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AIBU to think that my Dad's management strategy for DD (10) is unsuitable?

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MiladyDeSummer Mon 23-Aug-10 13:45:07

DD has been to Summer School, swimming and Play Rangers during the holidays. And we bought her her first "real" bicycle after having been given the go-ahead from her doctors. Shortly afterwards we bought bikes for ourselves and a rickshaw grin for DS so that we could accompany her and have real family outings.

I wanted a quiet day today so we set off for the library early so that DD could complete the summer library challenge thing.

When I had new books as a child I'd disappear upstairs with them but she insisted on hanging around while I explained that I had important copying and paperwork to do and would be finished in ten minutes.

I almost managed to complete my own task with DD wibbling on and on then screwed up addressing my last A4 envelope because I couldn't tune her out.

It was my application to the Family Fund for disabled children which I had spent hours on and which had been sent back for a very silly reason but needed immediate attention.

She has upstairs a bedroom all of her own. DH and I don't. We have DS (autistic, sleepless, aged 3) in ours. Books, pens and paper she has a-plenty. She has a TV and hundreds of DVDs, a wii, and an iPod.

This is what pissed me off:

My Dad rang to ask how the children are. Meaning DD of course as he has no time for DS sad I explained that she is spending time in her room and he more or less accused me of favouring my son because he has a T.V channel (CBeebies) and she doesn't have the Disney one upstairs in her room.

So the answer to DD's "it's all about meeee" attitude is to pay for programmes which are about precocious American mean / cool pre-teens is it?

We have also spent all summer getting DD to lose weight without making a big deal about it. She is doing spectacularly well. AIBU to think that a Disney Channel subscription is not the way to go?

compo Mon 23-Aug-10 13:48:02


it's nothing to do with your dad

not sure what all the preamble was for though

if she's been away from you the first few weeks of the holidays perhaps she just wants to be with you all the time because of that?

MiladyDeSummer Mon 23-Aug-10 14:09:07

Summer school was for seven weekdays and play-rangers is every Tuesday starting last week. I take both children swimming.

DH has also been on holiday because SIL and MIL were visiting so there have been lots of treats, restaurants and a trip to the zoo.

It's the (grin) "sense of entitlement" to constant entertainment which gets my goat. Perhaps very unreasonably.

I remember Sundays when we went to Mass in the morning and I was glad of a whole day to read and play the piano. I was also very happy that the shops were shut so I couldn't be dragged round them.

<old gimmer at 39>

MiladyDeSummer Mon 23-Aug-10 14:13:08

Oh Christ, yes the preamble was unnecessary.

It is nothing to do with my Dad, I just wanted a rant. Sorry blush

Ignore, ignore!

mmmperuna Mon 23-Aug-10 14:55:58

Rant away Milady - the summer holidays are a long time and I feel your pain - what I wouldn't give for an hours peace and quiet with no-one chuntering on in the background so I can tackle the paperwork thats overflowing.

Poledra Mon 23-Aug-10 14:59:38

Quick fix for the envelope - sellotape a piece of paper over the botched address and start again smile.

And no, Disney channel is not the answer, as you already know.

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