dream though, and comes out with stuff like 'washing machines live longer with calgon' and 'bang and the dirt is gone' in the cleaning aisle of the supermarket.

lal123 Mon 06-Sep-10 13:01:44

I agree it is ridiculous. On a similar theme - DD was caught short in supermarket the other day, so I went with her to the loo and waited for her. Woman comes out of other cubicle and just walks straight out - no washing of hands at all. YUK!!! Think of all the germs on the inside door handles of public loos!! I Was tempted to say to her "haven't you forgotten something?" - but she looked scary so I didn't.

ShrimpOnTheBarbie Mon 06-Sep-10 13:01:59

Cross post blush

StableButDeluded Mon 06-Sep-10 13:03:06

Oops, just read my OCD post and realised it sounded a bit flippant. Apologies, I didn't mean to make light of OCD blush

<crawls back under stone>

VinegarTits Mon 06-Sep-10 13:03:12

even if you did touch a germy soap pump, you are touching it because you are about to wash your hands, therefore washing the germs away anyway, so tis pointless

wb Mon 06-Sep-10 13:04:03

YANBU - so what if you get germs from your soap dispenser on your hands - you are about to wash them!

And breathe...

nattiecake Mon 06-Sep-10 13:04:55

clearly the solution is to wear a haz-mat suit at all times?

massivemammaries Mon 06-Sep-10 13:05:32

@roomonthebroom .... my DD likes to sing "we buy any car - CON DOM" at the top of her voice

AllarmBells Mon 06-Sep-10 13:07:14

Reminds me of the Mitchell and Webb cleanlinol sketch here

squeaver Mon 06-Sep-10 13:10:31

But you don't know where that soap pump's BEEN! It could have been up someone's bum!!

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