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Arrogant salesguy in Phones4U

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constantlytired Wed 18-Aug-10 11:43:56

I bought a phone in Phones4U a short while ago, but had nothing but issues with it. Every time i tried to text, the wrong characters were appearing and then it would just shut off. After 2 weeks, i gave up and went back to shop to get it replaced or get a refund (still had receipt and everything)...I took my DS in the buggy in with me, it was pouring outside, so i was wearing an anorak which makes me look very sophisticated blush, and i had no make-up on. In short, i looked a mess - anyway, i trundled up to the young sales assistant (couldn't have been anymore than about 20) and asked him to replace / refund phone. He took phone off me and started playing around with it, asking me what the problem was..i explained, to which he replied "Don't confuse the phone not working with you just not being able to work it"...I was shock at this, as obviously he had taken one look at me and jumped to conclusions based on my appearance. I was going to start a big tirade on how my technical degree should mean i am able to work a bloody mobile phone, but i was so angry that i told him i thought he was being arrogant & condascending, to which he smiled. Left before i smacked him in the chops!

ILoveDonaldDraper Wed 18-Aug-10 11:47:01

I can't believe you are surprised that saleguy in phones 4 U was arrogant. Was he wearing one of those big fat knotted ties, and probably lots of gel in his over sculpted hair? Of course he was! What do you expect?

If you thought he was being rude, demand to speak to his boss, or phone back and complain about him later. It won't get you anywhere though - just let it go. Life is too short.

constantlytired Wed 18-Aug-10 11:55:06

Funnily enough, his hair must have had at least a whole tub of gel in it, the term 'vain' was made for him. I guess i didn't expect much except to receive a modicum of customer service without being insulted at the same time, i wouldn't have thought that was too much to ask. Obviously was for this place. I'm not going to contact manager, his word against mine i suppose, just annoyed that wee squirt is allowed to get away with it.

~ imagining a gel related accident for him to get into, feeling better now ~

ILoveDonaldDraper Wed 18-Aug-10 12:05:47

Don't get me wrong - he sounds like a complete prick. Just be grateful you don't have to stand in a shop talking to people about mobile phones all day, and he does!

mayorquimby Wed 18-Aug-10 12:18:50

him grin wink
you shock angry

only joking.terrible customer service.

Tiredmumno1 Wed 18-Aug-10 12:22:56

Have you googled reviews on phones4u, they are bloody useless, they wont refund, and this is the way they act with you after selling the phones.

did you know that if you buy a phone from them they expect you to top up £10 if paying by card, and £20 if paying with cash. wtf??

i even informed vodaphone, and they wondered what scam they had going on, as they only expect you to top up a tenner, however you pay.

and if you read the reviews they have other scams going on.

so mumsnetters be warned -


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