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to not want to buy family member 50 small presents beginning with T?

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TheDoodler Wed 04-Aug-10 11:07:32

I probably am BU and miserable to boot (this is my first time here and i have changed a few details for obv reasons)...but...

Family member's big 50th birthday bash coming up in a couple of months. Her daughter has come up with the hilarious idea that 26 of us buy her 50 small presents each beginning with a certain letter. IABU and grumpy to hate these 'novelty' presents? What is she going to do with them all anyway??

I was going to buy her tickets to a show or something easy classy. I work part time in an office and part time at home self employed....gah! Now i have to be arsed to do this and be involved in it and then stand and watch her unwrap 1300 pieces of crap at her party.

Meow75 Wed 04-Aug-10 11:09:09

What a loony idea!!!

Buy the tickets - she'll love you forever, just out of relief!!

craftynclothy Wed 04-Aug-10 11:09:43

YANBU. Who would want to get loads of crap instead of a few decent presents confused

Schnitzel Wed 04-Aug-10 11:09:58

I think 50 presents EACH is a tad excessive! I would suggest that you suggest that you buy 50 presents from ALL of you (as a gimmicky thing).

KatyMac Wed 04-Aug-10 11:10:10

Buy the tickets wrap 49 'trick' boxes & put the tickets in the 50th

So you 50 presents starting with T

notwavingjustironing Wed 04-Aug-10 11:10:29

Just say no, you've already bought her something.

You can always lie and say its a great idea which she will love.

going Wed 04-Aug-10 11:10:30

Buy her the tickets, she will appreciate them far more than a big pile of tat!

SirBoobAlot Wed 04-Aug-10 11:10:40

Its a sweet idea but obviously hasn't been thought through properly - where is she going to put 1300 pieces of tat?!

Buy her theatre tokens or something, she'll need to escape from the shelves of rubbish...

SandStorm Wed 04-Aug-10 11:10:52

What a bizarre idea! I'd hate it if someone did that to me. Echo Meow75 - buy the tickets!

TheDoodler Wed 04-Aug-10 11:10:57

Thanks Meow - thought it was just me grin

The family are always doing things like this....which in itself makes it not special iyswim.

fustyarse Wed 04-Aug-10 11:11:06

26 people have to buy 50 presents each?


that's insane.

IngridFletcher Wed 04-Aug-10 11:11:20

There are 32 tampons in a large box. That's 64% taken care of.

belgo Wed 04-Aug-10 11:11:39

I agree with Schnitzel, 50 presents in total from all of you is a good idea.

50x26 presents is just ridiculous, and she'll probably just chuck half of it anyway.

belgo Wed 04-Aug-10 11:12:05

grin at ingrid's idea

TheDoodler Wed 04-Aug-10 11:12:36

Thanks all - not the pasting i expected here. Katy - Do you know i am so dumb it never even occurred to me that tickets began with a T dur).

So, nobody elses family do this then??

KatyMac Wed 04-Aug-10 11:12:37

& the poor bugger who has X or Z (even Y or I or J or Q will be hard)

belgo Wed 04-Aug-10 11:12:46

or 50 tea bags

2blessed2bstressed Wed 04-Aug-10 11:13:11

ticket starts with t though, doesn't it? or have I missed something? confused

TheDoodler Wed 04-Aug-10 11:13:15

grin - Ingrid

going Wed 04-Aug-10 11:13:29

Give her the tickets and 49 tofees!

belgo Wed 04-Aug-10 11:13:46

or rather 48 tea bags and 2 show tickets

TheDoodler Wed 04-Aug-10 11:14:02

I love you all!

dilemma456 Wed 04-Aug-10 11:14:05

Message withdrawn

2blessed2bstressed Wed 04-Aug-10 11:14:23

Tic-tacs! Punches air in triumph

lazarusb Wed 04-Aug-10 11:15:26

If I was given all that I think I'd be quite irritated! Deffo on the tickets

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