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So there are now people training their puppy up and down our driveway - do I say something?

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littleredsquirrel Thu 05-Aug-10 20:18:04

More of a what would you do than an am I being unreasonable really.

We moved into dream house last summer. Its in the grounds of a stately home and we have a large plot. Our driveway is very long and our house is to the side of the driveway. One end of the driveway leads out to the road and the other deeper into the estate where there are a number of other houses. I think about ten in total. Their main access is in the opposite direction through the main gates of the park but our driveway provides a quicker route out.

Previous owner installed electric gates at each end to stop others using our driveway as a rat run but four of the houses do actually have a legal right to pass and repass over the driveway for access purposes.

This I can deal with but over the past few weeks we have had dog walkers goign up and down which I feel differently about since they linger, rather than just driving quickly through. Now, I have just been out to my car and there is a couple training their puppy on our driveway. They are going up and down right outside the house teaching it to sit and then walk on. The woman was there this morning when I left the house too.

What would you do? would you go out and say something. I'm annoyed about it but don't want to go upsetting the neighbours particularly since this is intended to be our forever house. They are not actually doing any harm, but its the principle.

Can't decide confused

Morloth Thu 05-Aug-10 20:19:46

Depends, is it a cute puppy?

I wouldn't, if you have kids they are probably going to annoy your neighbours at some point, give a little, get a little etc.

peeringintothevoid Thu 05-Aug-10 20:28:40

Are they actually doing any harm, or simply training their dog to be a well behaved 'citizen', on a quiet, traffic-free road?

If they aren't picking up after their dogs though, that's a whole different matter... angry

littleredsquirrel Thu 05-Aug-10 20:36:16

They are not doing any harm hence the dilemma. But the point is really that its not a road its our driveway and its private land.

I probably won't say anything but it is winding me up. There's no need for it either since the park is hundreds of acres and they could train the dog in the public areas. Or on their own land. The houses all have about ten acres. They've had to deliberately come onto our land through the electric gates in order to do this.

Our previous house was a small cottage right on the road and we were very used to people being able to see right into our living room every time they walked past and so I'm probably feeling overly sensitive about the privacy thing!

Plumm Thu 05-Aug-10 20:36:25

Maybe they don't realise it's your driveway and think it's part of the estate and they're allowed to use it. Just pop outside and tell t hen they're on private property.

littleredsquirrel Thu 05-Aug-10 20:40:33

I thnk I'm too scared of upsetting them Plumm, hence dilemma probably solved grin

letsblowthistacostand Thu 05-Aug-10 20:44:35

I would go out and say something like "I don't know if you know, but this is private property." If they say something about access, say that they have access to walk through but the drive is your private property. Be friendly but firm, it's your drive, they wouldn't be so happy if you came and let your kids play all over their lawns!

shockers Thu 05-Aug-10 20:52:52

I would avoid saying it directly to them if poss but maybe put up a 'Polite Notice'. Make sure you smile and wave cheerily every time you see them (off your land) so they know you're a you're a friendly sort... you can't take good neighbours for granted!

shockers Thu 05-Aug-10 20:53:55

BTW... your dream house sounds fab!

ChequeredFlag Thu 05-Aug-10 20:56:02

Maybe they'd like to get to know you and think if they do this it might help you to start chatting; you know, a bit like a 2-year who wants to play with the other boys in the sandpit and is too shy to ask so just stands there watching?

littleredsquirrel Thu 05-Aug-10 20:59:59

Thanks Shockers. We've been here nearly a year and I still grin happily like a deranged person every time I arrive home grin

frogetyfrog Thu 05-Aug-10 21:01:37

Maybe one of the four other houses with legal rights to move along the drive gave them permission to use it for dog training.

I can just imagine it coming up in conversation and them saying 'oh use the long drive past squirrels house - dont worry we have right to use it and I give you permission'.

Would think that would be legal as the dog walker could always say they were walking to and from one of the four houses.

Just a thought.

pranma Thu 05-Aug-10 21:06:22

Just say nicely-'did you know that this is our land?there's lots of open space elsewhere to train your beautiful puppy.'

MortaIWombat Thu 05-Aug-10 21:06:43

I think you should be happy they are making an effort to produce a well-trained dog, and get out there with some cups of tea and make friends with the locals!

Or you could sit indoors huffing and curtain-twitching, of course. grin

solo Thu 05-Aug-10 21:08:34

Having the right to use it for access is completely different from owning it though. I'd have to say something...eventually!
The good thing is that dog training doesn't lastt forever.

mrspickles Thu 05-Aug-10 21:57:34

frogetyfrog - bizarre conversation to have when dog trainers have a whole park to train their dog in, and anyway training your dog does not = access which is all the other four houses have the right to use the driveway for. Would annoy me but I would prob also be too chickenshit to say anything!
How about, going out and saying hi ya, are you a neighbour? We live in that house (point to your house). You must live in one of the four houses that have the right to access this driveway (friendly smile, as if you are just trying to identify which neighbour you are talking to). If they say no, they live elsewhere, then you can say, oh right, its just that really only those four houses are meant to come in the electric gates, would you mind telling me how you accessed the driveway as we are worried about security (more beaming smiles). If they are in one of the four houses then perhaps you could just say one of your children is a little bit afraid of dogs, of course its fine to access their houses with their dogs, but could they train elsewhere in the park etc ?

littleredsquirrel Thu 05-Aug-10 22:21:11

Oh I like that one mrspickles. A whole script for me. Now I just need to get up the courage next time they are there!

southeastastra Thu 05-Aug-10 22:22:52

you could borrow my son. he's petrified of dogs and his wailing would drive them away

Kbear Thu 05-Aug-10 22:25:34

go out with your shotgun and yell "get orf my laaaaand".... that should do it.

AlisonDubois Thu 05-Aug-10 22:34:20

This stuff drives me mad. We live next to a car park and the number of people who park with their cars literally in our driveway sends me into swear land. And, because thers no boundary line, people just walk out of carpark straight across our driveway, want to shoot them all with pellet gun, but it seems it's illegal, unfortunately.

venusandmars Thu 05-Aug-10 23:27:59

Something similar happened to me. I pretended it wasn't my house, and went and told the car owners that it was a private drive, and I was just letting them know because the 'owners' often locked the gates and they may not be able to get their car out later.

Everyone so far has been very grateful to me (the passer-by) for being so helpful. blush grin

AlisonDubois Thu 05-Aug-10 23:34:48

HA, that!

chiccadee Fri 06-Aug-10 00:34:19

LRS, you need to check with your solicitor (or via Land Registry Direct) what the 'access rights' are for your neighbours over your land. It is likely that the rights are fairly widely drafted to include pedestrian as well as car access. If so, then dog-walking is likely to be regarded as a reasonable use, I'm afraid. Check it out though first before you say something - you don't want to start a neighbourhood war!

saintlydamemrsturnip Fri 06-Aug-10 00:47:15

Providing they're picking up the shite I wold leave it.

If they're neughbours why not go out and make friends? Easy to do over a dog.

ccpccp Fri 06-Aug-10 11:00:25

Access means you own it (and must maintain it) but they can use it.

Clearly mark the start of the drive with a private property sign to detur the dog walkers/ramblers who have no access rights.

Not much else you can do - annoying as it may be. Surely the estate agent explained the access thing to you when you bought the house?

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