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to list everything that is bothering me today? You can do the same.

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lookoverthere Sat 28-Aug-10 15:02:05

1. I am excruciatingly bored.

2. Husband is out playing golf. This in itself not too bad, but he works away all week so I have spent all week looking after the children only for more of the same at the weekend.

3. Am mainlining junk food (see point 1). Bombay mix sandwich anyone? Feel a bit bloated.

4. One of the threads in Active Convos is reminding me that my marriage is in serious trouble and I ought to do something about it really.

5. I am daydreaming about divorcing my husband. I mentioned divorce to him a couple of weeks ago and he looked surprised and frightened. He has since been buying me gifts. He is not a bad man. Is it enough to stay together because we're both nice enough people and it would be a big hassle splitting up? In my totally unrealistic divorce daydream we live amicably in one house with the children, but I get a red hot lover. Ha ha.

6. I live 1000s of miles away from all my family.

7. I am lonely. And bored. And leading rather a pointless existance.

8. One of my children has never in his whole life slept for more than 90 minutes. He is nearly 3. We have foul tantrums every day because I am trying to cut down his ferocious breastfeeding schedule.

9. I spend too much time on the computer.

10. The house is a tip again already. It was clean and tidy this morning.

11. Meh. I shall go and name change back again now and keep calm, carry on. Sometimes it's nice to blurt it all out eh?

Earlybird Sat 28-Aug-10 15:09:53

When was the last time you went out for a recreational/fun evening - or even a nice meal with your dh or friends?

Can you afford a babysitter? If so, get one so you can go out with pals, or with dh.

Do you do anything for yourself? Even if it is only an hour a month getting a pedicure, you need to do something.

What interests you? Can you find a way to do more of it?

Regarding today - go outside with the kids. Fresh air and a change of scenery will do you all good. It will also get you out of the house (obviously), away from the computer and away from the junk food. Time will go faster too.

If weather is grim, go visit a friend or invite friends to come to yours for a cup of tea. Companionship can help.

How old are dc, and how many?

Ishouldprobablywax Sat 28-Aug-10 15:10:24

1.worrying about my tests for PCos next week
2.worried about looking after bf's DD for two weeks is a tip
4.miss dp
5also mainlining peanut M and m's and cheese twists
6.anemia making me feel crap
7. How can I lose this 7pounds that have crept on?

Earlybird Sat 28-Aug-10 15:11:16

I've just thought that perhaps you don't want solutions, but just wanted to vent/be heard.

If so, sorry it is all so cr*p atm.

Lavitabellissima Sat 28-Aug-10 15:12:20

1. I am also very bored and miserable today.

2. DP is downstairs with his entire family and I am hiding upstairs on mumsnet.

3. I am acting like a complete bitch, I shouted at my six year old niece because whilst I was in the shower she was outside the door saying "who's in the bathroom" like 100 times. I open the door wet, naked and rather scary looking and then slammed the door blush

4. I had a fight with DP because I want to pay £50 for a train ticket tomorrow to escape his family and go and see mine who are 5 hours away. He says IABU because we are driving together on Tuesday.

5. I am 24 weeks pregnant and bursting into tears (hormones/excuse) because I can't get my own way about no.4

Holds hands with lookoverthere and repeats keep calm and carry ongrin

MrsReality Sat 28-Aug-10 15:18:08

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

piratecat Sat 28-Aug-10 15:19:46

1. bored too, no reason to be bored, live in a lovely part of the world, people pay good money to stay at. But i live here, i am allowed to not be thankful.

2. Can't find boots for dd for school, she will end up in her wellies.

3. Been having an emotional affair with someone, and it it just trails on with neither of us happy at the situation.

4. am a bit sad and lonely (see point 3)

5. Am also overweight but am thinking what I can also mainline, need to go shopping.

6. Got a headache.

7. i wish i'd fuck off really!

laloony Sat 28-Aug-10 15:23:12


i said
everything is pissing me off today.

I think.....that i may well be a teeny weeny bit hormonal today.

every one & every thing can fuck the fuck off today

laloony Sat 28-Aug-10 15:23:48

not you lot, obviously need you lot to cheer me up x

maristella Sat 28-Aug-10 15:27:21

1. the fact that the sun is shining means i have to finish mowing the garden. it has that 'nature reserve' look, and my neighbours look at it with their cat-bum-mouths.

2. the garden is so full of weeds it scares me.

3. i've stopped smoking so i'm moody and tense. and overeating, and putting on weight.

4. all the good things feel quite far out of reach. such as a clothes shopping spree, even a food shopping spree. and a good hard shag.

5. my family are being wankers.

thank heavens for wine! i am going to mow the rest of the garden and have an indecently early glass of lovely lovely wine

YunoYurbubson Sat 28-Aug-10 15:28:09

I am feeling an affinity with all the women all over the world sitting in messy houses, bored and eating their feelings.

I am with you, Sisters.


teameric Sat 28-Aug-10 15:38:25

1)am bored out of my skull also
2) am totally skint, and need to find £140 for the rest of DS's new school uniform that I have already paid £50 deposit for.
3)Am worried about DS starting his new secondary school.
4) my flat is a complete shithole, even though only this morning it looked lovely.
5) have suffered from depression for the last 2 years and recently came off ad's cos DR thought it was a about time I did and then I found out I was pg, but unfortunately had a MC and am now consdering wether to go back on them as I feel like shit again.
6) oh and I tried on a pair of my jeans today that I forgot I had and they were too fucking tight.

