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AIBU to think that childfree living forum is sick!!!

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dekoLL Fri 30-Jul-10 02:50:25

but the language used on this site is just shocking! if you all got such a perfect , selfulfilling life, why are you wasting it by ranting on this forum, even more..wasting time looking through mums forums to show off how negative parent’s life is. This is just pathetic!!!! You show such a strange hatred to mums and whole idea of parenthood, and created new concepts and meanings around this hate. This looks almost like hitlero style site. I cannot comprehend how can you be so spiteful and why to women that choose to have children, although you are yourself children of mothers that are just the same as the ones that you attacking. Moos.....baybee....that is so childish and sick! And i think you all like little never- to – grow up children, and that’s why having kids scares you so much. This forum could be a perfect source of perfect psychology PhD thesis.....
sick ideology of never milked cows...mooooooooooo!!!!!!!

dekoLL Fri 30-Jul-10 02:52:48


sharon137 Fri 30-Jul-10 03:12:40

Wow! Have just read a couple of the threads on there, and you are right - it is scary how ANGRY they seem!! Do they want people who are pregnant or who have kids to just never talk about their families, or venture out into public places??
Is pretty shocking, I agree. These people have major issues.

tortoiseonthehalfshell Fri 30-Jul-10 03:46:21

^This forum could be a perfect source of perfect psychology PhD thesis.....
sick ideology of never milked cows...mooooooooooo!!!!!!!^

Yes, because that's clearly a far more rational and less insulting attitude.

WelcometotheJungle Fri 30-Jul-10 03:48:01

Agreed, these people no doubt have psych issues.

Maybe some of them have been desperate for children but are unable to for whatever reason. Then they go completely aboutface to 'show' how much they don't care.

The abusive namecalling is immature to say the least. I wonder how they treat their partners when things go awry.


sharon137 Fri 30-Jul-10 03:51:52

It's fine to not want kids, but to actively hate people who have children, and the children themselves, is a bit low.
Can't we all just get along???

dekoLL Fri 30-Jul-10 03:54:27

tortoiseonthehalfshell yes i know, but after reading so abusive text i could not resist it and respond the same way

tortoiseonthehalfshell Fri 30-Jul-10 03:57:06

Well, but you're doing the same thing - going onto their site, then using it as justification to say vile things.

The image of a childfree woman as an "unmilked cow" is really not on.

dekoLL Fri 30-Jul-10 04:05:32

tortoiseonthehalfshell - yes, i agree, fully informed decision, although unmilked cow is much less vile than what you can read there ;)
I have to admit, thats the same action but i do not have anything against childfree women and i would expect everybody be the well as those childfree women at least tolarating mothers and children.

duchesse Fri 30-Jul-10 04:06:34

YABU. Next please.

1)You don't have to go there
2) Unless they are advocating harming anybody in any way, it's not illegal. You just disagree with their views, but that is all they are- views.

dekoLL Fri 30-Jul-10 04:08:51

legal doesnt make it decent and not sick!

dekoLL Fri 30-Jul-10 04:13:44

this is definitively sick! im sure IMNBU

duchesse Fri 30-Jul-10 04:16:21

So don't go there. It's good for people to have a place to vent this stuff so that they're not slapping children in the street like people used to in the 50s. They view places like this with the same disgust as you do their place. Still just a difference of opinion. It's just that you believe your views to be mainstream and "normal". It may be counter-intuitive for a species to find its own young distasteful, but at least people have a choice about whether to have children these days, which is good.

TheBossofMe Fri 30-Jul-10 04:21:05

Wow, I spent much of my adult life thinking I would never be able to have children. The though that someone would ever have perceived me or refer to me as an "unmilked cow" has just brought tears to my eyes.

duchesse Fri 30-Jul-10 04:21:06

I haven't visited your links by the way and don't intend to. I suggest you do the same. You're just rubbernecking at the moment.

miffyjane Fri 30-Jul-10 04:27:50

Have just had a look on the child free website and found some of their moosnet threads quite entertaining. It is probably best not to take it all too seriously.

I feel guilty when I think back to my wedding and hoped that no one would bring their children (they did anyway!). Now I have my own children I would be so upset if I had a wedding invitation and my children weren't wanted.

It would be nice if children were enjoyed more by society as a whole. There is such a difference when you go on holiday to France or Spain where people seem to like children and they are actually made to feel welcome in restaurants, trains, public places.

tortoiseonthehalfshell Fri 30-Jul-10 05:18:58

Oh, I see, they're calling mothers "moos", that's why you're talking about unmilked cows. Ok, I see where you're coming from.

I still wouldn't bother reading it.

sanielle Fri 30-Jul-10 06:14:45

I have to say I don't get it. It reminds me of the militant athiests who make a religion out of not believing in god (and I am an athiest. I always wonder if they don't care so much and think religion is so silly and a waste of time why aren't they out there enjoying themselves instead of harping on about it.

WHy aren't these people out there enjoying their child free time if it is so important to them? WHy are they wasting it ranting about others who choose to have children?

As someone who wanted children and didn't think they would eve have them I did get sick of having babies shoved down my throat (so to speak) constanly by friends, facebook, the media.. So I can understand their annoyance at the "smug mummy" feeling around them.. But to this extent? It really makes no sense to me.

seenyertoeslately Fri 30-Jul-10 06:21:33

They don't seem to be celebrating their chosen child free existence - the whole forum seems to be dedicated to hating mums and children.

I think that they are hilarious. Also, now I know how annoyed I can make them with so little effort, it has given me a huge sense of power.

sanielle Fri 30-Jul-10 07:01:04

Synonyms for infant apparently.
Cunt monkey,
Chuff fungus,
Crotch turd,
Chuff maggot,
Sperm Omlette

Womb renting whores (pregnant women)

It really is quite vicious

Another mumsnet topic

thumbwitch Fri 30-Jul-10 07:12:26

Not pleasant. Not happy to have been directed to it - could have lived quite happily not knowing that such people are out there. Given their vitriolic attitudes though, let's all be grateful that they don't plan to inflict themselves as parents on any small child.

Rockbird Fri 30-Jul-10 07:21:31

I'm with thumbwitch, I had no idea there were such unpleasant people out there and didn't want to know. Moo is unpleasant enough but calling children those names is disgusting.

I was intending to say YWBU but having seen it you're definitely not. Just a shame I now know about it.

LuluF Fri 30-Jul-10 07:21:57

Do you get the feeling, that on the whole, they are protesting a bit too much?

AnyFucker Fri 30-Jul-10 07:28:15

I don't give a shit what other people are saying on other forums

leave the mad buggers to it

OP, you sound as mad as them, tbh

notnearlyasblondasiwas Fri 30-Jul-10 07:30:11

I had a look and to be honest I just feel a bit sorry for these people. Partly because I suspect pity from a Moo would REALLY annoy them, but imagine being this angry all the time - there are children everywhere! Their blool pressure must be through the roof.

Let em have their forum and we will have ours (to pity those poor unfortunate women who aren't as lucky as we are to have our lovely DC grin)

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