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to be bl**dy piss*d off this afternoon.

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DrZeus Sun 22-Aug-10 16:49:18

Been at home this weekend as both cars playing up and not really driveable. DH away. Been running a drop in creche for one of the kids' friends who seems to spend more time here than at home. Been doing various housework/washing/trying to tidy up today. Turn my back and there is rubbish all over the lounge floor where they've been eating in front of the PS3. They seem to spend their time trashing anything I've done.
DS1 (8) has an attitude which leaves a lot to be desired and wishes to impress his friend so has been answering back at every available opportunity. They are having a great time, whilst I am getting increasingly frustrated and pissed off that so far this summer holiday I've not had any time off without the kids. It's my bloody holiday too. If we make it to September it will be a bloody miracle. Am I the only one who wished the holidays were over?

Also need to go and get essentials like butter/milk etc and this isn't likely to happen in the foreseeable (until after they are in bed).

I hate days like this.

Rant over - and breathe...........

bellavita Sun 22-Aug-10 16:54:36

Sorry you are having a rubbish time.

Perhaps ban all eating where the PS3 is? Make them have snacks in the kitchen. I do with mine and they are 13 and nearly 11. I do not allow food or drink out of the kitchen.

Can you do an online shop?

Mowiol Sun 22-Aug-10 16:59:28

If your DS is answering back and showing off have you tried the "I've warned you before about talking to me like that so because you are being rude Johnny/Tommy can go home now and you can spend the next 30min in your room thinking about good manners"?

asdx2 Sun 22-Aug-10 17:01:01

Send the eight year old to his room and the lodger home.Which should give the others something to think about.Then insist they clean up their mess or the ps3 is off for the rest of the day.

sorrento56 Sun 22-Aug-10 17:02:47


I can't wait for the kids to go back to school just so we can get back into a routine and be back to normal. I am exhausted, have run out of money and food and they just will not do as they are told. Answer for everything. DS1 got a shock today when we left the park after 15 minutes as he was so rude to me.

nomedoit Sun 22-Aug-10 17:03:20

I think you should join us on the step-parenting thread! You need to nip this in the bud. If DSS is rude now, he will be a nightmare teenager. Why do you allow the friend there? Tell them now to tidy up. Set a timer for ten minutes. If it's still a mess, send the friend home. In future, I would say this to DSS,
"Once you are ready to be polite, then you can have your friend over. If you are rude, he will go home." Then follow through. It sounds like DSS is walking all over you!

nomedoit Sun 22-Aug-10 17:05:23

Yes, echoing asdx2, the PS2 is your best friend. Put it away now. Only when you are in a very, very good mood will it come out grin

mamas12 Sun 22-Aug-10 17:10:56

do it do npw take control and then you will feel brilliant.
Take no notice of protestations you are doing the right thing here.
He will know this.

DrZeus Sun 22-Aug-10 17:15:09

Thanks all for your support. DS2 has now gone off to friends house (the one who was here). DS1 is now helping (!) me with the vacuuming so we'll see if things improve.

It the "I just want to be by myself!" time of the holiday!

teameric Sun 22-Aug-10 17:19:55

DrZeus, YANBU and if it makes you feel any better, I am having a very similar day/6 weeks holiday.
My livingroom (nay my whole flat) looks like a shit tip. I'm sick of clearing up ,its all I seem to bloody do. Believe me I feel your pain smile

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