FreakoidOrganisoid Sat 28-Aug-10 15:41:48

1. My children are at their dad's but I have nothing to do/noone to see
2. I look good today but no other fucker has noticed
3. I fancy someone I can't have
4. I had a semi snog/wandering hands incident with person I can't have earlier in the week which has left me feeling alternately shite and aroused blush
5. My fridge stinks and needs cleaning
6. I don't have a life
7. I have a sore leg
8. See point 1
9. See point 1
10. See point 1

sandsad Sat 28-Aug-10 15:45:41

1. That H needs to leave, but is too busy working

2. that I am miserable and not moving on

3. the washing machine isn't working, and can't get an engineer for a week

4. I don't know what to cook for tea.

5. That I have to think about what to cook for tea.

6. I am lonely

7. I am bored

8. I am questioning my own self-worth, thanks to my husband, my best friend and my mum letting me down independently of each other.

9. I would like to have sex, but can't because my H cheated on me.

10. I need to lose over 1 stone in weight, but can't be arsed because I think I am dipping into depression, feeling worthless, and unattractive and so the cycle goes on and on and on

Chipper little thing, aren't I? wink

What time can we open the wine then? grin

PussinJimmyChoos Sat 28-Aug-10 15:47:16

That I am green with pregnancy sickness and my family take it as a personal insult when I gag repeatedly at any food cooking - especially roasting chicken....anyone would think they raised the fookin chook and killed it themselves


teameric Sat 28-Aug-10 15:48:35

blimey we're a happy bunch aren't we?!! grin

Lavitabellissima Sat 28-Aug-10 15:52:29

That was very cathartic grin I feel better for writing it all down smile and sharing smile

M44 Sat 28-Aug-10 15:53:35

fed up with the fact that the kids have been ill at the end of the hols.

FEd with not being able to get any shoes that fit my 9 yr old daughter.

Fed up with having no living space-still waiting for loft conversion 5 yrs later.

Very deeply sad my lovely mother in law died this week. Not her fault but hate the fact we are starting the school year off with requests to take children out of school to attend funeral.

Fed up with people asking me to do things then undermining me by going to others to do stuff without informing me....

Fed up with children who know better not doing as they are asked

etc etc etc

Goodness that was useful!
THank you....

massivenamechange Sat 28-Aug-10 15:54:36

oh thank god for venting on MN

(1) I have a migraine and want to be sick

(2) my mother is a bitch whose poisonous outlook poisons everything and thinks she is very clever and knows a lot about people

(3) she has convinced the rest of my family that her point of view is correct

(4) my sister is turning into the same sort of person

(5) my father is an aggressive manchild who breaks things when frustrated. This morning he broke the book I'd written from my PhD thesis. and threw it in the bin. even if he hates me, the bloody book cost over 200 quid. He is not getting a replacement.

(6) i need to exercise but have a migraine

(7) I've been mainlining baked crisps all day and that's probably qhy i feel sick

CupcakesHay Sat 28-Aug-10 16:00:41

1. My dishwasher is broken and I have a ton of washing up to do
2. There's not enough potato salad left, and I want more.
3. My Dh has spent all morning watching footie and there's more to come
4. No matter how much moisturiser i put on - my skin is still dry today!
5. My mum told me on the phone "i hope you're not going to be rude when you stay" - which peed me off angry
6. I have studying to do but can't be arsed
7. Have realised it's my MIL's bday next week, so need to make her card (as she'll expect home made card) and promised my mum i'd make a card for her friend's bday - but just can't be bothered!

(oooh - don't mean to sound ungrateful - have a very happy life, but just venting today!)

YunoYurbubson Sat 28-Aug-10 16:06:08

Bloody hell. Even I'm cross that your dad broke your book namechange, and I don't know you, your dad or your theses.


NotFromConcentrate Sat 28-Aug-10 16:08:14

1. I have managed to lose my house keys and car key. I have a brand new car and am now obsessing over the key actually being in the car and someone driving it away (the key doesn't need to be in the ignition. Actually, there is no ignition.) blush

2. Thanks to miserable weather and point1 above, my DCs have been stuck indoors all day.

3. Thanks to point 2 above, my house is now really untidy.

4. I too have been mainlining junk for ten years all day, despite being really overwieght.

5. I am really overweight. And no amount of beautiful shoes and handbags, expensive make-up, pretty face or fabulous hair can hide it any longer.

massivenamechange Sat 28-Aug-10 16:09:18

thanks YunoYurbubson... grin you have no idea how much it helps to have that acknowledged (everyone else said it was my fault/ what would I expect, he does it all the time).

i like the name by the way - Pullmanesque patronymic?

YunoYurbubson Sat 28-Aug-10 16:16:36

<nods sagely>

<looks up "Pullmanesque patronymic" on, with tongue poking out in concentration>

<resolves to avoid engaging in conversation people who have writted thesises>

DameGladys Sat 28-Aug-10 16:19:24

1. Am self-employed and all my work has dried up following the change of government. Have to get organised and cut down nursery hours and look at finances but am burying head in sand.

2. Am still having panic attacks about death following my ep. Am not ttc and hate that but am also terrified to ttc in case I lose the other tube, die or have numerous other miscarriages.

3. I don't seem to able to change the way I am. I always start things and have great resolutions to be energetic and driven, but it ends up just petering out and I go back to being lethargic and lacking in energy and drive.

4. Still worried about DS having ASD but am doing a touch of head burying about that too, though at least I'm working with SALT etc and he's doing quite well.

5. Wondering what all the GCSEs, A levels and degree were for really. When old friends contact me on facebook, I always feel faintly ashamed at how boring I am.

Aaah. It's good to get it out actually.

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