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to think the latest Boden catalogue

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2kids2dogsandahorse Wed 04-Aug-10 16:00:16

is dull dull dull God it's all SO unsexy and all the dresses look like printed binbags angry

Lovecat Wed 04-Aug-10 16:04:48

YANBU. Largely vile and only seem to be using 3 models. And horrifically expensive compared with the blokes clothing at the back (their jumpers are £65, a similar women's one is £98!)

2kids2dogsandahorse Wed 04-Aug-10 16:15:57

I'm going to email JB himself and ask him what he's playing at. I wonder if I can lure him on to here.... grin

LindyHemming Wed 04-Aug-10 16:16:37

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

horridhobo Wed 04-Aug-10 16:18:57

I think YABU for expecting Boden to be sexy!! It's just not what they do....

addie81 Wed 04-Aug-10 16:20:07

that's so funny - its the first catalogue I have had from boden in ages which I have actually wanted to buy anything from - I have identified £600 worth of stuff I want so will have to be a bit selective!, I thought it was a bit of a return to form after a few crap catalogues. I agree that the models are all getting thinner and thinner though, which I object to.

minipie Wed 04-Aug-10 16:20:53

YABU for being surprised it's unsexy

YANBU for not liking the dresses. What's with all the "fun" prints Boden? Not all of us want to look like Scandinavian wallpaper you know!

2kids2dogsandahorse Wed 04-Aug-10 16:21:19

Boden used to be sexy in an understated way, I have masses of Boden stuff from a few years ago but I haven't bought anything for ages purely because none of it appeals now. They used to do gorgeous little flippy dresses and skirts, stuff like that

Mumsnut Wed 04-Aug-10 16:21:24

dd loves the stickers.

sorky Wed 04-Aug-10 16:21:42

I think a few posters who have bought the Copenhagen Tunic (and their Dh's) would disagree wink

"Tis more expensive this year tho, yes.

horridhobo Wed 04-Aug-10 16:21:50

It's better than the summer one which was depressing imo.

2kids2dogsandahorse Wed 04-Aug-10 16:22:37

Cophenhagen tunic? Off to look for it lol

pagwatch Wed 04-Aug-10 16:22:48

ROFL at Boden and sexy in the same sentence

LynetteScavo Wed 04-Aug-10 16:22:53

Boden Autumn/winter stuff always looks frumpy at this time of year...and the models are too thin. And I'm not usually critical of thin models, but Boden isn't' aimed at 18year olds is it. Most women who buy their clothes will have had children, and therefore curves.

paisleyleaf Wed 04-Aug-10 16:23:51

Boden. Sexy. In the same sentence? confused
Aunty Mabel from 'Come Outside' more like. But that's the style they always have.

pagwatch Wed 04-Aug-10 16:25:02

Copenhagen tunic ?


sorky Wed 04-Aug-10 16:25:24

Well I'm waiting for it to come. I ordered it purely for the 'luckiness' it seems to be bringing grin.

Looks like nowt much in the pics, but apparently fab with leggings and boots. I'm short, so might I wear it as a dress if the material is thick enough.

2kids2dogsandahorse Wed 04-Aug-10 16:25:41

Lol do you not remember the silk stuff they used to do? Little silk beaded tops and skirts? Very floaty barely there stuff thats what I used to love from them and their party shoes and dresses

It DID used to do sexy stuff. It hasn't done sexy stuff for aaaaaaaages though I want sexy [stamps foot]

2kids2dogsandahorse Wed 04-Aug-10 16:26:54

what is this luckiness with the copenhagen please?

Housewife2010 Wed 04-Aug-10 16:27:06

It's not Auntie Mabel. She's lovely but quite beige. Boden embraces colour!
No hair ribbons at Boden either.

DarrellRivers Wed 04-Aug-10 16:28:27

Clothes look better on slim models
[and runs for cover]

paisleyleaf Wed 04-Aug-10 16:29:55

Housewife, Mabel loves all those prints.

sorky Wed 04-Aug-10 16:32:00

HalfTermHero on the Boden preview thread, described it as a "trouser-arouser" grin

Couple of others who bought it agreed with her. It's as close to a review as you're likely to find, given Boden are so slow to post reviews (there aren't any up yet)

2kids2dogsandahorse Wed 04-Aug-10 16:32:14

I hate those prints and I hate the applique stuff even more I don't WANT to look 40 going on 2 angry

Johnnie get back to your sparkles and beady bits and feathers and twinkles please and stop trying to turn us into matryoshka dolls

Mingg Wed 04-Aug-10 16:32:15

Minipie - why are you insulting Scandinavian wallpaper?

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